Hi SBI - I am looking at building a new sbi business website and your contact form does not have an image uploader so I have posted an image below as to how I think I would like to layout the pages and navigation. 

A few questions....

Can the image layout be achieved in SBI? 
Do you have instructions on how to do this?
If no instructions, could I have someone at help SBI set this template up and how much would it cost?
I do have a 'Items and checkout tab' with the intention of selling on line through a shopping cart but I think to start out with I will simply be an affiliate in the field with the intention of branding into my own Brand when I build the traffic.

Is this progression 'backend' easy enough with SBI? Ie: to add a shopping cart to sell directly from the site?
I have written about 50 pages of content for this site ready to go.
Look forward to your reply and any advice you can impart.

Many thanks Tom

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