How Do Successful Flight Attendant Applicants Secure an Airline Flight Attendant Career?

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You’ll discover 112 pages revealing the secrets of the Airline Flight Attendant application process... including Flight Attendant Employment Law, Role Specification, Airline Selection Criteria, Grooming Standards, Resume Construction, Target Selection Interviewing, Group Interview Rules, Team Work Assessment Criteria, Aptitude and Psychological Tests, Interview Questions and more... fact every thing you need to know about 'How To Become A Flight Attendant'

Yes, your Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy manual contains the A-Z of what you need to know from application to interview to graduation.

Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy

Do you dream of becoming a flight attendant flying to foreign countries and iconic cities leading a lifestyle that most people can only dream about? And do tax free allowances, great hotels, fantastic travel discounts and a flexible work roster with heaps of days off excite you?

Would you
Value the help of some one that has now successfully negotiated the interview system (4 times and counting) and who has personally interviewed flight attendants for a previous international employer?
And do you think it would help if...
The process of the airline flight attendant application and interview system was peeled back to uncover the tips, tricks and secrets to help you achieve your dream career as a flight attendant?

Then imagine getting your hands on a comprehensive step-by-step guide that is written in plain English that makes it a pleasure to read, learn and apply immediately. Do you really want to become an airline flight attendant but don’t know where to start, or maybe you’re not sure of how to complete your targeted resume or how to negotiate the airline application process or perhaps you’re unsure of how you will answer the questions that you’ll get in your flight attendant interview or are you just a little low on real confidence to nail your interview...?

Don’t worry because the veil is lifted with your insider’s guide and its right here!
Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy has been written by someone now flying with their 4th airline in 18 years having been employed with a new airline at the age of 23, 35, 46 and again at 47 years of age having flown with 2 domestic/regional airlines and now with my 2nd international airline having been a Cabin Manager and previous board member on an international interview panel for flight attendants.

Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy reveals the little known secrets that statistically more than 97% of applicants don’t know. Yes antidotal statistics from around the world reveal that with consistent monotony more than 97% of flight attendant applicants fail their interviews.

Here’s your big tip…
Don’t you be one of them! Make a decision today to do all you need to do to become one of the 3% who are successful.

And remember, being a flight attendant is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle.
Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy is your first step to enjoying all the trappings of that champagne lifestyle where you travel to places that most people can only dream about, enjoy industry travel discounts and bonuses second to none simply by choosing to know what successful Flight Attendant applicants know and have done to secure an Airline Flight Attendant Career.

Just think about the time you’ll save and uncertainty you’ll avoid by knowing what the proven successful applicants who have now secured a flight attendant job know

NOTE: Don’t pass on this. If you fail at an interview you will be unable to re-apply for at least 6 months and in many cases 12 months – This job is too good to waste that sort of time!

Dear Tom,

I don't know if you still remember me, Tom but I think I need to write this letter to you to say thanks for your book (Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy).

Because of you and your ebooks I had the confidence to attend a Flight Attendant interview and now have a chance to start my new career which was what I had dreamed about all this time. Yes I am a Flight Attendant now, (well I start training in under a week).

A thousand thanks!

Nicole Lea, Hong Kong


Hello, I’m Tom, a tragically committed Flyer and author of Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy .

I might add that I am totally bias about how good this job is and plan to fly until I die or retire. (Which ever is the sooner I guess although I do hope I get the chance to make a decision on that!)

My obvious passion is to help you make your dreams take flight whether you are in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE or wherever you will be employed by the recognised Airlines of the world because for me, it is the best job in the world!

From Tom (that’s me above)
Thursday 10:37am
(Just South of Darwin)

I might add that there is no better endorsement of what I do and the great satisfaction I receive when I hear of another successful applicant who has joined an airline as a flight attendant some where in the world because of Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy


Tom I got the job!

Just wanted to let you know I WAS OFFERED THE JOB with Airtran Airways (which is really the one I was hoping for) thanks to your package, which I followed faithfully. I begin training on Monday, July 25th, in Atlanta, GA, USA. Buying your package was what made the difference to help me be more confident to put my best foot forward in this unfamiliar territory.

Thank you

Camille Johnson (USA)

And this...


Hey Tom,

I hope everything is going well for you, I rarely get access to the net, unless I borrow my parents computer, this is why I reply sooo late!!!!

I just wanted to let you know this job is just so good! I think I have grown and stretched so much as a person because of it!! It gets better every day!

Good luck for your video and all the best for your exciting future Ahead!!!


Kate, Brisbane

And just imagine you could be next!
Simply download your copy of Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy Easy and do what you have to do to become a Flight Attendant now.

And by the way, I guarantee Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy because I wrote it.
If you are not happy with anything in the package what-so-ever simply send me an email telling me so and I will refund your purchase immediately.

Here’s the complete Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy package:

Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy Your Guide To Group Interviews


How To Answer Every Interview Question Perfectly A Sneak Peak Into A Flight Attendants Lifestyle

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And you’ll notice that in addition to the 112 page core manual of Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy you also get 5 great bonuses (A total of 253 pages) which expand on specific parts of the core manual to provide more info on what is required of you as an airline flight attendant.

Plus... you'll find loads of practice questions for both your one-one and group interviews.
Plus...... you’ll learn how to avoid being a victim of the Group interview cull process
Plus...... you get a first hand insight to further broaden your knowledge about the airline industry and the Flight Attendant position from the perspective of a 747 Captain.
Plus...... you’ll read of the many benefits of being a Flight Attendant from an experienced Flight Attendant of 12 years
Plus...... you’ll discover the working world that you are about to enter is like no other place I know of and you can’t help but love it and the amazing opportunities that it will provide you!

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