Retired Flight Attendant

by Donna L. Clemons
(Hanford, California)

While this site provides a lot of useful information; please cut the "book marketing". All of those "how to be", "how to do" are absolutely unnecessary. You should know better. Personally, it is offensive to mislead individuals really desiring a career as a professional flight attendant. MY credentials are: Former TWA Flight Attendant and Western Airlines Flight Attendant. I briefly flew for World Airways during a temporary furlough in the early 80's. The job now is vastly different and simply does not require the level of expertise and skill set that once was. That is simply a result of the demise of in-flight service features. The safety aspect are pretty much the same: Annual AER's Hijack and terrorist training is still vital. But I would implore you to cut the "marketing" crap about "How to prepare for group interviews" and such. Stop pimping books.

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Oct 24, 2014
Hi Donna thank you so much for your comment
by: Tom

Hi Donna thanks for you input. The demise of in-flight service features has a direct correlation to low cost airlines and is not and never will be a slogan for a full service airline. The job requirements between the two is as you put it are 'vastly different' but no less important for the actual service they do deliver.

Unfortunately the application and success rate for applicants has not changed (in percentage terms) very much from the days you were employed in the industry be it for applications to low cost or full service airlines so the need for 'How to be' and 'How to do' are no less important today then they were in your initial intake days all those years ago.

In fact I have just had talks with a registered education training organisation (RTO) who now want to feature, utilise and teach my content for new 'want to be flight attendants'.

Of course I am ecstatic about this because they have in-turn had discussions with an airline employment agency who now supply flight attendants to (particularly) low cost airlines.
(A burgeoning new industry because of the growing low cost market).

Their aim and main interest is to lower their costs in time and processing of applicants by have better pre-trained and qualified quality personal from which to choose from.

The benefit of now being formally trained in this process to the applicant is (at this stage as negotiations are still happening) is to have a guaranteed first interview.

Something that literally thousands upon thousand of applicants consistently fail to achieve every year. (Yes I have seen and discarded my fair share of these when I worked in recruiting.)

Now if you knew what I and more specifically 'they' knew and the benefits to all involved in this process I feel sure that you would no longer believe that the 'How to be' and the 'How to do' information is offensive to anyone.

In fact it is now of greater benefit than it ever was. To know something and not to share and educate others of this to me would be the real offense because I have seen the dreams of many get crushed because a lack of this knowledge.

And yes if 'pimping books' as you put it, is your way of explaining what I do in providing and promoting (marketing) a valuable resource to those that want and need my service, I am guilty as charged. I might add that just as you do not work for no pay, nor do I.

I just happen to run a fantastic business in a market segment that can provide so much happiness and joy for successful applicants and I charge a fee for that service with no apologies. It is by any measure such a small cost for something that has now taken me more than 25 years to accumulate and facilitate its delivery.

It rewards me and rewards the purchasers of my information that I happen to have in very convenient, instantly downloadable ebooks (which is simply how the world now works). All of which took me years of experience to compile and package.

The work also continues and in 2015 I plan to have a lot of the available content in my ebooks converted to video ebooks inclusive of the latest developments mentioned above.

I believe this will be absolutely non-offensive to anyone, will certainly not mislead either as you will get to see some very valuable lead-in content right there in video on your computer top before you decide to purchase.

It is a lot like you kindly say about my website right now in that it will offer a lot of 'useful information' but will offer it in a way now expected of so much now online - yes in video format.

Thank you again for your input. I trust you might now be better informed of how things are now done in an ever changing industry and the need to 'pimp books or market' this valuable advice and service will simply change to the need to 'pimp or market video' with new, updated, modern and changing expectations of those in the 'fly space' because we believe it is absolutely necessary to be of the best service we can be.

Regards Tom
PS: Please stay in touch with our facebook page as this too will reflect the changes mentioned along with job postings and information of interested to those that follow this passion.

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