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Piedmont Airlines, Inc. headquartered in Salisbury, Maryland is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Airways Group, (AAG).

Piedmont traces its roots to 1931 and has been in the RPT airline business since 1962. Now operating a fleet of 55 deHavilland DHC-8 ("Dash 8") aircraft, which is a state-of-the-art 50 seat turboprop aircraft, and 24 Embraer 135 and 145 aircraft, it transports over 3 million passengers to some 55 destinations throughout the Eastern United States and Canada. It links many smaller cities that other airlines don’t and the Dash proves to be the ideal aircraft to do that.

The Dash 8 offers all the features and normal conveniences of modern air travel, including cabin pressurization, lavatory, comfortable seating and flight attendant service.

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With over 450 pilots and 240 flight attendants providing the high standard of customer service expected of Piedmont Airlines, there is a dedicated team of 210 FAA-licensed mechanics ensuring the safety and reliability of their aircraft and schedules.

Piedmont is an Equal Opportunity Employer and in total employs about 2200 professional staff in a variety of careers including flight attendants, pilots, customer service and administrative positions and LAME’s

Crew Bases for Flight Attendants with Piedmont

Piedmont have four crew bases and all are stated as being are located in very affordable locations and family-friendly cities.

They are:

  1. Salisbury, MD
  2. Harrisburg, PA
  3. Roanoke, VA
  4. Philidelphia, PA

You bid your preference for an available base and it will be allocated according to your seniority during training school. This may or may not see you get the base you want however from experience most get their 1st or 2nd choices.

You are invited to apply online and while they list a number of qualifications, they state two "Preferred Qualifications" and they are that you must be willing to locate to one of the 4 locations stated above and the you possess at least a two year degree.

Some of the conditions and benefits stated are:

As a new flight attendant you’ll have a starting salary of approximately $20,000. There is potential for you to earn more however they do not stipulate how.

You’ll receive a generous benefits package that includes a:

401(k) with company match

Medical and dental plus life and disability insurance

And of course the favourite for many employees and their immediate partners and family are the free airline travel benefits.

You must be at least 19 years of age, be able to drive a vehicle (legally of course) and of course be willing to relocate as required and work a 24/7 roster which includes holidays and yes personal birthdays.

And like most flight attendant positions you will need to have previous customer service experience and impeccable presentation.

One definite stipulation was No visible tattoos or body piercings.

Their HR address is:

Human Resources Dept
Piedmont Airlines, Inc.
5443 Airport Terminal Rd
Salisbury, MD 21804
Fax (410) 742-4478

Check out their career page and apply online now.

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