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This US Airways jobs page information is left here for historical reference purposes.

UPDATE: US Airways (formerly known as USAir) was a major American airline that ceased to operate independently when the Federal Aviation Administration granted a single operating certificate (SOC) for US Airways and American Airlines on April 8, 2015. Publicly, the two carriers appeared to merge when their reservations systems and booking processes were merged on October 17, 2015.

US Airways jobs (one pilot's in particular) the spotlight! We all remember the US Airways emergency ditching into a chilly Hudson River with 155 people on board on Thursday 15 Jan 2009, after striking Geese upon takeoff from New York's LaGuardia Airport. 

Yes they all survived with much skill, a pinch of salt and an ounce of luck I’m sure. However, yes accidents do happen (although rarely) and is the every reason that Flight Attendant school places a lot of emphases on safety and emergency procedures.

For the most part flying is an uneventful experience and enjoyable for most but like all modes of transport, mechanical things can and do go wrong.

On this occasion the outcome while extreme, could be considered perfect; everyone survived.

And while it may be a deterrent to go flying for some either as a passenger or a flight attendant, it should rather act as a motivator to be totally professional in your job and know that flying remains one of the safest forms of transport there is.

If you have been sunning it on a deserted beach somewhere since Jan 09 then here is a re-run of the incident for you.

US Airways really is a large organisation and in the group of companies and airlines that make it up there are some 30,000 aviation professionals worldwide that work for them.

Starting in 1939 as All American Airways it was renamed Allegheny Airlines for a period until a series of buy outs, partnerships and mergers saw it renamed again to US Air and finally US Airways. It is now the 5th largest airline.

US Airways and Shuttle of the same name along with US Airways Express operate more than 3,000 flights per day to more than 190 communities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Couple this with the Star Alliance network and passengers can travel on some 19,700 connected daily flights to an incredible 1,077 airports in 175 countries around the globe!

Together with its partners, that means that some 80 million passengers are moved from point A to point B!

US Airways operates out of hubs in Charlotte, NC, Philadelphia and Phoenix, and a focus city in Washington, DC at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Its ‘Mainline’ fleet is impressive and includes the Airbus or A319, 20, 2 l, A330-200 and 300, A350.

Boeing also line up with the B737-300, 400, B757-200, B767-200ER. The Embraer 190 also joins the fleet.

US Airways Jobs

Want to apply to become a Flight Attendant? 
US Airways say they have ambitious plans for their airline and their workers alike and invite you to be a part of their future growth.

Their history proves that they have always encouraged employees from all departments to work together.

It’s about the sum of all parts being greater than the whole and looking to the future with eager anticipation.

The benefits to US Airways Jobs holders are fantastic.
Medical covers dental, vision, prescription drugs coverage plus there’s 401k with company contribution, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment plus short and long-term disability coverage.

A nice sweetener is paid vacation days off, a domestic partner program and an excellent benefit called the employee assistance program. All-in-all a very good package of benefits that any future employee I am sure would like and enjoy when added to their wage.

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