China Airlines – 中国航空公司 – (CAL)

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Airline companies— 中国航空公司— (CAL)

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CAL has actually come a lengthy method since its launch with one C54 aircraft and also 2 PBY amphibious airplane in 1959 with a start/up capitalization of less than US15,000 in todays money conversion dollars!

KEEP IN MIND: The Consolidated PBY was an American flying boat of the 1930s as well as 1940s created by Consolidated Aircraft. If you’ve not seen pictures of this splendid flying maker check out the PBY Amphibious aircraft on Wikipedia below

Today CAL have a fleet 98 aircraft.

This includes:

  • 77 Passenger Jets
  • 21 Freighters

They fly to greater than 90 destinations in 28 nations throughout Europe,,, Oceana and Taiwan.


Their aircraft line-up includes:

— 13 x B747-400

— 6 x A340-300

— 18 x A330-300

— 10 x B737-800

— 19 x B747-400F

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The current typical age of the fleet is 8 years.

Cal utilizes roughly 10,500 workers of which 8,500 are Taiwan based and the balance are based at various places overseas.

Airline companies are dedicated to offering their travelers as well as customers that handle them as well as while the GFC dented the self-confidence of organization worldwide with subsequent effect for CAL, you can be sure that as the economic climate recoils so to with passenger numbers and also aircraft distribution.

As brand-new aircraft come on board, recruitment will react with possibilities for steward placements. Airlines aim to recruit outstanding workers throughout the world in-line with their development plans as well as provide eye-catching reimbursement as well as advantages packages in order to do so.

The benefits package includes:

— Medical insurance

— Discount tickets

— Retired life schemes as well as different insurance policy plans

Airline companies have their very own flight training centre (situated at No. 1, Hangzhan S Rd., Dayuan Township, Taoyuan Region 33758, Taiwan) which caters to Proficiency Training and Look for flight deck and cabin team.

Facilities include:

— Smoke/Decompression mock-up Fitness instructor: (This can fill the cabin with smoke when needed to simulate a ‘real’ experience to ensure that the team have the ability to practice treatments in smoke scenarios.)

— Cabin training mock-ups (This comes full with a video clip recorder to check trainee’s Performance that Flight Attendant students can playback to evaluate their performance)

— Door instructors for:

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— 738

— 744

— 330

— 3340

— AB6

All doors meet all legal needs and also supply a ‘real’ experience in operation of doors.

NOTE: (Cabin crew might be needed to evacuate travelers in any emergency situation consisting of fire and ditching via all readily available and ideal departures. The bench mark evac time allowed to evacuate a full airplane of ‘unrehearsed passengers’ utilizing 50% of the airplanes leaves is simply 90 seconds.

— Emergency situation equipment fitness instructors (This attends to door slides as well as their procedure and also discharge drills in situation of emergency.)

— Dropping swimming pool with Side raft and Raft (The dropping pool is utilized to educate team participants in the handling of different types of aircraft slide boatings as well as rafts and requires staff to likewise draw guests from the water into the boating.

— Real fire fighting mockup This makes it possible for the team to exercise in a ‘reality’ substitute bathroom as well as galley fire for different types of airplane.)

All steward students as well as flight deck staff need to have hands-on method as well as familiarity with all types of fire extinguishers as well as understand all actual fire combating drills and also strategies.

Would certainly you such as to attended the CAL Trip Training Centre as a flight attendant student?

Does an occupation with an airline companies interest you?

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