So What Happens At A Flight Attendant Interview?

So What Happens At A Flight Attendant Interview? image 0

What Happens At A Flight Attendant Meeting?

If you have been required a flight attendant meeting after that congratulations! It suggests that thus far you’re return to as well as applicable cover letter has either obtained you past a telephone interview or into a group meeting.

Simply a reminder if you have not got to this phase yet, allow me recommend of 2 Preparation updates that are offered in the > > that you must locate very useful.

If you have not yet checkout the > > then you can do that here KEEP IN MIND: Group meetings can be as a lot a process as your one-on-one (or panel) interview.

Your flight attendant meeting by-the-way is a target selection procedure which I’ll describe quickly but initially you need to ‘endure’ your group interview.

Generally these are held in a resort boardroom or perhaps at a steed racing club like one of my previous interviews.’t fail to remember, your highest possible priority at your steward job meeting is to be spotless in your presentation for your steward task meeting.

After registration you’ll await a phone call to be brought in right into a seating location for the interview procedure to begin. practicality these interviews actually are in all seriousness a wide cull session disguised as a details session.

Once again, usually what occurs is that you’ll be seated in a room with lines of chairs and tables. A business associate (job interviewer) will stand up to welcome you as well as inform you about the company and position of flight attendant with their company.

You then get to view a promo video concerning the company prior to being provided the chance to ask questions and then you’re asked to partake in a team activity. This will be observed by among the interviewers at your table which normally seats 6 to 8 flight attendant candidates.

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Currently ‘group activities’ as well as what they are all about and also exactly how to ‘play the video game’ are discussed in the Secrets>> > > suffice to state if you don’t ‘play the video game’, you won’t make it with to your flight attendant interview. As well as yes it’s as straightforward as that.

I say sorry if I call it a game however I recognize what the recruiter is looking for and while some prospects will normally fly through the process, others are possibly not so recommended or familiar with what is taking place. It can be a vicious process because I have seen way too many good individuals stop working to get the job when really they would certainly have made excellent steward. This may result from something as straightforward as the language you make use of, just how you chat or articulate your words or effectively just how you connect. You have to realize that communication as a flight attendant is an aspect of many things.

Right here’s the issue though: The international interview that I attended in 2002 for an overseas airline had more than 1800 individuals turn up for the meeting. At the end of the day they had picked 19 individuals. That implies they chose out more than 1771 individuals in much less than 16 hrs of speaking with.

As well as here’s my factor: Interviewers are individuals and also under this moment structure and also with these substantial numbers they make blunders. If you let them form a mistaken verdict regarding you perhaps by you not playing the game then you’re history.

Nonetheless to continue… … At the end of this session your name might be read out as well as you’ll be asked to wait outdoors. Among these groups will certainly then be educated diplomatically that regrettably they didn’t make the following round of interviews and also the various other group paradoxically will be educated that you are to continue to the next stage.

Now relying on exactly how huge the group is you perhaps yet again be arranged into a team type interview and also the process will be repeated with brand-new activities up until they have chosen the mass to the numbers and prospects they want. Extra details concerning group meetings is included in The Secrets of Flight Attendant Meetings program. The thing you require to recognize initially is that you are being OBSERVED!

Ultimately this game will certainly quit and also you will be asked to find back for an individually (or panel) meeting. Currently this may or may not take place in the very same day.

, what is the > > one-on-one (panel) Flight Attendant Interview procedure currently? Here’s a dot kind of what you can expect to occur.

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  1. You are welcomed, as well as given the name and setting of the recruiter. Tip: Remember it as well as utilize it.
  2. The objective of the interview will certainly be described. (This will acquaint you with the recruiter as well as will define the organisation as well as position). Tip: Research study the organisation and also placement prior.
  3. The recruiter will certainly define the interview and also the meeting procedure.
  4. They will certainly suggest that they will be remembering through-out the meeting.
  5. You will be asked a couple of concerns that will evaluate your previous jobs/experience.
  6. You will certainly be asked to clarify your solutions carefully.
  7. They might ask you if you have any type of concerns. Hint: Always ask a couple of concerns. (This reveals rate of interest and communication skills as well as offers you the chance to build a quick yet telling rapport).

They will certainly be making use of a Target Selection Process to analyze you.

The SIX elements of the Targeted Selection Flight Attendant Meeting are:

  1. Usage past actions to forecast future behavior.
  2. Identify the definitive needs and steward task summary for the placement. (Choice Score).
  3. Organise choice aspects right into a thorough system. I.E. o Sourcing applicants o Testing o Talking to o Simulations o Recommendation Checks o Medical Checks
  4. Usage matrix for speaking with applicants (you) — — This will certainly include asking questions that will certainly require you to respond to completely and succinctly. my 7 Top Steward Interview Tips I wish to share for more on the SAO approach of answering these sort of inquiries.
  5. Discuss interview results (your own) with fellow coworkers
  6. Combine all verbal as well as non-verbal comments observed of the candidate (you) for uniformity of outcome

Each component is made use of to enhance the precision and fairness for offer of employment choices.

Recommend candidate (You):

Once more this may or may not take place on the same day. You may have to wait a day, a week or perhaps several weeks before they say yes… … we are pleased to offer you the setting of flight attendant!

This I can inform you after hearing it not as soon as but now 4 times from a firm or human resources rep of the company makes you literally jump for joy as well as wear a smile bigger than a Cheshew feline! Yes you have actually made it and also you are off to Airline steward training via an aviation clinical. That is you have the task based on an aviation clinical. Have a look at this Steward Work web page if you require to be advised just exactly how great this task is.

If the whole of this appears challenging then many apologies yet it possibly is.

If you would certainly like some even more wonderful details then your invited to have a look at the: The Keys of Flight Attendant Interviews

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