United Airline Jobs And The Rebuilding Process

Why United Airline jobs are hot stuff today. United Airlines is one of the most well known names in the industry, and they have a proud 80 year history as one of the leading airlines based out of the United States.

They take pride in satisfying their customers, providing great service and always innovating and moving ahead into the future.

When researching United Airline Jobs, information about its recent history particularly from September 11 onwards is dominant. With its much publicised Bankruptcy and reorganisation due its spiralling costs of wages and operations plus the period of sky-rocketing oil prices and the failure to obtain finance even through government loans, the future of United Airline Jobs was bleak to say the very least.

However as time has past and with extremely controversial adjustments to all costs management including cancellation of its pension plan, renegotiations to all United Airline Jobs holders pay including pilots and flight attendants, United exited bankruptcy on February 1, 2006 and finally returned to normal operations although totally new ‘normal operations’.

United had operated under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection since December 9, 2002.

United Airline Jobs - Beyond Chapter 11

Much has happened since their emergence from bankruptcy protection both good and bad. There have even been rumours of re-entry into Chapter 11 but this proved to be nothing more than rumours that sold newspapers and plunged share prices. Some of the events however have helped the company to improve its internal "corporate culture" relating to its customer relations and this has extended throughout all United Airlines operations.

Other positive things on the road to recovery have been addressing fuel efficiency issues with possible new orders of aircraft to save massive amounts of fuel. They also intend to fly only two types of wide-bodied of aircraft further reducing costs. A similar plan for narrow bodied aircraft is in the pipeline.

Other airlines have sought to merge with United and to date this has not happened however at the time of writing this, Continental were expected to make a United bid. This would create the world’s largest airline! A combined United-Continental would be greater in size then Delta Air Lines even after they acquired Northwest Airlines in 2008.

So in light of what has gone on, I write of what currently is going on with what could be even greater changes ahead…

One of the most important things to understand about working in any United Airline Jobs is that they have a very strong customer commitment. They have to. In fact, they have laid out a 12 point Customer Commitment plan, covering all of the aspects of keeping a customer happy and well informed. After the fiasco and unfortunate circumstances of September 11, Safety is the number 1 priority of the airline, and maintaining quality is of the essence. 

United also focuses on providing superior comfort, an overall pleasurable experience and a wide range of travelling options to fit all schedules, budgets and desires. They were the number 1 rated airline in terms of on-time performance in 2009 for domestic flights, reflecting their dedication and commitment for providing the best and meeting their objectives.

United Airline Jobs Overview 

United Airline jobs are interesting. United offers a complete and competitive benefits package for all of its employees, of which there are more than 46,000.

These employees are spread all over the country and around the world as well.

The benefits package includes a 401(k), health and dental insurance, a vision plan, life insurance, accident insurance and disability.

Other benefits with United Airline Jobs include sick leave, a flexible spending program, an employee assistance program, vacation time, online benefits and compensation statements and on down the line.  

Of course you also get travel discounts for yourself, your family and your travelling partners. United Airlines is an equal opportunity employer and places a premium on diversity, and wish to reflect the diverse customer and client base that they serve all around the world.

One key priority area for United Airlines is their Focus on 5, which is somewhat of a business and employee mission statement. Their five core points are service, clean and workable products, courteous and caring environment, industry leading revenues and competitive costs. It's a system designed to keep the airline at the top of the heap and to keep them growing into the future.

When you're employed with any of the various United Airline Jobs, you're working with a company that wants to see you succeed on every level. That's why they have a huge range of programs and initiatives designed to allow you to progress with your career, learn more skills, grow and evolve and more. These include Leadership Forums, Airport University, the Women's Development program, the Employee Assistance Program, Total Rewards compensation and investment and more.

United Airline Jobs - Routes, Destinations and More

United Airlines visits over 230 destination cities in the United States and across the globe. They operate about 3,300 flights per day on United and United Express. Their hubs are based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C, Denver and Chicago, offering them a major presence in all areas of the country. 

They are currently one of the largest international airlines based out of the United States, and they take pride in their extensive coverage of the Asia-Pacific region, as well as their routes and destination cities in Europe, Africa and throughout Latin America. As a member of Star Alliance, the network provides connections and flights to over 1,077 destinations and 175 countries, giving them a truly global presence and reach.

The United Airlines fleet is currently very diverse, representing the many different routes they traverse. There are a total of 13 different planes in the current fleet, with the largest contribution coming from Boeing, with the Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777 all being included. There are also Airbus planes, Bombardier CRJ planes, Embraer planes and more.

NOTE: ‘As stated above, the fleet content is and will be changing as part of their reduction of costs. A merger, should there be one, will also obviously affect the aircraft they fly in the future.’

United Airline Jobs - The Flight Attendant

As a flight attendant with United Airlines, you will receive as with other airlines, safety and equipment training including CPR and recurrent training throughout your time as a United flight attendant.

It's emphasised that your duty is to not only assist the passengers with all of their needs, but also to serve as information sources for the pilots to alert them about any ongoing situations in the cabin. This is part and parcel of being a flight attendant. You become the ‘added’ eyes and ears of the pilots. The goal is of course a safe flight, but also a pleasurable experience and both of those responsibilities lie with the flight attendant.  

United makes use of a Command Leadership Resource program that places the responsibility of safety on the flight to all in-flight crew, flight attendants and pilots alike. It's a culture of safety that United firmly believes in. In addition, every year hundreds of flight attendants get selected for further leadership training to move forward with their careers.  

Again, as of the time of this writing, there were no United Airline Jobs on offer including flight attendants. While you now know more now from your reading of the above, their website states that this is a result of increasing fuel prices and other concerns in the industry that have caused some realignment and reassessment for how they are operating. This information can be found on their flight attendants page.

They continue on to say that, ‘They encourage you to continue to referring to this page for updates to the status of their hiring program.’

So no, this won't be permanent and more United Airline Jobs will certainly open up in the near future. If you want to stay ahead of the game and find out about new opportunities and stay informed of things that come across my desk including airline rumour, gossip and of course any new job openings be they United Airline Jobs or any others, simply ask to receive my Airline News and you'll be the first to know!

Hopefully you now have a better idea about United Airlines and working as a United Airlines flight attendant, in what could soon be a combined United-Continental merger that would create the world's largest airline.

When you think about that prospect, being a flight attendant for the ‘Worlds Biggest’ would certainly be something. Stay tuned…

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