Jobs In The Airline Industry And The Demand For Flight Attendants

Jobs in the airline industry are providing great security for workers with demand set to continue through to at least 2020 at a healthy growth rate.

'The airline industry is currently home to 10’s of thousands of job holders around the world and it would seem that there has never been a better time for thousands more to start looking for jobs in the airline industry'

This is according to a quote in an article from Interavia Business & Technology dated September 22, 2005 posted on the Highbeam Web site which stated that, “Passenger traffic will grow by over 4% per year through to 2020.”

While we’ve had and always will have fluctuations in the world economy, the statement is saying that the next 10 years will see 4% growth per year culminating in 7.4 billion passengers travelling by air in 2020. (That’s 7.4 BILLION passengers!)

To put that into some sort of perspective  the International Air Transport Association(IATA) ,Fact Sheet: World Industry Statistics, stated that “The global airline industry consists of over 2000 airlines operating more than 23,000 aircraft, providing service to over 3700 airports.

Further, “In 2006, the world’s airlines flew almost 28 million scheduled flight departures and carried over 2 billion passengers.”

Let’s do the maths here. If passenger numbers are to rise from 2 billion passengers in 2006 to 7.4 billion passengers in 2020 that means a rise of some 5.4 BILLION passengers who will take to the air at some time in the interim 14 years!

Do you think jobs in the airline industry are going to grow? For that matter, do you think jobs in the airline industry will be in demand?

The numbers seem quite incredible! Can you even imagine 1 billion people hopping around the globe via air transport let alone 5.4 BILLION people!

The thing that’s even more incredible is that they will all at some stage make their way to the airport by either taxi, public transport or personal car, check in and move through the airport system.

This increased traffic using current infrastructure alone will be a pressure cooker and growth area on jobs as a flight attendant.

And that’s before they get on a plane and fly...

If you have always wanted to become a flight attendant (and why wouldn’t you want the best job in the world – although I might be slightly bias), now’s the time.

And with such a growth forecast there will obviously need to be more aircraft to cater to this demand and the best part for those looking for jobs in the airline industry is that these aircraft will need to be crewed by flight attendants. I’d suggest that it might be an opportune time as any to look for airline flight attendant jobs?

And what about pent up demand for jobs in the airline industry?

From an airline observers perspective I think that the aviation world has been through the proverbial wringer since 911. I know this personally. The airline that I flew with for the previous 16 years and a stalwart of the aviation industry was on the brink of collapse and then rescue just before 911.

Needless to say the massive after affects of 911 and the total lack of confidence in the aviation industry by the travelling public was the death nail to my fantastic airline and beloved job.

Demand in the airline industry has been recognisably low now for some time particularly during the immediate lull of post 911 and then the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), however we now have economies coming out of the (GFC) and it’s time for catch up simply because recovering economies have to trade. Sea cargo and air travel is a vital conduit to a recovering economy.

And we can now see this uptake or at least the support to this happening. Reading the national papers and online job sites reveals more and more advertised jobs in the airline industry with often times an interesting flight attendant salary and people are now considering that an associated job or any of a number of airline careers is something to now ponder with great merit.

Again, obviously I’m biased and believe that if you can meet the flight attendant job description criteria then why on earth don’t you become a flight attendant?

The demand, the statistics all point to a growth in airline travellers. Those travellers cannot step onto an aircraft without crew on board. What a great time to apply. But be warned get yourself up to speed because you will face competition. If you’re new to the possibility of jobs in the airline industry being a career path for you then browse this web site for some more info and then let your imagination possibly take flight. If you’re unsure simply think “Why not”, because it is possible.

Remember, I got my fourth airline job at the age of 47 post driving cement trucks, being a first aid teacher, driving coaches and being a Police Officer before that!

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