Searching for Flight Attendant Requirement and Wanting to Know if You Have What it Takes?

The flight attendant requirement of an airline or the requirements you need to meet as a potential flight attendant is or at least are broad questions and could refer to any number of things such as:

1) What personality traits do you need to have to be a flight attendant

2) What qualities do you need to be a flight attendant

3) What skills and experience are required to be a flight attendant

4) Or it could even mean how many flight attendants are required for employment by a given airline or airlines

Let me pre-empt and answer some of the above for you and help you where I can.

Let’s take a look at point one, What personality traits do you need to have to be a flight attendant

It doesn’t matter where or with whom you want to become a flight attendant with. The airline business and particularly the job role as a flight attendant is front line to passengers, customers, or guests which means it’s a people business. Yes becoming a flight attendant doesn't see you go to work and sit at a desk in the back office. You will see people, you will interact with people and you will carry the company on your sleeve. That is, you will represent it every time you are in public wearing the company uniform.

So… you will have an amiable personality. Amiable means to be friendly, sociable, good natured, agreeable, affable, cordial, kind, likable and above all you will be pleasant, approachable and commutative.

Let’s take another flight attendant requirement and look at point two, what qualities do you need.

In addition to the above, this turns out to be a pretty extensive list for customer focused airlines. I guess there is one thing that people need to understand in the aviation game since that advent of low cost carriers (LCC) in the market, and that is, that not all airlines in my opinion or in the minds of many that travel by air is that all airlines are not customer focused. Strange but true.

LCC are price driven. It’s all about bums on seats and skinny margins. Most legacy carriers I believe are customer focused. Certainly price is a factor but it’s not just about getting bums on seats and getting them from A to B. It’s about providing a given higher standard of service that many travelers still expect at a cost that many are still happy to pay for. The airlines challenge is to deliver that standard at high efficiencies.

It means you, being a part of this ‘standard of service’ need to be capable of delivering what the company wants. Some considered essential flight attendant requirement qualities of ‘good’ service personnel and more particularly actual flight attendants are:

1. Energy

2. Initiative

3. Job fitness

4. Teamwork

5. Ability to learn

6. Motivational fit

7. Work standards

8. Communication

9. Time management

10. Tolerance for stress

11. Customer orientation

12. Following procedures

13. Job-related knowledge

14. Situation analysis/judgment

I talk more about this and more in The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews 

Moving on to another flight attendant requirement referring to point three: What experience and skills are required to be a flight attendant.

On this point you may be a little surprised in that while more is normally better, this is not always the case. In fact it is an industry where you can get the best job in the world (Well I think it is anyway) with remarkably little experience provided you have a normal to excellent customer service skills set. Experience of some note as front line staff in a team work environment is definitely preferred however and a management role in a safety orientated environment is also an excellent plus.

To answer the next flight attendant requirement - point four, how many flight attendants are required for employment by a given airline or airlines

There are two answers to this and only one is definitive at any given time and that is the ratio of flight attendants required per passenger number.

In the US this ratio is 1 per 50 passengers

In Australia and parts of the UK it is 1 per 36 passengers and 1 to 40 passengers respectively

As to how many flight attendants are required by each or any given airline can only be gleaned if at all, via individual airline career web pages.

I might add that most airline careers web pages won’t provide the numbers of flight attendants that they want to hire for any recruitment drive however Lufthansa have stated that they wanted to hire 1000 flight attendants on their career web page in the past. Emirates Airlines have also been prolific employers of airline personal including flight attendants, having had 20% growth year after year 3 years from start-up.

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