A Qantas Flight Attendant Career Gives You a Ticket To See The World

A Qantas Flight Attendant Career Gives You a Ticket To See The World image 0

A Qantas Steward Occupation Gives You a Ticket The World

Qantas steward jobs are in high demand for those in Australia, Zealand and other regional locations also, and also the company is continuing to grow with new airplane orders and delivery of a few of those orders namely the brand-new A380, presently (2017) twelve A380’s are in the fleet and is always seeking brand-new valuable enhancements.

Other airplane in the fleet are:

The A330, B787, B747-400, B737-400, B737-800 and also B717. Included in this is airplane in the subsi companies of QantasLink and also Jetstar.

Qantas has grown to be Australia’s largest domestic as well as international airline. It was initially signed up as the Queensland and Northern Area Aerial Solutions Limited which is where the QANTAS comes form — — commonly confused as QUANTAS — — with the ‘ U’.

The second earliest airline company on the planet, with a history dating back to 1920, Qantas is also Australia’s largest as well as most famous residential as well as worldwide service provider.

Qantas the Airline company is referred to as the spirit of Australia, and if you have actually not seen their recent television advertisement see if this pulls on the heart strings and also makes you happy to be an Aussie and even more so if you are a Qantas Flight Attendant. If you’re from anywhere apart from Australia click the play switch anyhow.

You’ll see some fantastic diversity in the land we call home as well as here a song that Qantas has utilized in numerous kinds and also locations over several years.

Dealing with Qantas

Qantas is a huge airline as well as organisation, with over 35,000 workers as well as serving 42 countries and 173 destination cities. As mentioned, they are the largest residential and global carrier for Australia and have actually developed a track record as a leading far away provider, as you could think of would be required for an airline company flying internationally based from Australia!

They are additionally among one of the most respected brand names in Australia duration, no matter industry. Qantas the logo is additionally widely recognised worldwide. Thanks in part to ‘Rainfall’ the flick with as well as Cruise in 1988.

Qantas is only one of two airlines on the planet to be provided among the leading 5 in the Skytrax Globe Airline Company Honors for the past six years. They take pride in the numerous amenities they attend to travelers, as well as obviously their high level of service.

When you work as a Qantas flight attendant you will certainly get a wide selection of advantages. These consist of a high level of paid vacation, decreased taking a trip costs, a broad array of other discount rates, wellness and well-being programs, maternity as well as dna paternity leave programs, child care, and much more. They are looking to preserve a varied group of staff members, and also the costs is constantly on security. Qantas likewise supplies chances for continued training, development and also development.

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Qantas Steward Basics

A Qantas steward has to put a costs on customer care, focus to detail and safety and being personalized and friendly. The airline company intends to make a long-term impact for their consumers, as well as it will be the flight attendants that convey that spirit, kindness, concern as well as listening.

You can be based from a selection of cities, mainly in Australia. Nonetheless, you can likewise be based from Auckland or Wellington in Zealand, and you could even be based from.

Where you are based will in large part establish the sort of routes that you will certainly be functioning.

You can either be included with global trips based from Australia, based from the UK or based from Zealand. Or you can be residential within Australia, or regional Australia.

There are some fundamental demands that you need to fulfil to be a Qantas steward. These actually vary relying on the specific lines you are putting on work for as outlined over, however here are some standard details that can familiarise on your own with what might be anticipated:

  • Customer support and also safety focused
  • Versatile, caring and friendly
  • Satisfied and also conscious cultural diversity, as well as those with special needs
  • Well educated, having passed the training program in which managing emergencies, assisting travelers in shock and also hazardous problems as well as more are tested
  • Listening to health, individual treatment and tidiness; and also in good health as well as health and fitness
  • Minimum of 18 years of ages with a height in between 163 as well as 183 cm
  • Determination to relocate
  • Australian irreversible residency with an unrestricted ticket (for those based from the UK a legitimate passport with a right to live as well as work in the UK is required, as well as for those based in Australia, Zealand or Australian long-term residency with a passport is called for)
  • Multilingual employees are always at a benefit, as well as having experience in food as well as drink service is a plus as well
  • Elder Emergency Treatment Certificate, Accountable Service of Alcohol Statement of Achievement and also other demands as well as documents that can be gotten or educated for

If you fulfill these fundamental requirements then you can undergo the recruitment procedure to become a Qantas flight attendant — — that is if you’re based out of Australia where the process is extra complete, disciplined and affordable.

This process requires you supply your passport, photo ID as well as birth certificate and also you’ll be welcomed with team activities, security introductions, panels, presentations as well as even more.

It’s a day-long procedure split right into two fifty percents, and you make it to the panel meetings after making it previous initial analyses.

I had a good friend most likely to the very first analysis as well as they reported that it was gruelling. In the beginning they were seated around tables at 5 or 6 to a table with some 10 or 12 tables in the room. After the introduction from the very senior Qantas steward they had to introduce themselves per other at the table.

Constantly they were under the careful eye of the recruiter/interviewer that was an ex lover Qantas Steward of several years.

The team was after that asked to overcome a circumstance and decide within a given time frame; once more under watchful eye.

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The Secrets of Flight Attendant Meetings — — reviews group Meetings and what you need to do and reveal (and also refrain from doing and reveal) in the group activities utilized by Qantas (and also other airline companies). You do absolutely require to expose your campaign, team work and also communication capabilities.

Yes that was the function of the observing ‘ex-spouse Qantas Steward’ taking generous notes on every person. Simply how excellent was everybody’s campaign, team work and communication capabilities.

Below’s a huge pointer: It’s not the outcome it’s the process!

Thankfully my close friend made it through this session yet none the much less it was really frustrating for some who appeared to have no concept as to what was going on. truth this could be described a video game. I could title this bonus offer to your bundle as, ‘Your Overview Group Interview Games’ and be absolutely exact in summary since that’s what it is, a video game. truth, it’s worse due to the fact that it’s a video game you need to act.

Here’s a 2nd pointer: Not every interviewer is an ex-spouse Qantas Flight Attendant or HR individual with interviewing experience so indeed, there are times when you need to act and portray.

If you survive the rest of the day which by the way provided with hard customer circumstances that you needed to ‘act out’ (and also once more you were under monitoring as to just how you handled this) you were advised you’ll get an upgrade on the status of your application within 6 weeks.

After that ought to it be good information, you’ll be gotten in touch with once again as well as will require to pass security checks and also acquire the other certifications and also needs that are indispensable for work. These certifications, clearances and also requirements need to be spent for out of your own pocket, although if you make it this far in the process the only thing preventing you from being utilized will be the failure to obtain them, so they are important and rewarding.

Qantas Steward Routes, Locations, Aircraft as well as Even more …

Qantas flies to 173 cities within 42 nations. They fly 5,300 residential Australia trips weekly in 59 different cities. The Jetstar line which is the affordable procedure of Qantas has 170 regular residential flights in Zealand also. regards to global trips, there are greater than 900 trips per week.

Qantas has a number of different lines, consisting of Qantas, QantasLink and also Jetstar, each offering a different sect of the marketplace. As of the moment of this writing, they have a total of 246 aircraft in their fleet. Their line-up includes Boeing airplane including 747, 767, 737 as well as 717 designs, Airbus aircraft including the A380 A330 as well as A320, as well as likewise the Bombardier Dash 8 as well as Bombardier Q400. The most famous in the fleet are the Plane A320 with 42 airplanes as well as the Boeing 737-800 with 41 aircrafts.

For more information on the exactly how to of Qantas Airlines Flight Attendant work as well as job availability with various other airline companies have a look at our fac web page from message to upload as news appears.

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