Looking for a Pilot Cadet Program?

A Pilot Cadet Program... is it for you? Ok so you Love Flying. You want to get in the air, you want to live, feel and experience the lifestyle of flying and all the perks that come with it. You have two options… either you can be a:

1)      Flight attendant or

2)      A pilot.

Yes 99% of this website is dedicated to becoming a flight attendant because for many people that’s their dream. A small percentage of others however have this little urge or niggling or indeed definite goal to actually become a pilot. Now some think it is impossible and others simply don’t know how they might get the opportunity of a life time. 

This is your chance…

If you are either of those people then this could be the best news you have read today! In fact it may be the best news you have ever read because if you really want to become a pilot then here is our proven way to get there. You must of course pass the basic requirements being that you:

·         Are 18 years of age or older

·         Are fit and healthy and can pass a First class aviation medical

·         Are an English speaker of Level 4 Proficiency or above

·         Have a basic understanding and ability in mathematics and physics -      (don't let this scare you as it is pretty basic)

Then here is a real opportunity right here right now. - This is an exert from the pages of the Flying Training School:

We are a Flying Training School looking for students that have the passion to become the Pilots they
really want to be

Our live-on location is strategically chosen to provide maximum operational exposure to you the student. Our pilot cadet program will expose you to all types of aviation environments during your training, from the unmanned airfield to the controlled Airport. Whilst not only practising Instrument approaches on our approved FNPT ii simulator, you will be exposed to flying the Actual approach at a controlled Airport and communicating with Air Traffic Control.

The training environment has a positive and professional atmosphere and you will love it because it is encouraging and supportive in every way. All of our staff are full-time professionals with vast experiences, operationally and in the training industry. They are highly qualified and are devoted to provide the highest possible standard. 

Now we are only looking for 21 students who are keen to take up this opportunity. That means you must really want to become the Pilot you either want to be or indeed didn’t think you would have the opportunity to become. If you are, then we have a system through our pilot cadet program that will achieve your goals in the fastest time possible and at the least cost.

We want students who love flying as much as we do
and we will guarantee your success.

Again, if this is for you then show us you’re keen. The first step is to simply register your details and we will get back to you with more detail. Remember, we are only looking for 21 student cadets so this is not something to delay if you really want to take this opportunity.

Once we have our 21 cadets we will either take this posting down or perhaps delay your listing to a future date. Obviously we hope to communicate with you very soon. We want the best because there are just so many opportunities in the Piloting world today and for those that do the training will surely enjoy a career like no other.

Enter your details in the form and we contact you shortly.


From all the Professionals at your future pilot cadet program and training course.
PS: Yes we ask for several contact details because we are serious about what we can do to help you. Naturally there are limited spaces and we don't want to run the risk of one form of contact missing you because it really is a 'first-in first-served basis. Chat soon.

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