7 Top Flight Attendant Interview Tips I’d Like To Share

7 Top Flight Attendant Interview Tips I’d Like To Share photo 0

7 Top Flight Attendant Meeting Tips I ‘d Like Share

There are number of steward interview ideas I ‘d like to show to you here since I know that the hardest part about the job is actually obtaining it so anything that you can learn to help you will be valuable.

We have actually seen the steward interview procedure and also you now understand what the procedure is.

We’ve additionally seen from the flight attendant work description what an airline is looking for when they recruit flight attendants. While an energetic security focus is right up there for a lot of airlines, you as their steward are the face of their airline and will require to show a propensity, capacity and personal top qualities that will certainly welcome and also thrust their business image.

While everybody brings different top qualities and as notably individualities to the table, the airline interviewers will certainly be not be attempting to fit a square peg in a round hole. Developed airline companies invest a great deal of money as well as time building their culture via the staff they employ as well as will certainly desire all employees to fit as well as marry with their brand name.

as a little extra, I presume the first of your steward meeting ideas is to know about the airline you are applying to. Recognize its company objectives and determine its brand name in the market place and also the society of its individuals prior to you front for an interview.

put these flight attendant interview suggestions into context you could compare the difference below to probably a comparison in between Easyjet and also Singapore Airlines.

you think I would offer the very same flight attendant interview suggestions to you for these 2 airlines if you were lucky adequate to secure a meeting with both of them? Include into this mix Airlines of Skywest.

I wish your response was no because you now recognize what I have just stated. Flight attendant meeting suggestions have tailor made facets, according to the firm your obtaining.

While steward are individuals, numerous can quickly be detected in a crowd by others in the airline system without their uniform since they have a certain something, a high quality and it integrates a variety of attributes and values like poise, grooming, enjoyable disposition, a look of friendliness, an ability to communicate conveniently, and also various other wonderful individuals abilities.

These are all points that you want to have the ability to display at your interview because those that are chosen for the task will definitely have these high qualities and more.

With these flight attendant interview tips, I do undergo the leading fourteen thought about crucial top qualities of a flight attendant as well as totally describe the matrix whereupon they are action in Video clip 1 of the AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program.

Nevertheless, a lot of this is who you are as well as the experiences you have in life many of them they can be discovered.

Among the best flight attendant meeting pointers below is to know what you good at as well as to truthfully identify where you need to find out a new skill and also do something about it. You could require to learn brand-new or much better communication abilities or have more self-confidence in front of individuals, or you could have matured in the country like me and also have bad taste in pet grooming, once more like me.

my protection I believe I constantly attempted with what I had however reflecting on my initial interview pictures I have to admit my grooming was ordinary to say the least.

I assume I was rather fortunate to get my first flight attendant work to be absolutely truthful!

If I was to be a little less harsh on myself I could say that my pet grooming was not what it should have been so I actually needed to strike? em with my other high qualities!

Another of the flight attendant interview tips I want to share with you is this…

… Be that you are. other words be real. The airline companies intend to see you, not somebody you’re not. Obviously you may be a tad nervous on meeting day because this is a work that you have actually wanted given that for life which’s regular. Yet felt confident a good interviewer will certainly ‘see through you’ if your devising.

Bear in mind these steward meeting suggestions, steward job interviewers obtain pretty good at what they do and they can pay for to be extremely discriminatory because they interview lots of candidates as well as have many to select from.

Rest assured though that your choice procedure from a recruiter prospective have to adhere to a matrix to make it possible for consistent professionalism and reliability and also justness in the process and yet allow for the distinct distinctions that divides you from other candidates in a non-discriminative method.

Nevertheless characters can often clash and also having been on a meeting panel in some cases you just know that the guillotine will certainly be very sharp for some individuals. I could include that it can additionally operate the other method. Often you can see an applicant stroll into the area as well as feel in one’s bones that they will certainly be in the last pick. They have that something, that x factor of which we have actually already discussed above in these steward meeting suggestions.

Now as for steward interview ideas go this ought to not even be included!

Sadly I will certainly specify it below nonetheless because what I believe prevails sense apparently is not to everyone so allow me mean this out really clearly. There is no excuse for poor presentation at any type of flight attendant interview. Period! Suffice to say here that impeccably expert need to cover it.

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Your grooming should be impressive and also your presentation should specialist.

It may be the trend to wear your fit trousers half method down your bum at your sis’s wedding event but it’s not impressive brushing at a steward interview.

As well as it could be awesome to use you sunnies on your head at the races yet at an interview it’s not specialist.

If you can’t spot the distinction below or wish to know even more I state extremely plainly what discussion is as well as the grooming standards required for an interview in Video 1 of the AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program for both males and females.

next factor in these flight attendant interview pointers is you require to understand how to address interview inquiries as well as some of them need rehearsal

Make it very easy for your job interviewer. When they ask you a concern, you answer it. Appears easy yeh? Well from my experience apparently not.

While some monosyllabic or di-syllabic responses serve in a flight attendant meeting, they are not the standard for many concerns. Suitable solution to yes no doubt may be: — —’ Where are you from? ‘Ceduna SA. Or;’What year did you leave college?’ 1994.

Nevertheless, a lot of the concerns you will address in a meeting require more information. And also I’m speaking about those concerns that start with the expression, Tell me regarding… … or > Define … or > questions that will certainly call for a full succinct answer.

Now I will certainly offer you in these flight attendant interview ideas with two solutions that you can comply with to make this simple for you. One is the SAO (Circumstance, Action, Outcome) formula and also the various other is the STAR (Circumstance, Task, Activity, Outcome) formula. Both solutions will certainly give the same result when interpreted as they ought to be and I favour the SAO formula since it’s simple to make use of as well as remember and also pleases the outcome.

Behavior kind questions are preferred as well as are used by the bulk of airline companies and also for that issue almost every human resources division that I recognize of because they are based on the facility that past habits forecasts future behavior.

I may include that I have strong problems with this because it recommends people can not transform, however, allow’s build a bridge on this in the meantime and approve that you will be faced with predominately behavior kind concerns.

This being the case you’ll wish to practice the formula for addressing these kind of concerns. Notification I didn’t claim in my steward interview pointers: bear in mind as well as devote to memory solution to a lengthy list of Interview concerns thus several other steward websites recommend you do. Can you imagine, what if you get asked a concern that you have not remembered? Plus do you think you would show up calm, relaxed, and also real when stating an interview concern. I believe not!

what do you do?

Right here’s my flight attendant meeting tips on this set

Certainly prepare and have a financial institution of personal experiences to draw from and also develop a couple of narratives concerning various work events in your life. Then, when asked a habits job or individual relevant question you’ll have a couple of in mind. After that simply answer following the SAO formula and also you’ll cover the response to their behavioral kind question sufficiently.

With a bit of prep work you’ll stay clear of some of the most common errors like angling for your response, taking too long to get to the point or not having a point to get to, loading your solution with irrelevant information or otherwise ending your answer.

ounce of preparation will certainly pay fantastic rewards so imagine some behavioral kind inquiries that are centered around the Flight attendant description that relates to you directly and also try responding to the question complying with the SAO formula.

It will build on your very own confidence, stay clear of the pre-interview nerves and also will certainly liberate your head-space to be ‘you’ in the interview. You will certainly remove yourself from having to bother with superfluous ‘stuff’ and be able to look the job interviewer in the eye and give a natural and full answer as if they were a household friend.

Such inquiries could be:

Inform me a time when you had an altercation with a co-worker and also what did you do concerning it?


… At some phase in your past you would certainly have had a challenging client or scenario. What took place and how do you take care of it.


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… Inform me regarding a time that you have done something in your workplace to improve a situation that was added to your duties.


… All of us have locations in our work life that we intend to improve. What have you determined and what have you done concerning it?

When you’ve practiced creating responses for a few of these, the SAO or celebrity formula will begin to be acquired behavior to you. And that’s a lot better than rehearsing responses since there will certainly always be a concern you haven’t covered.

Relax very easy because SAO will save your day.

Below is one such example of a question being asked with an ideal SAO solution.


jobs have disturbances as well as modifications to day-to-day operations. Can you tell us of a time when this has occurred to you lately and also just how did you feel? Just how did you handle this circumstance and also what was the end result?







Forecast rough weather for a trip particularly around regarding the time of hot drink service.

Suggested passengers that the cabin solution would be changed a little in that hot drinks would certainly not be offered because of feasible risk of spillage that the rough weather condition may trigger saving any person from and also hot coffee burns. Nevertheless amazing beverages would still be offered.

Appreciative travelers due to the fact that they felt they were appropriately educated and more than pleased with the chilly beverage solution as judged by the numerous remarks made to me on disembarkation.

Selection Ranking =>

> More flight attendant meeting suggestions

You’ll find a lot more on SAO and also how to address any kind of meeting concern completely in the AIRLINES Be a Steward today program — — particularly Video 3.

You’ll additionally discover several other steward meeting suggestions and also hints however below’s my 7th suggestion for you.

Constantly remember that you will be observed in any way times! From the minute you stroll right into the hotel, interview room or where ever before the meetings are being held also when you are not being interviewed. Yes, eyes are enjoying as well as surprisingly enough you might never ever recognize who is or was viewing you.

More details on Steward work as well as career availability with every other airline on this internet site (plus others) can be viewed using our fac web pagefrom article to post as news becomes available.

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