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KLM airlines or rather Dutch Royal Airlines for the Netherlands and its Colonies (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij voor Nederland en Koloniën - KLM) was originally founded in 1919. While nearly a century in the airline game will mark many milestones, significant to who and what KLM are today was the merger to form the AIR FRANCE KLM group in May of 2004. Then in December of 2008 KLM became the 100% owner of Martinair and in 2009 Air France-KLM took a 25% minority stake in Alitalia.

Today it employs some 31,000 employes, flys more than 205 aircraft and carries almost 24 million people who through their network of airline partners arrive and depart to more than 928 destinations in 174 countries on six continents!

The KLM aircraft fleet is as you would imagine rather large and a pdf of their planes with more fleet info can be downloaded here (opens in a new window)

The KLM culture claims to be an environment of passion, energy, drive and brainpower and as an employee you become a member of the ‘Big Blue Family’. It means that team members rely on each other’s enthusiasm, flexibility and strength because they know that together they can make a difference.

KLM airlines state that they are serious about being a good employer and their employment conditions reflect this. They also believe in a healthy balance between work and home life. In addition to 24 holiday days and 7 extra days off for a 40hour a week worker you’ll receive other listed benefits after 6 months service of:

Group health insurance

ANW gap insurance (additional survivors’ benefits)

Life-course savings scheme

Salary savings scheme

Cafeteria scheme

The use of the ISA travel scheme which stands for ‘If Seat Available’ which in turn means that, if space is available on a flight, you can take that flight at a reduced rate. Family and friends are also open to some travel benefits

Suppliers discounts – External suppliers of KLM offer the staff of KLM varying discounts on their products and services, including various insurance policies, credit cards, health clubs, theatre performances, computers, musicals and exhibitions

If you’ve a sporting or physical fitness outlook on life then you will also be well catered for in benefits and discounts as KLM is also tied up with many clubs including ski, sailing, baseball, softball, fencing, tennis, and volleyball to name just a few.

Job openings are via an open application on the website. You will have to create an online profile so that you may be either matched to a job offer or selected for a specific job. When Flight attendant jobs do become available they are announced on the KLM website so do go back and visit often.

NOTE: The flight attendant pre-selection process is carried out by third party employment agencies.

KLM airlines state that they are always looking for new talents to join their workforce

In their words, they ask if you are an honest, results-oriented person who likes to take the initiative and accept responsibility then you'll quickly feel at home with them. They also support a multicultural environment which means working with colleagues who are committed, enthusiastic and motivated. At KLM, team spirit and teamwork are givens.

Would you like to be part of the KLM team?

KLM realise that a healthy future requires the investment in people with new talents and who have something extra to offer to the company. They expect your nature and personality will be decisive and focused and you will sport a passion and energy to push the status quo and be dynamically flexible enough to meet with required change.

KLM want employees to deliver optimum quality and state that it is the reason why they give you the freedom to be in control of your own development and be actively involved in your career.

Does this sound like you?

Does a career with an KLM airlines appeal to you?

For more information on the how to of KLM Airlines Flight Attendant jobs and career availability with other airlines check out our facebook page from post to post as news becomes available. 

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