Airlines Hiring Flight Attendants – The $64 Million Dollar Question

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Airlines Hiring Trip Attendants— The $64 Million Buck Inquiry

Airlines working with flight attendants? It’s what every flight attendant hopeful look for…

… Nevertheless, you want to know that to put on, when you should send your resume off, where the interviews will be, and what the meetings will certainly resemble… … actually any type of and every little thing regarding those airlines working with steward.

Well I also have actually done this look for you in your place as well as all I came up with was airline schools and web sites pressing a schedule that want to authorize you up for some special program, on-line knowing Diploma (which is worth about as high as the paper it is written on) or at the very least assure you that they are the only ones with such internal insider hiring information.

A few of them even mention that the airline companies working with steward even send them the ‘undercover’ employing details!

And obtain this… … several of them also have the audacity to case that other flight attendant website copy their information about airlines hiring flight attendants as if it is their very own special identified information.

Better still… … several of them even feel as though they have to state that they are the very best, the biggest, the most trusted, most as much as date one of the most blah blah.

Below’s the reality of it. Humbug!

The globe is a big place. the U.S.A. alone there are extra signed up airline companies than can be listed on a single websites. I assure that no-one keeps tabs on each of those airline companies to see who’s hiring as well as shooting. It would certainly be a significant task by itself.

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If you wish to take a look at the amount of there are for yourself just login into see a list of airlines from Wikipedia, the totally free encyclopaedia online below:

You’ actually see this composed when you open up the website and also I price estimate…


… > And after that you exist with the letters of the alphabet under which all the airline company codes of the particular airline companies in procedure are offered.

You then have an alternative to damage all the airline companies down right into manageable pieces by Nation and also a list of ‘defunct airline companies’ as well as a checklist of ‘affordable airline companies’, a list of airlines by holding firm and a list of airlines by foundation date.

I think you obtain my factor right here and all I’m trying to state or make you aware of is if any individual purports to know all the airlines employing flight attendants beware specifically if they utilize this details to entice you right into a brief program or online Diploma course or similar with the reference or ‘sudo assurance’ of getting you a job.

From my point of view having actually been in the aeronautics video game currently for 18 years (and also now with my 4th airline) having flown domestically and also internationally and also gotten on the meeting panel for worldwide flight attendants, I have actually never known any type of airline to be the insider to details about them or any other airlines employing flight attendants to any person besides using public sources.

That is, if you need to know the airline companies employing flight attendants you’ll discover it on the occupations web page of the internet site of the corresponding airline. You might even see it openly advertised as well as from there it is word of mouth, posts on discussion forums, various other web sites and also even via my Airline company Information as it discovers my workdesk.

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Nevertheless I know you need to know of airlines working with steward so I’ll inform you when I know also.

What does happen once in a while nonetheless is that airlines will send out through their intra-net e-mail that they are seeking flight attendants for an intake and request for recommendations of people that their personnel know of as well as believe would certainly be a great prospect for an interview. This happens regularly. I recognize have one as an example, so do Qantas, so do Jetstar and so do Virgin as do lots of others. They do this for many factors that I will not discuss right here are adequate to claim that this is a typical practice by the airlines.

I presume the trick is to receive information from relied on resources of information as well as to concentrate on awaiting an opportunity when it comes.

Like I stated, interior e-mails come out frequently among the team for steward recommendations and also as a crew member I will just suggest somebody if they are suitable to be a flight attendant. It’s sort of like being a referee on a resume. With my recommendation comes my track record in putting that individual up for an interview and I wish to make sure they are going to give an excellent proving before a recruiter.

Now while I can’t promise that I am the conduit to all airlines working with steward, I can promise you that this web site has plenty of a great deal of great information that I think will certainly address a great deal of inquiries for you and I enjoy to field any kind of inquiries that you might have. If you want to contact me please keep in mind that I fly internationally so it might occupy to 2 days or two to return your call.

By the way, if you stumble upon a website offering online learning Diploma’s for Steward check back with this website because having checked out the training course syllabus while researching for this website I can inform you that you’ll get 8/10ths of it for free right on this site. Not only will you obtain it below completely free however you’ll conserve on your own greater than $200!

You’ll discover lots of stuff right here that will develop your knowledge base and also give you a good understanding of what’s around worldwide of aviation with great deals of links to much more details.

Airline companies Working with flight attendants

More details on airline companies and Steward tasks and career schedule with every various other airline company on this web site (plus others) can be checked out by means of our fac web pagefrom article to upload as news becomes available.

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