Jetblue Flight Attendants Are Wanted

JetBlue flight attendants get the opportunity to join forces with one of the most respected low-cost airlines that's around today.

In fact, JetBlue has been ranked as having the highest customer satisfaction amongst low cost carriers in North America for four straight years.

Of course, the friendly and helpful attitude of JetBlue attendants and the myriad of benefits that attract them and keep them with the organisation are a big part of that picture.

The airline has crafted a wonderful reputation for being all about the customer, and for providing a lot at a very low cost. They have a customer bill of rights, they provide the first checked bag free, DirecTV television service and XM satellite radio, free snacks and more legroom than competitors. These are just a few of the features that have made this an airline on the rise, as they say - Happy Jetting!

 Working with JetBlue

Most organisations tout their values and their core beliefs, along with factors such as how well they treat their employees. Well JetBlue really goes out of their way to not just say these things, but to actually follow up on them.

Among these values that they really strive at include safety as a number 1 priority for employees and customers, caring and respect for employees and passengers, integrity in action, fun in terms of a friendly and exciting work environment and passion for doing the best that you can.

They also provide a great deal of benefits and a great environment for employees of all types. JetBlue as a company really believes in diversity, and has JetBlue F/As from all nationalities and backgrounds. They are all about equal opportunity and judging their candidates based solely on their capabilities. JetBlue also highly values veterans and past military experience, and the great skills that can come along with that.

JetBlue flight attendants will enjoy benefits that fall into two classifications, maximise your health and maximise your wealth. In the former you get medical, dental and vision insurance with prescription coverage, flexible pending, life insurance, disability insurance, health risk assessment and much more.

In the latter employees receive 401(k) plans, profit sharing and stock purchasing plans, free and reduced fee travelling, other discount travelling and purchasing capabilities and much more. This is just a brief overview of the many benefits provided, and their stellar programs in this regard represent one of the huge advantages to aligning yourself with this fast-growing and award-winning organisation.

JetBlue Flight Attendants - The Job Description

JetBlue F/A's stand out for more than just their fashionable and trendy uniforms - although that's a big plus as well.

Really though, it's all about the personality of the person and the passion for getting the job done.

At JetBlue, flight attendants are known as In-flight employees. Primary responsibilities are of course dealing with the passengers and providing customer service during flights.

The number 1 concern is of course safety and comfort. From there, being able to respond quickly and thrive in a fast paced environment is key. Multi-tasking is certainly important, as is working with a smile, being friendly and approachable and taking pride in the JetBlue organisation.

JetBlue has training programs in place and really strives to create a great workplace environment, as already mentioned. They also work hard to provide a place for employees to thrive and grow, and enjoy a welcoming organisation with real upwards movement and advancement potential. No matter whether you're one of the JetBlue flight attendants or you're focused in a completely different area of the company, everybody is a part of the same team, and it's all about working together.

Referenced from the crew member stories on the Jetblue web site, one of the Jetblue flight attendants Thomas Ziegler reveals that, “After spending 27 years in the New York City Fire Department and then eight years in retirement and with bills still to pay he realised his dream to travel and now gets paid to do it  at the age of 57.

Now he, along with other Jetblue flight attendants, travel has become a daily occurrence with visits to Alcatraz Island in San Francisco one day and then sipping Café Au Lait and eating beignets in New Orleans the next!”

It’s pretty obvious Jetblue Flight Attendants like the job they do and take pride in representing JetBlue.

Want to read a flight attendant trip report from one of the Jetblue flight attendants?

I must warn you that this is rather a lengthy read that covers a 4 day trip but it will give you great insight as to what flying is really like from one of the JetBlue Flight Attendants

JetBlue Routes, Destinations and More

JetBlue is really focused on the United States, although operations are continuing to expand into the Caribbean, and a few destinations in Mexico and South America. Right now that includes Cancun, San Jose, Costa Rica and Bogota, Columbia. The airline has several main destinations in the United States, but the true hub is at JFK in New York, where they have their brand new T5 terminal, which is as comfortable and luxurious as you can find anywhere.

Other major destinations and spokes of activity include Boston, Dulles in Washington DC, Long Beach in the LA area, Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando. Their routes are really focused on the coastlines, with just a few destination cities in the middle of the country, including Chicago O'Hare, Houston, Austin, Denver, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, Charlotte and Phoenix.

In terms of the JetBlue fleet, they make use of two aircraft at this moment, the Airbus A320 and the Embraer 190. In 2012 they had 202 A320's in the fleet, all of which have 150 leather seats, lots of leg room for passengers and much more. There are nearly 100 Embraer 190's in the fleet, all of which have room for 100 passengers, also with comfortable leather seating, more leg room than average and all of the other well known JetBlue amenities.

In 2017 their fleet consisted of:

130 Airbus A320's, 42 A321's, 60 Embraer for a total fleet of 232 aircraft.

JetBlue really works hard to make the customers happy, which you'll find leads to a very friendly and fun work environment. It's a reciprocal relationship that builds continually on each side, with JetBlue flight attendants doing their best to make customers happy and also having an easier time doing that because customers are awash in creature comforts and high quality treatment.

For these reasons, all of the great benefits provided and the full-steam ahead growth of the airline, positions as JetBlue flight attendants are in high demand.

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Thinking of joining the family of JetBlue F/A's?

Please note: JetBlue Airways only accepts applications and other documents regarding employment through their web site

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