Jetstar Airlines is The Low Fair – (Low Cost Carrier) Sister Airline to Qantas

There are jobs available with Jetstar Airlines but first a little background about the airline...

Jetstar airlines is a Low Cost Carrier LCC. The literature says however that it is a ‘low fares’ airline. In fact it is Australia and Singapore's low fares airline for Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Now I have written of my experience with LCC on other pages of this web site but I think we all need to understand the following:

NOTE: All airlines want to offer low fares because they know many people are price driven. However, at the same time they need to make a profit so the fares are only as low as to get a return somehow. There are people that are willing to pay a premium for service which in Jetstar airlines case is where Qantas steps in because Jetstar's Australian operation is wholly owned by Qantas but is said to be managed separately and operated independently.

So what is a low fare airline really? It’s simply a LCC in disguise. Here in reality is how a LCC gives with one hand but takes back with the other. And bear with me here because it’s important to understand....

Let’s say you buy a $20 ticket to fly from A to B which is considered a very cheap ticket on say an A320 aircraft. How on earth do aircraft that burn about 4000kgs of fuel per hour and attract other operating costs such as landing fee’s, wages, spare parts, maintenance etc... ever make any money charging $20 a ticket when they should be charging at least $70 a ticket?

Here’s how it works:

Ticket price = $20

Check two bags = $30

Advertising revenue = $1

Susidy from more expensive flights = $5.50

Credit card handling fee = $6

Priority boarding = $4

Bottle of water on-board = #3.50

TOTAL = $70

Reference: FREE, How today’s smartest businesses profit by giving something for nothing, Chris Anderson, pg 19

The thing I’d like to add in Jetstar airlines case is that a estimated 2% or 3% of passengers also hire movie screens at another $10 a time to add to the bottom line. It is also important to note that wages with a LCC will never be as good as with a full service airline.

So what about Jetstar airlines

They started flying within Australia back in May, 2004 and within Asia just over six months later, and were all about QUOTE “offering customers a simple and fresh travel experience”. 

Sorry to sound a smidge cynical here but in light of what you now know about LCC ‘simple and fresh’ sounds a little like cheap and nasty!

In fact at the time of writing they operate a brand new Airbus aircraft with seats that do not recline on services that are longer than most people tolerances to be extremely uncomfortable by the time they arrive! Why? Money obviously!

The official reason given is that; and I quote, ‘We take pride in keeping costs to a minimum so you can travel more often. This, coupled with a brand-new fleet, great destinations and friendly crew creates a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience, affordable to all. Trust me sitting in a seat, a very cramped seat at that and one that does not recline for more than 5 minutes is not an enjoyable travel experience and it is definitely not comfortable!

Moving on...

They believe they have the best people and the lowest airfares. They also believe they deliver excellent customer service but remain focused on always keeping their costs to a minimum which requires both working smarter and always looking for ways to improve Jetstar systems and processes.

Jetstar airlines operate 3 aircraft models being:

Airbus A320-200

Airbus A330-200

Boeing 787-800

To be a considered as a flight attendant with Jetstar airlines you’ll have to portray that you are:


Friendly and... 

Extremely attentive

NOTE: My guess is that they haven’t mystery shopped themselves in a long while! However they do go on to say that, ‘They are committed to sustaining a workplace where our people are proud to be recognised as being a member of the Jetstar team’

If your keen to have a more in-depth look at working for a ‘low fares’ airline and you can keep customers delighted in the service you provide then...

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