Miami Air International – If you want to see the world with a charter airline then read this

Miami Air International is a charter airline that will literally fly to anywhere in the world. It has flown football teams from Ohio to centre stage in San Francisco, political parties and their candidates to rallies all over the country and it’s even had the exchange duty of Airforce1 to fly the president to a much needed lo-cal’.

Operating the much trusted and ever reliable Boeing 737-800’s and 737-400’s, their aircraft are strategically positioned throughout the United States and ready to fly any request in little more than a moment’s notice.

Miami Air International has and is a favourite in dedicated charter travel for many medium and large groups of companies and sports teams.

It is because of this ‘at call’ ability to service clients requests that Miami Air is used by upscale tour operators, singing stars, Fortune 500 companies, major cruise lines and the United States government from time to time when they need to get somewhere in style and with reliability and safety. In fact they state a mechanical reliability of more than 98%.

It is also due their commitment to stand by a Guarantee that actually means something to people who utilise their services. That guaranteed commitment says that in the event that they are the cause of any delay to booked schedule they will provide any of three options which are to:

1) Provide alternative air transport on other carriers at their expense

2) Look after you during any such delay as would be reasonably expected

3) Achieve their ultimate responsibility which is your safety and comfort

Founded back in 1990 by a group of aviation executives, the new and emerging charter airline was focused on being a customer service airline that was reliable and safe. Originally launching with 727-200’s, the group made great inroads on the charter world with a regional customer base before reputation and subsequent growth broke new ground into broader customer bases within various market segments.

It was this growth and profitability that the fleet expanded to eight Boeing 727-200 aircraft in 1999. Now operating nine aircraft, Miami Air are able to offer a complete suite of options for charter operations including first class configured Boeing 737-400’s to any destination in the world.

Miami Air state that they, ‘Remain committed to the original principles on which their company was founded and they are grateful to both loyal customers and dedicated employees to whom they owe their success.’

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Working with Miami Air
As you can imagine, career opportunities at Miami Air International are both highly sought after but rarely become available. Current staff are extremely loyal, dedicated and hardworking and the management headed by CEO Ross Fischer have a commitment to looking after their staff and the staff obviously return that commitment and action with their loyalty.

Certainly all the general requirements and qualifications to be a flight attendant as revealed in The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews will need to be satisfied to become a Flight Attendant with Miami Air International.

In addition you will have to be bi-lingual with fluency in English a must.

The web site invites you to submit your resume for any position including that of flight attendant and you can do that directly here in hard copy:

Miami Air Human Resources Department
P.O. Box 660880
Miami, FL 33266-0880

Or.... visit their careers opportunities page and submit your resume by email. You’ll also find a list of available job opportunities there also.

For more information on the how to of Miami Air International Flight Attendant jobs and career availability with other airlines check out our facebook page from post to post as news becomes available. 

You are also invited to view The Secrets of flight Attendant Interviews

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