The Sample Flight Attendant Resume That Got The Interview

If you think one sample flight attendant resume is good then you’ll love this. I’m giving you a selection of six resumes that were good enough to get an interview and eventually the job for those that are in them.

A point to note however is that in putting a sample flight attendant resume collection together that were proven to get the owners a flight attendant position I had to actually ask current flight attendants if I could use their resumes to be able to give to you my website visitor.

And here’s the point. When you join an airline you will be told that you must adhere to a confidentiality agreement. Good operators will have a HR department that will be all over this and they will have you sign a document to that effect. This obviously includes resumes that identify either the airline or the worker in question.

So in order to comply with all confidentiality agreements I have removed identifiers such as names, addresses and telephone numbers of either the person or the company. I have however not changed the detail that they supplied upon which they got their interview and subsequent job as a flight attendant.

You will see that while all resumes were good enough to get an interview and eventual successful job placement for their owners, there is technically room for some fine tuning in some of them. Obviously it’s the content that should count the most but like interviews, resumes and how they are constructed and presented can be what tips you into the interview pile.

Remember, your resume is designed to get you the interview. If you get an interview you then get the chance to sell yourself.
I explain how this can be done in my Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy MANUAL through some must do’s, some don’t do’s and other tips and hints to make your resume stand out and be notice as much as it possibly can be.

Some must do’s such as

  • Your resume is your ad, not a history lesson. It must have the aim of getting you an interview only. Keep it short, to the point and succinct as you possibly can.

And this...

  • Accuracy and perfection are absolute musts! No spelling mistakes, no smudges, no coffee stains!

And this...

  • 90% of resumes are in Times New Roman (1) so be different and stand out. Your resume still needs to be very easy to read however. Arial or Tahoma are good font alternatives. Minimal use of anything else for effect ONLY.

Plus other subtle effects like... Font type and size, the use of graphics, how to refer to references, who they should be, ideal resume page length and of course what you should actually include in your resume and what possibly you should not include in your resume etc.  

For now enjoy the FREE Six Sample Flight Attendant Resume collection that I have put together for you. Again, these are real resumes from ‘real’ flight attendants that have had any identifiers removed only.

What you see on each sample flight attendant resume is what the airline that they applied to saw.

And just a note of many thanks here to those who happily supplied me with their resume to share with you in this free download.

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Footnote 1: Expert Resumes for Managers and Executives, Wendy S. Enelow & Louise M. Kursmark

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