Is a Spirit Airline Career Your Stepping Stone to a Long Term Aviation Career

A Spirit airline career will see you aboard an airline that services The Caribbean, Latin American and The United States is not a LCC but an ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Carrier). In airline speak that means that it operates a low cost model business plan where the user pays and passengers get nothing for nothing.

While personally I’ve not experienced the service of a ULCC, I have taken several flights as a passenger on LCC’s and have vowed that they are my last resort airline for travel purposes of any kind. If the ‘Ultra’ part reduces the very minimal service provided by a LCC by any margin then I hope never to travel ‘Ultra’.

I do have to admit that I have worked for a LCC for some 12 months and two days and I also have to say that as an employee I cannot readily suggest anyone to work for that LCC. If ever I do it comes with many clauses. 

However, let me not tarnish your perceptions on having a Spirit airline career who are a LCC or indeed an ULCC as they may place a greater emphases on the value of their employees and for that matter their customers than what I have been exposed to.

I know it doesn’t fit well with the Low Cost business model plan because it is an expense that can’t be charged for but I would hope that the management hierarchy of such airlines know how to get, keep and maintain good people.

Moving on, what about Spirit airlines – Their good points/product features.

Obviously an ULCC offers Ultra low fares and in effect very little else that comes standard with other airlines. However, features stated include:

Largest ULCC network in The Caribbean & Latin America operating clean new airplanes. Spirit claim that they are the youngest Airbus fleet in the Americas and they are equipped with Deluxe leather seating with the option of a BIG front seat. This will be an added expense to the normal base ticket price however as any preferential seating is.

Even LCC’s charge for a selected seat! This is normally a $5 or $6 cost above taking any seat the ticket machine gives you. If you want a window exit it can be as much as $25 extra for the leg room!

Spirit further states that other feature of their airline is that they offer online check-in, friendly staff and reliable, on-time service. (I would suggest that should be an expectation now-a-days but hey I’m not familiar with how they try to cut costs.)

You’re also allowed to bring one carry-on bag and your wallet to pay for Spirit Optional Services & Products which includes onboard beverages and snacks. Other services offered by Spirit that come at a cost are checked baggage, personal cargo, rental cars, vacation packages & cruises, hotels, discounted Airport Parking and even event tickets, and travel Insurance

Spirit airlines are very proud of the service they provide or at least the features they make available to the travelling public at such low costs. They state that they are, ‘Proud to have broken the rules’, meaning they are a user pays system.

And let me not be a damper to any travel you may wish to take on a LCC or for that matter any ULCC, as they have a very distinct purpose and aim at a very Niche market. My only advice in booking any flight is to add the extras up, plus what you do and don’t get for your money including conveniences or maybe lack thereof and compare.

As a future flight attendant employee holding down a Spirit airline career for the long term, my suggestion would be fully understand the contract that you will be operating under which includes hourly rate, holidays, benefits, maximum hours workable in a day, week, month and year.

Flexibility in roster is also a good point to check as is airport parking fee’s when you go to work, uniform items supplied (probably none) its costs and maintenance or replacement off. 

Any while there are many other attributes, benefits and aspects to check when working with a LCC or ULCC and it’s a biggie and that is training fees or applicable bonds assigned to you at the commencement of training. What this could mean is that if you leave before a stated time frame in your contract you will assume some or all of these costs. Normally it is provided on a pro-rata bases.

Finally, a LCC or ULCC may just be the ticket of entry to the aviation game that you are looking for to gain valuable experience before you move on to bigger brighter worlds available in the aviation game.

A Spirit airline career will require 'ESSENTIAL’ duties not common to other airlines

However, like most airlines you will be required to: 

Provide and maintain a welcoming environment to passengers during their flight 

Ensure the safety of all customers aboard the aircraft 

Adhere to all Spirit Airlines’ policies and procedures and Federal Aviation Regulations

Provide exemplary customer service 

Be able to work autonomously or within a team to provide the state service minima

Spirit Airline Career

Now in addition to most flight attendant positions or job descriptions during your Spirit airline career you had better get good at sales because you must also effectively market and sell onboard products so as to generate additional or what they politely term incremental revenue from customers

So what requirements are needed for those that pursue a Spirit airlines career as a flight attendant?

You’ll need to have at least 2 years of experience in the Customer Service field which could include hospitality, sales or the merchandising industry

You’ll also need to be energetic, a team player who is dependable and outgoing and be able to demonstrate leadership and exceptional interpersonal skills

Again like most airlines you must be flexible and willing to relocate and flexible to work a 24/7 roster including weekends and holidays

Communication is always a biggie as is polished, professional and conservative appearance

Education wise you must have a High School Diploma or GED, (College degree preferred which means you will be over 18 years of age) and you must be proficient in English language and if you are Bilingual it is preferred

Obviously you must also have a valid passports with no restrictions in and out of the USA and to all cities and countries that Spirit Airlines fly to and be eligible to work in the United States without sponsorship

Physically you must be able to lift 50 pounds from floor to shoulder level and be tall enough to reach aircraft overhead bins and storage areas

How do you apply for a Spirit airline career? - Simply visit the Spirit Airline career page and search jobs available. Then simply click through to the application page where you will then fill in the entry fields of name address and contact etc and then complete a 6 question questionnaire which confirms a ‘yes’ answer to the requirements mentioned above. You will also be asked to paste your resume into a ‘word box’ from a word doc. No file upload is available.

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