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SkyWest Flight Attendant Positions

Now in existence for more than 35 years, SkyWest Airlines has continued to work hard to carve out its place in the competitive airline industry, and SkyWest flight attendants play an important role in that.

Through dedication and commitment to service, SkyWest has grown to transport over 60,000 passengers each day as the leading regional airline in the United States.

SkyWest Airlines and Their Employees

SkyWest Airlines currently employs over 10,500 people in their growing operations. They continue to attract more high quality staff to important positions, including the SkyWest flight attendant, with a solid benefits package and a commitment to a positive workplace and true employee care. They provide many great health and medical benefits including medical and dental insurance, a vision plan and a flexible spending plan.

You can take part in the Performance Rewards Program that allows for profit sharing, a 401(k) with lots of options, stock purchasing and educational savings plans, life insurance and disability insurance and much more. Other advantages to working with SkyWest include the conveniences of Credit Union membership, direct deposit, the Employee Assistance program and lots of paid time off.

Of course, SkyWest is an equal opportunity employer and they take great pride in finding and cultivating talented people in the right positions. They participate with various scholarship programs and internship programs among other civic events to help bring aboard a diverse and multicultural group of employees.

SkyWest Airlines As a company 

Skywest strives to be the airline, employer and investment of choice. They follow a series of guiding principles that form the foundation of their organization and all of the people who work there. Those include:

  • Making health and safety a priority

  • Excellent service

  • Reliability, consistency and integrity

  • Respect and teamwork

They place an emphasis on serving the needs of the customer, and that means valuing one of everyone's chief concerns and commodities: time. Everybody in the organization from top to bottom is respected and treated as an individual, and quality of life, dignity and fairness are always essential.

SkyWest boasts a very impressive safety record, and works hard to continue and even improve on that. That's accomplished with a proven and well maintained fleet of planes, experienced and well rested flight crews and the latest technological advances.

Becoming a SkyWest Flight Attendant

Obtaining a position as a SkyWest flight attendant will mean that you passed a series of basic requirements. These include:

  • Being willing to relocate to any of the major crew domiciles, the majority of which are in California and other western states

  • Be at least 21 years old with a valid and current passport allowing travel to Canada and Mexico

NOTE: There is no age limit to be a SkyWest Flight Attendant

Age is actually a positive here because SkyWest want people with confidence and excellent decision making skills. They are looking at you to show leadership and direction as you could often be the only SkyWest Flight Attendant on some flights.  Because they actually state that there is no age limit to apply for a SkyWest Flight Attendant position my guess is they really do what people with these life skills and recognize that we all accumulate our own bucket of wisdom and skill set as we get older from our experiences in life.

  • Be physically fit, professional appearance and between 5'0" and 5'8" tall, with at least 20/40 corrected vision

  • Able to pass a FBI background test

  • Have excellent communication and customer service skills, those with a degree or previous experience in customer service are preferred

  • A minimum of a high school diploma or a GED is required

NOTE: Another important consideration if you want to become a SkyWest Flight Attendant

Obviously you will be required to travel on a constant basis but as you’ll read below, some of their fleet are smaller aircraft like the turboprop EMB 120 for example which has a 30 seat configuration and it has smaller more confined working spaces and produces varying ‘prop aircraft’ noise levels that you’ll have to be comfortable with on a daily bases.

And because this particular aircraft has a service ceiling of 9,085 m or (29,800 ft), it means that you will typically cruise at much lower altitudes than this. Especially so on the shorter routes operated by SkyWest. And that means greater exposure to air turbulence, which again while safe, is something that may be a consideration for you. 

(‘By the way if you suffer motion sickness which is not uncommon for new flight attendants, there is an answer. One of the girls in my first flight attendant training schools took motion sickness tablets for over a year when she first started and eventually she weaned herself off them and turbulence was no longer a problem for her’)    

In order to become a SkyWest flight attendant you must make it through their new hire training program. This is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and lasts for 24 days, which includes 2 days off. During this time classroom instruction could be as much as 10 hours per day. Before arriving you'll be given a home study packet that you should go over, because you will be tested on its contents upon your arrival.

My biggest tip here is to study your home study packet. The more you can study and get better acquainted with the material before you hit the class room the better. With only 2 days off you don’t want to be studying on them to make up any lost ground here.

Because SkyWest operate a Fleet of Jet Aircraft, something that may help you here is included in The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews and it takes you through:

  • Airplanes (the basics)
  • The 11 phases of flight (From push back to parking)
  • The principles of flight (Why aircraft fly)
  • Airline operation and the operating environment
  • And then it explains some operational points of interest common to ‘Jet Aircraft’ operation.

You can check out the The Secrets of flight Attendant Interviews here and now right here.

However, back to SkyWest Flight Attendant training…

While you're in training you'll be staying at designated hotels near the training center and transportation to the facility will be provided.

Once you make it through the training program you will get assigned to one of the main crew domiciles of the airline, based upon the current needs for operation. All of your trips will begin and end from this destination, so that will be your home and your home base and when you're on reserve or on call, you have to be able to get to the airport promptly. These locations include Salt Lake City, Portland, Chicago, Tucson, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Colorado Springs, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Luis Obispo/Santa Maria.

SkyWest Flight Attendant Routes, Destinations and the Fleet

SkyWest Airlines flies to 146 cities across North America, primarily focused within 39 states in the United States. However they also visit 6 Canadian provinces and have 1 Mexican destination. They operate more than 1,500 flights per day for United Express, Delta Connection and AirTran.

They are primarily a regional airline, and often are providing "feeder" traffic to larger airports from smaller airports that cannot accommodate the larger planes or meet their needs.

Some of their key hub cities include Salt Lake City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Denver, and San Francisco.

A SkyWest flight attendant will be working with a fleet of 296 aircraft.  In this fleet there is the EMB 120, along with several Bombardier aircraft  including the 2-class CRJ900, 3-class CRJ700, CRJ700 and CRJ200. The most prominent airplane of this group is the CRJ200 with 142 planes, representing nearly half of the total fleet.

This plane holds 50 passengers and has a maximum range of 1,800 miles. In fact the largest plane in the fleet, the 2-class CRJ900, seats just 76 passengers and the smallest, the EMB 120, seats just 30. Therefore you can see the type of niche they fit into within the marketplace and the types of flying and routes that they cover.

To apply for a position as a SkyWest flight attendant you can visit their careers and interviews page.

They hold group interviews and orientation programs scheduled for set dates and locations.

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