Ryanair Airlines email: ‘Live the high life’ – (cc all applicants)

Ryanair Airlines want to know if you are you bored of the nine-to-five lifestyle? They also want to know if you are looking for something different and are prepared to work a career that will get you places?

Yes, they have jobs with wings. Flight attendant wings that is!

‘At the time of writing they were in Cabin Crew recruitment mode and have been for some time. They will continue to be so as more aircraft are on order and they need significant numbers of flight attendants to crew them’.

Ryanair state that they are, ‘The World’s favourite airline with 44 bases and 1100+ low fare routes across 27 countries, connecting 160 destinations.’

Get a job with Ryanair and you’ll be operating on a modern fleet of new Boeing 737-800 aircraft. In fact you’ll have a current fleet of some 250 to fly on and (at the time of writing) they have a firm order for another 64 brand spanking new aircraft.

Now this really is a green light in demand for flight attendants! The next 64 aircraft are due to be delivered over the next 2 years.

The current Ryanair work force number of 8000 people is set to rise significantly with the delivery of the new aircraft.

The growth in air travel is quite phenomenal and Ryanair expects to carry approximately 73.5 million passengers in this fiscal year alone! It would seem a fantastic opportunity in time for you to be one of the new work force.

So if you take this opportunity in time to become a flight attendant for Ryanair, what’s the pay and conditions like for full-time crews?

First up, you will work through a Cabin Crew agency who in turn are contracted to supply cabin crew to Ryanair Airlines. (I have written previous that this has not been done often in the past however it is proving to be more common for LCC to do this as it becomes your expense not the airlines expense. You should note that is not guaranteed that you get a job on completion of such courses).

Your initial contract if successful will be a fixed term contract of 3 years. I’m suggesting that you will be on a ‘fixed everything’ which also means fixed pay scale that does not rise with inflation.

NOTE: You’ll notice first up that Ryanair Airlines do things a little differently and if it can be done cheap at your expense, it will be.

As a new contract crew you can expect to earn £900-£1,100/€1,100-€1,400 per month after tax in year 1. (The clause on this condition however is a little ambiguous as it simply states that it is based on your efforts which it does not expand on altho’ you can expect commission selling.

You’ll receive a new Joiners' Allowance of £1,000 / €1,200 over first 6 months

Apparently you’ll also get to have great promotional opportunities (again they fail to state what these ‘promotional opportunities are altho’ you can expect commission selling) with the potential to join Ryanair Airlines and earn in excess of £25,000/€30,000 gross per annum after just one year

Ryanair Airlines

Personal Note: I am not sure of the ‘contract’ and ‘conditions’ that Ryanair present and if you decide that they are the airline of choice for you I would suggest you seek further clarification and meaning of their contract offer.

I also worry when they have to state on their career web page that you will make new friends, have fun, and get amazing opportunities (?) and real job satisfaction (?). This is a ‘given’ for good airlines and feel that it not really need be made a point of.

 Ryanair also state that you’ll receive generous travel benefits from day one. Just how generous they don’t mention?

So what does it take to apply to Ryanair?

First up you must be able to speak and write English and have a valid European Union passport and the right to work in both the UK and Ireland.

They state the obvious requirements like you must be:

Friendly and outgoing with a lively personality 

Ready to meet the challenge of dealing with people and demanding situations 

Fit and healthy, be a good swimmer (this normally means that you are able to swim 50mts unassisted fully clothed ) plus you’ll have to have a good attendance record in your current position 

Hard working, flexible and willing to operate on a shift roster

You’ll also need to be over 18 years of age, between 5'2 and 6'2 in the old money or (1.57m) to (1.85) with the new currency in height and your weight needs to be in proportion to your height with good vision although contact lenses are acceptable

And while most intending applicants will have had previous experience with dealing with the public, the clincher for some is that you are required to be comfortable in a ‘selling role’ Again Ryanair is a Low Cost Carrier (LCC) and you will be selling any and everything to anybody because reading between the lines you will be put on a percentage of sales. While it sounds good, I have worked for a LCC under these conditions and found that I really needed good sales to make half reasonable pay!

The other requirement which may limit some is that you must live within one hour's travelling time of any Ryanair Airlines base.

I will leave you with this observation. Ryanair Airlines has had phenomenal growth and plans to have the same sort of growth into the future with new aircraft coming. This means there will be ample positions available for flight attendants who successfully complete the training course. Do you want to be among them?

Now there is much more to this story as a possible Ryanair Airlines flight attendant.

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