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Jetblue Steward

Jetblue steward— the application and interview described from prospect

The Jetblue Steward Application

Hi here. Let me go through my application procedure to jetblue. The process took just over 2 and a half months and also I went to JetBlue (Lauderdale, FL (US) for my meeting. I finished my first application at first of and also got a comply with up survey to do within 3 days.

Obviously I was eager as well as excited to finish it so did it immediately. I believe from memory it was one more 2 days after that I was welcomed to finish the Video Meeting.

The jetblue steward Meeting

Can I say the video and questions shouldn’t be something to be nervous concerning however I did plan for it beforehand which I think was a very good idea as it resolve some nerves that I think I would certainly have had if I had not prepared a little. I put together a checklist of inquiries from the web that I asked myself as well as thought about just how I would answer them. You can get a pretty good idea of the inquiries they will certainly ask if you look the web enough.

Inquiries such as:

  • Define a time when you provided superior client service
  • Describe a situation where you could have supplied much better customer support and also why?
  • Tell of a time that you had a bad scenario and just how did you handle it?
  • Describe a time you were put in difficult situation with an elderly team member and also exactly how did you deal with the issue?

Webcam Set Up and Meeting Tips

Additionally prepare for the video clip interview because you only obtain one take once you hit begin. First up gown the part— I believe you ought to clothe just like you would certainly at an one on one interview. Make certain the filmed background is tidy and also clear of ‘things’ which you have great lighting specifically on your face which there is no shadows infront of you. Take a couple of minutes to obtain with each other prior to starting.

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Be conscious also that you have a really short time to review as well as understand the question prior to the recording starts. Each time you finish the inquiry you’re provided a little bit of time prior to the next inquiry to recompose.

Likewise remember they are taking a look at you so explore the lens at them not at yourself on the display. Make certain to sit upright with great stance as well as I tried to think of the lens being the job interviewer right there in the space with me. A couple of deep breaths prior to you begin and keep in mind to talk slowly, purposefully and also plainly.

Jet Steward Review

It was about a month after I completed the interview and I obtained a welcome to participate in an Evaluation. At the Evaluation most of us completed our finger prints and also did a reach examination. I was after that asked to check out an announcement as could be anticipated in the task as well as was observed for my dress code.

They will certainly encourage you of the dress code called for when you get the welcome for the Review. tip here is to see to it you get this right. It is rather easy to adhere to as well as it is a huge plus as look is whatever to jetblue flight attendant settings as they are to every airline.

At the beginning of the interview we were presented to the meeting group as well as they all appeared an excellent bunch of individuals. Like one huge satisfied family members truly. The unity as well as cohesiveness shown by all participants really showed the culture of their personnel and also they actually did make every person feel comfortable.

Jetblue Flight Attendant Group Task

Our very first job was a group activity. I had actually reviewed the value of group meetings so actually made sure to show the team gamer called for. We were handed a checklist with regarding 8 concerns where we all needed to choose a question and after that methodically presented ourselves and also address the questions.

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The questions are rather straightforward actually however you did kind of have to put some believed to it swiftly such as what entertainer would certainly you pick to entertain guests in the airport terminal lounge when trips are delayed or that would certainly you choose as a developer for the steward attires or what movie would you intend to include in the play listing or what restaurant do you think need to supply food catering or who do you assume jetblue must sponsor etc. Certainly you needed to reason you made your options.

Understand that group tasks are a large monitoring session of Jetblue steward interviews— you will certainly be evaluated on just how you take part as well as exactly how you provide. After every person has done there discussion, the next step was to the one on one meetings and afterwards a debriefing session.

Then you are sent out home to wait on a task offer. The process I believe is pretty smooth as well as organized and I need to state that they appeared rather genuine. They head out of the way to value you as a person which you are desired as a component of their team.

While great deals of applicants apply they appreciate that you appear for the interview and demonstrate that you intend to belong of the jetblue flight attendant group which is nice. They are good at the interview procedure and also made me wish to be the best I could be to reveal that I intended to be a part of their Organization. For me it was a great experience.

Some of the interview questions that I remember were:

  • Why JetBlue?
  • What challenges do you for see in accepting the setting?
  • Inform of a time you exceed and beyond for a customer?
  • Inform of a time you had a conflict with a manager or coworker and also just how did you handle it?

A lot of the inquiries where behavior kind concerns which is pretty standard for interviews now-a-days which means to inform of a situation, claim what activity you did and also what was the end result.

place an end to this can I state that I obtained a work offer and accepted. It’s great I like it!

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