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Flight Attendant Task Frequently Asked Question

These are the ever shedding Steward Job concerns from possible flight attendants everywhere. It is something that I can relate to since I was no different when I intended to come to be a flight attendant.

Here I have actually disclosed the most pressing, melting and also frequently asked questions about becoming a flight attendant. While responses can not always be clear-cut to every question or event, the complying with must give you a great insight and answer a great deal of your questions.

KEEP IN MIND: If you have any type of concerns that are not covered right here please do not hesitate to call me and I will do my best to answer your inquiry.


Q1: What are the height needs to be a flight attendant?

Q2: What are the weight requirements to be a steward?

Q3: What are the vision needs to be a steward?

Q4: What are the education and learning demands to be a flight attendant?

Q5: What are the client service needs to be a steward?

Q6: What are the background check demands to be a flight attendant?

Q7: Is a medical examination required to come to be a steward?

Flight Attendant Task frequently asked question’s ongoing…

… Q8: I need to undertake training prior to I put on end up being a flight attendant?

Q9: Just how do I start as a flight attendant?

Q10: Why need to I purchase the Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy

Q11: Am I also old to be employed as a steward?

Q12: Am I too young to be employed as a flight attendant?

Q13: I have seen various other steward web sites that assure great deals of points, what is that everything about?

Q14: Are airline companies recruiting for flight attendants?

Q15: Trip Attendants and also their families truly reach fly completely free?

Q16: I am married. Won’t that be an adverse for me in becoming a flight attendant?

Q17: airlines set out to employ even more females than men for the steward position?

Q18: my poor credit history job versus me in wanting to come to be a flight attendant?

Q19: I have ailment that I take medicine for. this impede my chances of ending up being a flight attendant?

Q20: you have to be actually appealing and also slim to be a flight attendant?

Q21: I need to move if I come to be a flight attendant?

Q22: How do I understand if my previous work history is good enough to obtain a steward task?

Q23: I am not a citizen of the country that the airline I wish to benefit is from, am I eligible to come to be a flight attendant?

Q24: I have already had an interview for a steward placement and also have not been chosen, what am I doing incorrect?

Q25: airline companies look even more positively on a candidate that is bilingual?

Q26: What is the schedule of a Steward like?

Q27: Are flight attendants ever before enabled to work overtime?

Q28: Does the airline company pay for the hotel lodging for flight attendants on stopovers?

Q29: But exactly how great is the work of flight attendant really?

Steward Work frequently asked question’s continued…

… Q1: What are the elevation demands to be a flight attendant?

Many airlines will certainly specify a set minimum and also optimum height restriction as a result of operational factors which most of the time connect to safety problems. For the majority of, you need to have the capability to reach overhanging lockers to reach guests items in-flight for both a customer support aspect as well as a security element such as a liquid leakage from a bag for example.

NOTE: (We also do safety and security walk-throughs which requires you to be high enough to also see right into a storage locker)

However, strangely enough liquid dripping from bags takes place occasionally with containers of child formula, water, soda and so forth. Such a ‘fluid’ leakage is for the most part not a real trouble yet I do one event on one of my flights when that liquid became cigarette lighter liquid.

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Lighter liquid is very unpredictable and the closeness of spark or ignition resources such as light switches and also traveler phone call buttons in the overhanging Traveler Solution System (PSU) on the bottom of the over head lockers made for an incredibly hazardous situation.

Being high sufficient to instantly get to the bag with the dripping liquid, I promptly managed the dripping lighter liquid as a ‘Dangerous.’ If I might not reach the bag and also needed to wait mins or perhaps secs for another person to do it for me, it might have shown to be just enough time for that flowing liquid to get to an ignition source and after that we would certainly have had a real issue.

Likewise on the maximum height range, you have to be able to stir the cabin securely unrestricted without anxiety of striking your head. This might only be trouble on an over wing aircraft where the wing framework encroaches head space in the cabin for example or the business you want a flight attendant task with only operates smaller airplane with reduced ceilings.

By the way, when you operate on airplane with twin lane slide boatings, a part of the discharge treatment is to block (or guard) the exit depending upon what your word-for-word discharge drill is.

The issue for shorter statute individuals is that they normally come with shorter arms also.— And I might add that’s a good thing otherwise they would look a little like our ancestors if you know what I indicate, yet… … It makes holding the two door assist manages on either side of the door near impossible. Hence you are not able to operate in the ability of your duties as well as therefore would certainly not have the ability to operate on that airplane.

NOTE: Emptying treatments require you to block a leave till that leave ends up being functional. an emergency after you have actually unlocked there is a hold-up of some 7 to 10 seconds (if all is running as it must) prior to the door slide ramp or door slide plethora comes to be filled with air to be able to make use of.

the panic of an emergency you as steward have to stop guests jumping out that door till risk-free to do so which requires you to be able to support at the door. The be up to the ground depending on aircraft type can be a number of metres!

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Flight Attendant Work frequently asked question’s ongoing…

… Q2. What are the weight demands to be a steward?

This is a steward job inquiry asked by numerous and also while the steward of days gone by were maybe faced with a collection of scales before they were employed as well as each time they concerned work (seems impossible now-a-days yet usual in the early days of flight going to), the modern weight requirements for flight attendants are regarded as, ‘Weight in proportion to your elevation.’

Translated this implies you can look like real individuals! The better focus is put on your individuality and also your ability to provide customer support and fulfil the function as well as responsibilities of a flight attendant. A flight attendant must have the ability to carry out the responsibilities needed irrespective of weight. Appearances as well as body dimension have little to do with the process so long as you are well groomed, neat and present well. Every one of which you can do and have control of!

NOTE: Weight is a personal issue. If you think you have a problem then look for clinical recommendations. If that suggestions needs activity on your part after that do what is required. Personally I don’t need a medical professional to tell me I’m obtaining a smidge pudgy. I just search in the mirror and also if I’m truthful with myself I can see what the mirror is informing me.

For the majority of us, me consisted of, we all have times in our life when we let our bodies enter into a condition that directly I’m not happy with as well as generally we do it due to the fact that we drink and eat way too much as well as slouch with the exercise.

I do it too often and also I hate myself for it since I understand it takes discipline on food and also beverage consumption and initiative with any type of workout. I will certainly claim likewise nevertheless that you will certainly deal with the needs of a flight attendant lifestyle far better if you’re healthy and fit and also if you’re fit and healthy you will certainly be in form. do it for your-self and do it for the task.

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Q3. What are the vision needs to be a flight attendant?

Offered your vision is correctable using glasses or calls, vision will certainly not be an obstacle. Nonetheless final consideration may be sought through an air travel accepted medical checkup. Correctable eyeglasses or contacts are most often allowed to ensure you meet the fixed vision needs.

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Q4. What are the education needs to be a flight attendant?

Another flight attendant job concern asked by lots of. Minimum standards of education and learning are needed to be a flight attendant. This will certainly range the airlines nonetheless US candidates need to have a secondary school level or Government Equivalency Level (G.E.D.) or (year 12 in the Hemisphere).

NOTE: Often as well as just in some cases these demands are bent. I know a number of flight attendants that do not have actually the specified education and learning needs however their ‘life experience’ as well as previous tasks have actually been enough to get them over the meeting line and right into steward college.

Steward Work faq’s continued…

… These steward as you can speculate, and also to put it perfectly due to the fact that I exist also, have been in the older generations. Involve consider it I only have year 11 although when I was very first employed year 11 was enough. Since that time I have actually studied in several Diploma studies and accumulated a lot of experience which weighed in my favour come my recent meetings. If you want to recognize more concerning me simply head over to below as well as I’ll present myself.

Essentially education and learning demands are stated since the airlines have numerous applicants to choose from.

Here’s an idea:

‘t depend on and education demands being bent for you. yourself a favour, remain in school till you obtain your year 12 or GED.You must likewise have the capacity to learn and come to be competent in the strenuous training that the airlines steward training will require of you. enhancement, your life skills will be a thought about part in their evaluation of you since the steward role is cutting edge to consumers everyday. This needs customer service abilities, much of which will certainly have been gotten from your previous line of work and not so much academically.

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Q5. What are the customer care demands to be a flight attendant?

You will typically be required to have some sort of customer service background. most cases it does not matter where you obtained your experience as long as you can apply your knowledge to the needs of the airline company that you do put on.

Right here’s a suggestion:

work is considered extremely favourably and also is a terrific return to addition especially if you’re holding back a full-time back office task and also away from any kind of customer communication. Also if you are out of work you can always obtain charity job somewhere.

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Q6. What are the history check demands to be a steward?

Currently this steward work concern is a problem for many. (?) Common to several employers, not just those that hire flight attendants are criminal background checks. This means that you will certainly need to get a police check. In some cases an employer will ask for your State of residence check only however do not count on that ever before being replicated. The requirement is for you to acquire and also pay for a Police criminal background check for your country of origin.

KEEP IN MIND: Here’s a side note that made me laugh literally… … the inexpensive service provider that I flew with didn’t even request for a criminal history check. Incredible however not shocking! Although you will be required to get an ASIC pass (ID that permits you to legitimately access limited public locations at the airport and obviously airside) and also your history will be seriously checked into back then anyway.

Your past will also be explored by means of your return to references (or checks) to determine if you have characteristics that are considered unwanted for the placement. However if you are not that you seem to be or state as well as you are figured out various; then your application will likely be not successful. Needless to say, if you have no adverse history then you’ve absolutely nothing to fear your background history check.

Below’s a tip:

Select your resume referrals sensibly and also try to have references with a title. Ie: Dr, Sergeant of Cops, Pharmacist, Priest of Religion, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, Director and so on… … I assume you’ve got the picture.

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Q7. Is a medical analysis needed to become a flight attendant?

A medical analysis is called for to identify a requirement of health needed to do the tasks of a flight attendant and also to be able to cope with the aviation setting. Some specifics will certainly be your capability to get used to the pressure modifications that you will experience on a daily basis.

This includes having healthy and also ‘normally’ operating Eustachian tubes of your internal ear that equalize pressure as you ascend and also descend on every trip. Many people will have definitely no worry with the ability to match stress. Similarly your sinuses should be able to manage such pressure adjustments.

my last aeronautics medical I had a hearing test, a response test, a lung capability test, an eye test as well as a cognitive test.

assumptions are that for individuals who are generally fit and healthy and healthy you need to have not a problem in passing.

Sometimes nevertheless, a medical checkup will certainly disclose issues that will stop you from safeguarding a work as flight attendant and also I think that would be a bitter tablet to ingest as well as all I can recommend is to maintain the most effective fitness you can to provide yourself the very best opportunity.

CAUTION: Consisted of in a clinical assessment will be a drug and alcohol testing check.

Right here’s an idea:

If you are into drugs forget about becoming a Steward. Not only is it an undesirable quality, you will certainly be caught quicker as opposed to later. Drug and alcohol testing is now an arbitrary task for all aviation workers and also operates indiscriminately on a 24/7 time routine.

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Q8. I need to undergo training before I apply to end up being a flight attendant?

This steward job query prevails. While any kind of training is benefits if your previous work experiences involving life abilities or customer service are limited, the required certain airline flight attendant training will be given by your new company.

Generally this will certainly take 4 to 6 weeks depending obviously on the airline that you apply to. There are steward training camp as well as online training websites that offer meaning steward, programs as well as training courses that are really usually costly and are not acknowledged by any airline company.

The option is entirely your own. You can participate in one or two day programs as well as invest anything up to $350 for the privilege as well as you can also invest $4000 to $6000 for a 10 to 11 week course although I don’t really advise any of these courses. of the skills as well as competencies truly ought to be obtained by your work and life experiences.

This certainly can be had for a fraction of the price. Nevertheless, you will reap genuine value from a training camp if they offer you a government identified competency on completion in contrast to an in-house certification that I have actually even seen them call … a Diploma!

Certainly a Trip Institution ought to consist of the ‘need to know secrets to your success’ like …

Interview application fundamentals covering your personalised cover letter and also resume, gown requirements, industry terminology, interview methods, how to address questions, regulations for team interviews, background aviation understanding etc.

. From my perspective it need to not cost you a fortune to end up being a steward so my only advice is to at first save your cash, find out the needs, skills as well as expertises needed for the steward position and also go after obtaining these from your job and personal setting. After that if you intend to fast track your progress look for even more education or training specific to your needs.

Be pleased nevertheless that any advice given to you originates from those that have actually had the experience in the industry. Normally I cover this information and also even more in Steward Interviews Facilitated

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Q9. Exactly how do I begin as a flight attendant?

Prep work is the mom of your success however your first top priorities before you spend any cash are twofold. To begin with is to ask on your own 2 inquiries;

  1. I really want to be a Steward?
  2. Am I prepared to do what it takes?

If you answered yes to both of these concerns after that the second priority is to do something concerning it. Now’s your time to buckle down concerning getting your dream of the ground and right into the air as well as it’s what this site is everything about. passion as I rest right here as well as write the info you read now is to help you whatsoever I can to obtain your desires take flight.

And while I can provide you every web page on this internet site to review I have assembled a susinct extensive whitepaper overview that will certainly assist you through the application process called The Secrets of Steward Interviews and really is for those that do intend to buckle down concerning making desires take flight as a flight attendant, you must initially give the nod to questions 1) and also 2) over.

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Q10. Why must I purchase the Steward Meetings Facilitated

First off you don’t need to acquire anything you do not wish to yet I did compose it to aid you if you do want to end up being flight attendant.

I will certainly add that I have had an incredibly interesting as well as remarkable life as a steward. I have been lucky to have seen numerous wonderful areas in the world and have actually satisfied many people from all profession. I have actually lived a way of living that I have actually appreciated immensely as well as am solely happy to what the incredible work of steward has actually offered me.

Throughout my currently over twenty years in the air travel video game I have actually been either the topic of or part of the meeting procedure lot of times both locally and also globally. Currently with my 4th airline I can securely claim I’ve experience what you wish to experience and can impart excellent compassion and I wish knowledge.

I’ve additionally had the great fortune of being privy to a private thesis done on the meeting system made use of for Steward. And while I have assisted others one-on-one to experience the interview procedure, I currently discover that I can extra quickly share my understanding with you by means of the wonders of the net so that you as well can do what I do since I can’t tell you sufficient, I like it.

NOTE: I state, ‘Marvels of the net’ because it has taken me more than 3 years in learning exactly how to write internet site and all the ‘things’ to do with the web. I’ve had a great deal of false begins I could also add in creating websites, making use of software that took a uni level to understand and usually getting very disappointed about taking my enthusiasm (this internet site) to the web.

Well, I understand this is a little off track however allow me show to you what I understand about internet site now because I found besides this time a program that has actually enabled me to develop this web site as well as just dream that I discovered it 3+years earlier.

Place it by doing this; if it wasn’t for SBI you would not be reading this. I assume I would have quit. Without going crazy on right here if you’re seeking to build a web site click the link and it will tell you all about it. If after you have actually seen it you want to know a lot more, get back to me as well as I’ll address any inquiries you might have.

Anyway back to the question…

… To find out more on allFlight Assistant jobs as well as career availability with various other airlines on this website check out our fac page from message to upload as information appears.

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