Jetblue Flight Attendant

Jetblue flight attendant – the application and interview explained from candidate John

The Jetblue Flight Attendant Application

Hi John here. Let me walk through my application process to jetblue. The process took just over two and a half months and I attended JetBlue (Fort Lauderdale, FL (US) for my interview. I completed my initial application in the beginning of May and received a follow up questionnaire to do within 3 days. 

Of course I was keen and eager to complete it so did it immediately. I think from memory it was another 2 days after that I was invited to complete the Video Interview.

The jetblue flight attendant Interview

Can I say the video and questions shouldn’t be something to be nervous about but I did prepare for it beforehand which I think was a very good idea as it settle some nerves that I think I would have had if I had not prepared a little. I compiled a list of questions from the web that I asked myself and thought about how I would answer them. You can get a pretty good idea of the questions they will ask if you search the web enough. 

Questions such as: 

  • Describe a time when you gave outstanding customer service
  • Describe a situation where you could have provided better customer service and why?
  • Tell of a time that you had a bad situation and how did you handle it?
  • Describe a time you were placed in difficult situation with a senior staff member and how did you resolve the issue? 

 Webcam Set Up and Interview Tips

Also prepare for the video interview because you only get one take once you hit start. First up dress the part – I think you should dress just like you would at a one on one interview. Make sure the filmed background is clean and clear of ‘stuff’ and that you have good lighting especially on your face and that there is no shadows infront of you. Take a few moments to get yourself together before beginning. 

Be conscious too that you have a very short time to read and comprehend the question before the recording starts. Each time you finish the question you're given a bit of time before the next question to recompose. 

Also remember they are looking at you so look into the lens at them not at yourself on the screen. Be sure to sit upright with good posture and I tried to think of the lens being the interviewer right there in the room with me. A few deep breaths before you start and remember to speak slowly, purposefully and clearly.

Jet Blue Flight Attendant Blue Review 

It was about a month after I completed the interview and I received an invite to attend a Blue Review. At the Blue Review we all completed our fingerprints and did a reach test. I was then asked to read an announcement as could be expected in the job and was observed for my dress code.

They will advise you of the dress code required when you receive the invite for the Blue Review. My tip here is to make sure you get this right. It is pretty easy to follow and it is a big plus as appearance is everything to jetblue flight attendant positions as they are to every airline.

At the start of the interview we were introduced to the interview team and they all seemed a great bunch of people. Like one big happy family really. The unity and cohesiveness shown by all members really demonstrated the culture of their staff and they really did make everyone feel comfortable. 

Jetblue Flight Attendant Group Activity

Our first task was a group activity. I had read about the importance of group interviews so really made sure to demonstrate the team player required. We were handed a list with about 8 questions where we all had to choose a question and then systematically introduced ourselves and answer the questions. 

The questions are pretty simple really but you did sort of have to put some thought to it quickly such as what entertainer would you choose to entertain guests in the airport lounge when flights are delayed or who would you choose as a designer for the flight attendant uniforms or what movie would you want to add to the play list or what restaurant do you think should supply catering or who do you think jetblue should sponsor etc. Of course you had to reason why you made your choices.

Be aware that group activities are a big observation session of Jetblue flight attendant interviews – you will be judged on how you participate and how you present. After everyone has done there presentation, the next step was to the one on one interviews and then a debriefing session. 

Then you are sent home to wait on a job offer. The process I think is pretty smooth and organized and I have to say that they seemed pretty genuine. They go out of the way to value you as a person and that you are wanted as a part of their team. 

While lots of applicants apply they appreciate that you show up for the interview and demonstrate that you want to be a part of the jetblue flight attendant team which is nice. They are good at the interview process and made me want to be the best I could be to show that I wanted to be a part of their Organization. For me it was a great experience.

Some of the interview questions that I remember were:

  • Why JetBlue?  
  • What challenges do you for see in accepting the position?  
  • Tell of a time you go above and beyond for a customer? 
  • Tell of a time you had a conflict with a boss or coworker and how did you handle it?

Most of the questions where behavior type questions which is pretty standard for interviews now-a-days which means to tell of a situation, say what action you did and what was the outcome.

To put an end to this can I say that I got a job offer and accepted. It’s fantastic I love it!


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