Flight Attendant School What you Need To Know

Flight Attendant School / Airline Flight Attendant Training / Flight Attendant Training Flight Attendant Training School or schools. My guess is that as a budding flight attendant applicant wanting to know more about how to make your dreams take flight, you’ll want to know all about the above. Well that’s what I’m about to do for you.

What I will say first up is that some of this information is about trying to save you money on flight attendant training schools and not about taking money out of your pocket for training you don’t need.

Certainly I admit that there is content of value in some schools however let me make the distinction here and ask if that content is value in dollar terms. I’m talking about a distinct difference here.

I don’t mean to be cynical when I write about these schools and the dubious qualifications that you pay a lot money for but sometimes you just have to call it as you see it. I have endeavoured to be fair and diplomatic to a point, however because they publish the syllabus and are happy to sell it to you the consumer at what I call a great cost, they should be accepting of open comment, critique or feedback if they (the flight attendant training schools) wish to take it as such.

Having been though four airline flight attendant training schools now however, I sometimes struggle with my word-ship-ness – That is, I look at things from a logical perspective and having been around aviation since Adam was a boy I avoid the salesmanship or hype of it. Basically I tell you like it is as you’ll discover if you follow the links I’ve provide throughout this text.

I don’t wish to take anything away from the importance of flight attendant training however because that is a very serious and necessary component of being a flight attendant.

When you become a flight attendant you’ll learn quickly that training for air and ground crew is the cornerstone to almost everything that happens in aviation. Without training to maintain company and aviation procedures means safety in our work environment would be compromised. That would mean that it would no longer be the fun environment that it should be for the travelling public.

Come to think of it with the right leadership on the day from Captain down, I see it as a fun environment for all of us. You’ll read that the chain of command on any aircraft is:

  • Captain
  • First officer
  • Cabin Manager
  • Cabin Crew

Now this technically has to do with the overall responsibility and safe operation of an aircraft and its passengers. It also extends to the work place harmony and culture creation and support within a company. In fact it’s related to what they call Crew Resource Management (CRM) which you’ll learn all about in flight attendant school.

I have worked under some leaders with shallow experience and it can be like working under the hierarchy of the No Fun Police! (sic). 

In short, your work should be about actually ‘knowing’ your work and having a fun time doing it. Fun at work will only continue however if we keep our finger on the pulse of safety and the training that keeps us safe.

So what about flight attendant school?

Flight attendant school is great. I’m not talking about flight attendant training schools here nor your responsibilities and qualifications or who governs the course material when you do your flight attendant training but more about your airline flight attendant training and more so the human side to flight attendant school.

It is a fantastic place to meet similar yet different people. You will really appreciate a good HR department when you get into a class of Flight Attendant mates that have been screened using a strict matrix of selection.

Now before I go any further, someone will always get through that you think should not have. They will be a real stick in the mud. Not one flight attendant school have I been in where this has not been the case. And hey look, for all I know someone else may have been thinking the very same about me but that’s life and get used to it because we can’t be loved by everyone. You may be that person too so grow a thick skin now and let it be water off a ducks back when you get into flight attendant school. However, on the whole you will enjoy working and socialising with like minded people.

By the way this matrix and the sorts of behaviour or actions the interviewer will be assessing in you during your Target Selection Interview is discussed in The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews 

And if my past is an indicator to your future you will make lifelong friends. It’s not until you have an airline that you’ve been a part of and people who work within that airline actually go bust and forthwith disperse into a 1000 pieces (14000 workers actually) as you go through liquidation that you unequivocally realise that it’s the people that make your work place, your circle of friends, your future.

Sure it’s the travel benefits, the passengers you meet, the cultures you experience, the hotels you stay in, the hours you work, and the places you visit (did I mention the tax free allowances you earn or spend as the case maybe) that avail you of a lifestyle like no other but it’s the people you work and form friendships with plus the acquaintances or other flyers you meet all over the world that you will treasure.

So get your resumes in, apply today and make sure you pass your interviews. And then look forward to flight attendant school. It’s a lot of study but you’ll be around a great bunch of like minded people and you’ll form friendships for life. Then you’ll have the time of your life when you graduate.

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