Skywest Flight Attendant – Age is No Barrier

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Skywest Flight Attendant — — Age is No Barrier

SkyWest Flight Attendant Positions

Now around for more than 35 years, SkyWest Airlines has remained to work hard to take its place in the competitive airline sector, as well as SkyWest flight attendants play an essential function in that.

With devotion as well as commitment to service, SkyWest has actually expanded to transfer over 60,000 passengers each day as the top local airline in the USA.

SkyWest Airlines as well as Their Employees

SkyWest Airlines presently uses over 10,500 individuals in their expanding procedures. They remain to attract even more excellent quality team to important placements, consisting of the SkyWest flight attendant, with a strong benefits bundle as well as a commitment to a favorable work environment as well as real staff member care. They provide numerous excellent health as well as clinical benefits including medical as well as dental insurance policy, a vision plan and also an adaptable budget.

You can take part in the Efficiency Benefits Program that allows for profit sharing, a 401(k) with great deals of alternatives, stock purchasing as well as instructional financial savings plans, life insurance and disability insurance as well as far more. Various other benefits to dealing with SkyWest include the conveniences of Cooperative credit union membership, direct down payment, the Staff member Assistance program as well as great deals of paid time off.

Certainly, SkyWest is an equal opportunity company as well as they take wonderful pride in finding as well as growing talented individuals in the best positions. They participate with numerous scholarship programs and also teaching fellowship programs to name a few public events to help bring aboard a diverse and also multicultural team of staff members.

SkyWest Airlines As a firm

Skywest strives to be the airline, employer as well as financial investment of selection. They comply with a series of assisting principles that form the foundation of their company and also all of the people that function there. Those consist of:

  • Making health and wellness a concern
  • Outstanding solution
  • Reliability, uniformity and stability
  • Respect and teamwork

They place an emphasis on offering the demands of the customer, and that indicates valuing among everybody’s chief concerns as well as assets: time. Everyone in the organization inside out is valued and also treated as an individual, as well as lifestyle, dignity and fairness are constantly crucial.

SkyWest flaunts a very impressive security document, and works hard to proceed and also improve that. That’s achieved with a tried and tested and well kept fleet of planes, experienced and well relaxed flight crews and also the current technical advances.

Ending Up Being a SkyWest Steward

Obtaining a setting as a SkyWest flight attendant will certainly indicate that you passed a series of basic requirements. These consist of:

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  • Being willing to move to any of the significant staff residences, most of which remain in California and other western states
  • Go to least 21 years of ages with a valid and also existing ticket permitting travel to and Mexico

NOTE: There is no age restriction to be a SkyWest Steward

Age is actually a favorable right here due to the fact that SkyWest want individuals with confidence as well as superb choice making abilities. They are taking a look at you to reveal management as well as instructions as you can commonly be the only SkyWest Steward on some flights. Since they in fact specify that there is no age limitation to obtain a SkyWest Flight Attendant setting my hunch is they actually do what individuals with these life skills as well as acknowledge that all of us collect our own pail of wisdom as well as capability as we age from our experiences in life.

  • Be physically fit, professional appearance and between 5’0? as well as 5’8? tall, with at the very least 20/40 fixed vision
  • Able to pass a FBI history examination
  • Have exceptional interaction as well as customer care skills, those with a level or previous experience in customer support are chosen
  • A minimum of a high school diploma or a GED is required

KEEP IN MIND: Another essential consideration if you want to come to be a SkyWest Flight Attendant

Undoubtedly you will be required to travel on a consistent basis but as you’ll review below, some of their fleet are smaller aircraft like the turboprop EMB 120 for instance which has a 30 seat arrangement and it has actually smaller a lot more constrained working rooms and creates differing ‘prop airplane’ sound degrees that you’ll need to fit with dailies.

As well as because this specific aircraft has a solution ceiling of 9,085 m or (29,800 feet), it means that you will typically cruise at a lot lower altitudes than this. Specifically so on the shorter courses operated by SkyWest. And that means higher direct exposure to air turbulence, which again while secure, is something that may be a consideration for you.

(‘Incidentally if you endure motion sickness which is not uncommon for brand-new flight attendants, there is an answer. One of the girls in my first steward training schools took motion sickness tablets for over a year when she initially began as well as at some point she weaned herself off them and turbulence was no more an issue for her’)

order to come to be a SkyWest steward you should make it via their new hire training program. This lies in Salt City, Utah and also lasts for 24 days, that includes 2 days off. Throughout this moment classroom instruction might be as long as 10 hrs daily. Before arriving you’ll be given a residence research package that you need to look at, due to the fact that you will certainly be tested on its contents upon your arrival.

most significant tip here is to examine your residence study packet. The more you can research and also get better acquainted with the product prior to you hit the course room the much better. With just 2 days off you don’t intend to be studying on them to make up any type of lost ground right here.

Since SkyWest operate a Fleet of Jet Aircraft, something that may assist you here is consisted of in The Keys of Flight Attendant Interviews as well as it takes you via:

  • Airplanes (the basics)
  • The 11 phases of flight (From press back to auto parking)
  • The concepts of trip (Why airplane fly)
  • Airline operation and the operating atmosphere
  • And afterwards it discusses some operational points of interest common to ‘Jet Airplane’ operation.

You can look into the The Tricks of flight Attendant Interviews here and now right here.

However, back to SkyWest Steward training …

While you remain in training you’ll be remaining at designated hotels near the training facility and transportation to the facility will be provided.

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Once you make it through the training program you will obtain appointed to one of the primary team abodes of the airline company, based upon the present demands for operation. Every one of your trips will certainly begin and also end from this destination, so that will certainly be your residence as well as your home as well as when you’re on reserve or available, you need to be able to get to the flight terminal without delay. These places include Salt City, Portland, Chicago, Tucson, Springs,, Colorado Springs, Los, San as well as San Obispo/.

SkyWest Steward Routes, Destinations as well as the Fleet

SkyWest Airlines flies to 146 cities across, mainly focused within 39 states in the USA. Nevertheless they also check out 6 Canadian provinces as well as have 1 Mexican location. They run greater than 1,500 trips daily for United Express, Connection as well as AirTran.

They are mostly a regional airline, and also usually are supplying > > traffic to larger airports from smaller flight terminals that can not fit the bigger aircrafts or fulfill their requirements.

Several of their key hub cities include Salt City, Chicago, Los, Minneapolis,, and San.

A SkyWest flight attendant will certainly be collaborating with a fleet of 296 airplane. this fleet there is the EMB 120, together with a number of Bombardier aircraft consisting of the 2-class CRJ900, 3-class CRJ700, CRJ700 and also CRJ200. The most prominent aircraft of this team is the CRJ200 with 142 planes, standing for virtually half of the total fleet.

This airplane holds 50 travelers and also has an optimal range of 1,800 miles. reality the biggest aircraft in the fleet, the 2-class CRJ900, seats just 76 travelers and also the smallest, the EMB 120, seats just 30. Therefore you can see the kind of specific niche they match within the marketplace as well as the sorts of flying and also paths that they cover.

apply for a position as a SkyWest steward you can visit their jobs and meetings page.

They hold group meetings and orientation programs set up for set dates as well as places.

Obviously, to find one of the most as much as date details and also to be informed of things that stumble upon my workdesk consisting of airline company rumor, gossip as well as certainly any brand-new job openings, simply ask to obtain my Airline company Information and you’ll be the initial to know! Hopefully you currently have a much better concept about SkyWest and working as a SkyWest steward.

For more details on the exactly how to of Skywest Airlines Steward jobs and occupation accessibility with various other airline companies check out our fac web page from blog post to publish as news appears.

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