WestJet Airlines is Canada’s Leading High-Value Low-Fare Airline with great job perks and an employee share purchase plan

Westjet airlines likes to employ people with a business owning attitude and philosophy be you a ramp supervisor, cleaner, flight attendant or pilot. Yes they want and actively encourage you in whatever position you apply for to become a part of the business through their Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP) which in effect means you're an "Owner".

There are many proactive companies around the world, airlines included, that believe it is far better to employ part owners of the company as opposed to sole employees of the company.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for you as an ‘employee’ because you share in the profits and it’s a brilliant success path for the airline because everything you do affects your pocket as well as the companies.

Like most people, when something we do affects our pocket there is an internal drive to do things right which is why an ESPP works well in companies that embrace this concept.)

It’s really a way to motivate employees (you) without effort because as part owner, everything you do affects (in part) you as well as the company and no-one deliberately wants to take home less pay!

The 4 point Strategic plan of Westjet airlines for long term success

1. People and Culture - (in summary, you are part of the company)

2. Guest Experience - (in summary, WOW your passengers!)

3. Revenue and Growth - (in summary Westjet are aiming to have an annual compound growth rate in available seat miles of between 4% and 7%

4. Costs - (in summary, keep them low but efficient)

So, some of the perks as an employee of Westjet:

You become a Company Share owner - “Approximately 84% of eligible WestJetters own shares in the company already

You Profit Share with the company - “WestJet is one of the most profitable airlines in North America with a vision to be one of the five most successful international airlines in the world by 2016”

You get airline travel privileges - This could see you sit back in any one of Westjets 88 Boeing Next-Generation aircraft and holiday to any of their 71 destinations in Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean and Mexico... plus staff travel on any of their airline partners being:

Air France Airlines

Cathay Pacific Airlines

China Airlines and...

KLM Airlines

You get ‘Flexible benefits’

You get a to work in an award-winning culture which they describe as “empowerment, teamwork and a passion for what you do – This is totally endorsed by the fact that WestJet was inducted into the corporate culture hall of fame after being named one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008”

You get a work-life balance which fits with the WestJet total compensation philosophy built on a fair market salary and the above mentioned benefits

WestJet Airlines

WestJet employs over 7,800 employees and flies approximately 420 flights per day using a modern fleet of fuel-efficient Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft with seat capacities of 119 seats on the 737-600, 136 seats on the 737-700 and 166 seats on the biggie 737-800.

Does a career with an organisation that aims to be one of the five most successful international airlines in the world by 2016 appeal to you?

Flight Attendant Application tips

WestJet Airlines only accepts online applications for all positions Before posting or attaching your resume into the online application form, ensure you list all relevant work experience, including dates of employment Don’t forget to include all current contact information including phone numbers and email addresses Make sure there are NO spelling or grammatical errors Once you have entered your application online keep your application updated as required. Maybe even look to apply for other jobs posted on the site.

NOTE:You are reminded that online applications prove to be very impersonable from the receivers end and it is possible that you will not get a response. Sorry thats just how today’s customer service works or for that matter doesn’t work. Normally, only those applicants who meet the stated qualifications are eligible for further consideration. They put it down to far too many applications to respond to!

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