Pet Airways seeking... In-Flight Pet Attendants

Well it’s happened. A new way to pamper your pets... Pet Airways now offers air travel for pets in a way that no other airline does and it provides a new dimension to the job description of flight attendant!

Pet Airways - The pet only airline, where pets fly in the main cabin, not in cargo! At this airline, they believe that travel for your best friend should be a comfortable, safe and pleasant experience. Their PAWsengers fly in their especially equipped planes that are climate-controlled with fresh, cool air for maximum comfort, and always under the watchful eye of one of their trained Pet ‘Flight’ Attendants.

In-Flight Pet Attendant - Full-time

Pet Airways is now the official first and only (thus far) pet-only airline, where your pooch, (and other pampered pets) fly in the main cabin, not in cargo down below.

Dan and Alysa (owners) have a dog lovers story and in short they state that they had a dog named Zoe. Now like most pets, Zoe was a tad loved (Zoe is now in doggy heaven) and was seen as a member of the family. Does this ring a bell with the dog in your family?

Anyway... Zoe was of course a smart dog and off course a much loved dog that could not be left at home on vacation or heaven forbid left in a boarding kennel (home/palace)! So where-ever Dan and Alysa went for holidays so too did Zoe. Obviously though, pet air cargo (below the main cabin) is not the style of travel required and demanded by Zoe so vacations were kept close to home. Ohhh not to be owned by a dog... and a Jack Russell Terrier at that!

However for the millions of pooch lovers out there they are the head of the family and let us not forget it!

Dan and Alysa said, “That they met lots of neighbours, friends and even complete strangers who felt exactly the same way.”

So what was a travel solution that would suit or should one say be approved by Zoe and every other pampered pooch out there too?

Yes you guessed it... Pet Airways!

Instead of trying to convince the ‘human airlines’ to treat pets better.... indeed, why not simply create an airline ruled by the superior race of the four legged variety and rule the skys with mutts in the air on Mutt airways, well lets up market it a little and call it Pet Airways!

Yes, Zoe the brilliant entrepreneur woofer was the inspiration to the new-way in ‘PAW-senger’ travel and Pet Airways was born.

Obviously there is a proven limit as to the brilliance of any

PAW-senger (or maybe there’s not), and In-flight Pet Attendant / Slaves are required.

As a Pet attendant you are responsible for the comfort and safety of all the pet "PAWsengers." You’ll travel across the U.S. with the PAWsengers while caring for their needs on board the plane.

Where will you fly?

New York (NJ,CT & Philadelphia)

Washington DC/Baltimore Area





Los Angeles

Ft. Lauderdale


And what planes will YOUR LORD AND LADYSHIP travel on?

None less than the aircraft with an impeccable safety and reliability record, the Beechcraft 1900. This aircraft is a twin turbo-prop no less and is commonly used by commercial airlines such as US Air, Continental, United and many other great carriers around the world specializing in shorter haul flights.

And don’t worry about a thing because the cabins of the planes have been especially decked out to provide the up-most in safety and comfort for your ruler of the household. Yes every PAW-senger travels in an individual carrier using the secure and proprietary safety system of Pet Airways

So what does it take to be a Flight Attendant (slave) to the 4 legged kings and queens of the free world?

Here’s the NUMBER ONE qualification - you have to love any and all four legged woofers.

Now that you’ve got this crystal clear, here’s what you’ll need to be in the running to become a flight attendant pooch carer for Pet Airways...

You’ll have pet handling experience in a professional environment. Perhaps a vet office or vet technicians or you’ve worked in pet boarding, pet grooming, pet day care or similar

You’re able to administer a variety of medications to pets either orally or by injection

Obviously you must and will have a positive attitude

You may have a vet tech certification although it’s not essential but is definitely considered a plus 

You’ll have to be able to demonstrate that you can handle responsibility 

Computer skills and experience with MS Office is also required 

It’s also obvious this position requires you to be able to work well with others and especially with all types of pets 

You’ll have a mature outgoing personality and have flexibility to work nights and odd hours 

No allergies to pets of course and be able to lift 50lbs

Now while this is a full time position and shifts may vary depending on flight schedules, your salary will be commensurate with your experience.

Don’t want to work for this airline but you do want to send your pet for a well deserved holiday?

Click here to book your pooches seat

For more information on the how to of Pet Airways In-Flight Pet Attendant jobs and career availability with other airlines check out our facebook page from post to post as news becomes available. 

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