V Australia Airlines Jobs are Wanted for Very Good Reason

V Australia airlines jobs have always been a most sought after position. Since its debut into the Australian market way back in February of 2009, it up the ante in airline wars with their premium international airline offer.

The airlines first flights operated between Sydney and Los Angeles an within less than six weeks their Brisbane and Los Angeles flights then started.

Brisbane and Phuket soon followed and shortly thereafter so too did Melbourne to Phuket and Melbourne to Los Angeles. Added to that soon came daily services between Sydney and Fiji.

Yes V Australia Airlines jobs for flight attendants were on offer thick and fast with such a huge need to have crew to fly these new route structures.

Now this was an airline really on the march and it was in March of 2010, V Australia also added direct flights between Melbourne and Johannesburg, South Africa, to its rapidly expanding route network.

By 2017 they have expanded the V Australia network into the Asia pacific, Europe, The Americas and The Middle East.

V Australia is hot new competition on the trans-Pacific route and a real threat to the stalwarts operating this premium leg.

With their spanking B777-300ER aircraft there comes a new boutique style service on offer for pundants looking for some class in their travel.

The airline offers 33 Business Class lie-flat beds, 40 Premium Economy club seats and 288 economy seats.

Added to this is the privacy of a ‘ladies only’ toilet adorned with Ozzy icons and piped music. For those that travel in the front end there is also a choice of two in-flight bars.

All seats offer personal state-of-the-art seat back entertainment complete with touch screen options and a really cool feature is seat to seat 'chat' or competition connectivity. This enables you to talk to others without moving or to actually play competitive games via ‘wire’.
For the international premium economy seats an absolute major plus is laptop power at your seat. You also get a USB slot and personalised reading light for great illumination and minimal disturbance of the passenger right next door.

Yes the aircraft are second to none as far as features are concerned and as a crew member it makes a total pleasure to fly on. Hence the V Australia Airlines jobs where in hot demand when interviews first took place and this demand will only continue as more exciting destinations open up.

So how do you get on board as a Flight Attendant?

First up there is quite a process because in the word of the recruitment staff namely the ‘People Team’ form V Oz, ‘We receive high levels of interest in every position we advertise’.
They therefore only accept applications for advertised positions and all applications are to be made online.

The V Australia Airlines jobs page actually accepts on-line applications for a number of Virgin companies namely:

Virgin Blue 

Polynesian Blue 

Pacific Blue 

V Australia

However, what’s the process and why the process?

The selection systems used by V Australia are designed to identify your individual strengths, opportunities and your potential.

They the ‘People Team’ also want to know just how well you’ll fit into the V Australia’s team and company culture.

Each part of the process is obviously tailored with a specific outcome in mind.

The first part of the process is your application form. Yes, this is just the first step! 

The comes the interviews be it face to face or by telephone

NOTE: Be very careful with the telephone interview because it can be so easy to be caught off guard. Personally I had one back in late 2001 and frankly I learnt very quickly what to say but only after I knew or found out that I missed the cut. Don't make my mistake... I fully explain the interview process with an introduction in Video Manual 1 of the AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program and fully cover interview questions in Video Manual 3.

The comes time, should you get through the application and one-on-one or phone interview above of course, to attend a group assessment. Now again many people fail at this stage also because they get way too caught up in the outcome rather than concentrating on the ‘process’. Again the AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program explains this.

Next part of the V Australia Airlines jobs process is reference checks. Best tip here is to try and have a person of high community standing be your referee/s. Be it a Judge, police person, company CEO or Director. You get the picture and please try to avoid Uncle Bill. 

Then comes your health assessments and drug tests. Yes you have to be reasonably healthy to do this job and you have to be drug free. And not just for the tests and screens you go through at interview stage. You will be randomly drug tested at any time at work day or night 24/7. Yes that includes alcohol testing also.

Next... yes the list continues. V Australia Airlines jobs really are sought after so you had better be putting your best foot forward because there will be a lot of competition for you.

So, then comes testing for your ‘Ability and Aptitude’

What happens here?
Well I’ve done quite a few of these and all I think I should say is that you really can’t practice for these tests because they are who you are. Yes you can take a look at the type of thing you’re in for with a Google search but there really is no right or wrong answers. My best advice is do what you think is right on the day and answer truthfully. You may just be the very person they are looking for so don’t be someone you’re not.

And really it is the same with the next part of their process with, ‘Occupational Personality and Motivation Questionnaires’.

The next step in effect should be really easy because it is just validation of your certificates such as first aid and responsible service of alcohol etc.

Now for the last part of this procedure, ‘Security and Police Checks’, and really if you’ve been a ‘good’ person you should have no problem with these.

So there you have it, the flight attendant application process for V Australia Airlines jobs.

One more thing you should know. The interview style that you will go through is called ‘Behavioral Based Interviewing’ which V Oz states, ‘Ensures an objective, consistent and more accurate method in predicting and understanding a candidate’s personality, preferences, attitudes and behaviors.’

Basically it suggests that your past behavior is a good predictor to your future behavior. The extension of this from the airlines point of view will be to discover if you will perform in situations similar to those that will be encountered in the position of Flight Attendant.

This type of interview has been around for some years and have been though it myself. The Be a Flight Attendant today program gives you the inside scoop on the system and and fully explains the fairness and equity of the recruitment process used to identify the best person for the job and to avoid discrimination.

For more information on the how to of V Australia Airlines Flight Attendant jobs and career availability with other airlines check out our facebook page from post to post as news becomes available. 

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