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The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews

Do You Want to Travel the world and get paid for it? 

Then flight attendant jobs are your interest. Yes, becoming an Airline Flight attendant is the perfect solution to enjoy this fantastic lifestyle career and now this guide written by a flight attendant insider will show you how they did it.

Ahh, but it is competitive you say – yes sure it is.

And so many people apply and fail you say – yes sure they do.

So how can I become a Flight Attendant you ask?   

With the help of... The Secrets of Flight Attendant interviews is the answer.

Stop doing what those that fail the application process do and start doing what those who succeed and become flight attendants did. If you do what most who fail do, you will get what most who fail get – failure.

If you do what those that succeed do then you are suddenly in front of the 97% who fail. And no, it is not hard when you learn what I share with you in The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews.

However it took my failure with a number of flight attendant jobs to discover this

I have had both pleasure and pain when it comes to flight attendant interviews. I was very lucky with my first interview but after I lost my job years later when that airline went bust, I was suddenly facing a whole new airline application and interview system.  

Despite having years of flying experience, unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky when I had to reapply and quickly found that I was back to square one. 

The airlines had dramatically changed the way they went about employing their staff since I first applied years before. I submitted my application to some airlines and didn’t even get a reply let alone an interview. With continued perseverance I was eventually lucky enough to get the odd interview but still got knocked back at various stages in the process. 

Wow what a kick in the pants, not only was it hard to get an interview from my applications but I was now failing the ones I did get. How? Why could this be? 

I even got down to being one of the last 19 candidates in one interview where more than 3000 applicants turned up for the open day hopefule of securing one of the flight attendant jobs available. It was a massive 16 hour ‘super cull’ and interview day for flight attendant hopefuls and still I didn’t make it. Yes, I was one of the last 19 out of the initial 3000 and still I didn’t make the cut! Talk about being disappointed, by this stage I was mildly depressed. 

I didn’t know why I wasn’t making the grade, I had the experience. Why not me?

Time had certainly changed the way airlines now recruited and interviewed Flight Attendants and I was shocked, amazed, devastated and bewildered all at the same time.

I remember the extreme disappointment and the why not me questions I asked myself when I received the  ‘thanks for coming but no thanks’ letter that they send you to advise that you have been unsuccessful. I was also mildly embarrassed when I had to tell some of my flying friends that I missed out – yet again. 

Again, why!  Why not me? 

Every reject letter always said thank you for your interest in
“our company". With many quality applicants unfortunately
we are unable to offer you a position as flight attendant
with “our company” on  this occasion.  

You are invited to reapply in 6 (or 12) months’ time - whatever
their particular application time restriction policy was. 

I was getting more depressed with every attempt and every subsequent “reject letter” to get my beloved job back and my confidence had hit rock bottom. 

I didn’t know what I was doing wrong!

You could say that I almost threw in the towel in applying for flight attendant jobs and walked away never to fly again, but something kept me going , faint hope that one day I would get accepted again and that I already knew just how good this job was.

And it was then that pure luck came to my rescue 

Yes, thanks and a thousand good fortunes for the grace and knowledge of an insider friend, because without them I would not have learned what I was doing wrong.

Without them…

  • I would not have learned anything about the application and interview matrix that airlines now use
  • I would not have learned how they target select their staff
  • I would not have learned the importance of keywords
  • I would not have learned about resume and cover letter layout
  • I would not have learned about skype interviews
  • I would not have learned about body language
  • I would not have learned about presentation standards
  • I would not have learned about group interviews
  • I would not have learned about how I should answer questions and so many other simple little secrets about how to show and communicate that I was a great candidate! 

Yes without them I would not know what I know now and failure and disappointment would have continued to be my outcome even after having years of flight attendant experience already.

And yes I now share with you what I learnt to become a flight attendant again

Flight attendant jobs by the numbers - not once but with five more airlines over the next decade and it is all in this ebook; ‘The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews.

(I have now worked for 6 airlines and have had to go through
the application and interview process each time – such has been the changes, some forced and some chosen in my airline career!)

I’ve also now been a part of the interview and selection process sitting on the other side of the interview desk as a selective representative interviewer with 2 of my previous airlines. The selection process for flight attendant jobs can be brutal at times unfortunately but very satisfying to select great candidates.

The Airlines use the application and interview matrix for consistency and fairness in Flight Attendant selection

It enables the airline to recruit a specific type of person with identifiable and verifiable qualities that they are looking for in their cabin crew staff. Each airline adjusts the matrix slightly to their preference and one easily explainable focus point as an example here is between an international airline and a domestic or regional carrier.

For example, a domestic or regional carrier is not overly concerned with your ability to speak foreign languages or your will, desire and acceptance to live away from family in a foreign country.

(This is a really big deal for someone like Emirates airlines where you would be based overseas so they really must know if living out of a suitcase is something you would be happy to do for long periods of time.)

Therefor their matrix guidelines would change to focus on what is important to that particular airline but it must still remain fair and consistent to create and maintain the culture of the airline in the staff they recruit. 

It means that you must know and be prepared to answer the type of questions you should expect to be able to answer from the specific airline that you apply to. It is why you can detect a sameness of culture for those that apply to these flight attendant jobs and ultimately succeed.

But again, don’t worry, the "Secrets" will reveal the the process.

It will tell you where to look and resource this information. What to do when and how to present the information they are looking for in the way they want it when they advertise flight attendant jobs available.

  • You will learn about the application process, how to know more about an airlines culture and what any particular airline require s in all their staff including flight attendants.
  • You will learn how to compile a Target Specific resume with keywords and how to  write a compelling cover letter (if required) 
  • We cover off on what recruiters are looking for at a pre-selection day and how to maximize your chance of selection
  • We discuss how to set yourself up for a skype interview, what to say and how you should look on screen
  • You’ll learn more about group interviews and how to positively stand out. 
  • You will learn the type of questions you will be asked at a one-on-one interview and just as importantly, how to answer any interview question perfectly by simply following an accepted matrix – (This really is a must-do that so many applicants fail at – but not you. This is now made super easy for you).
  • We also cover off on what NOT to say or do in an interview and we discuss what competencies and qualifications you need and the expressed preferences of your interviewing airline and where to find them.

The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews is the complete, comprehensive and concise package and Dom Biviano sums it up well when he had this to say about the ebook…

Tom – You have uncovered the application process for new applicants brilliantly and really have revealed some amazing information, tips and secrets. Your program is extremely comprehensive and will give anybody who owns it a huge advantage when applying for flight attendant jobs because it simply puts one foot after the other! From my perspective it is absolutely fantastic. 

Dom BIVIANO - Flight Attendant/Industrial Relations Officer - Gold Coast

And this from Nicole…

Dear Tom, - I don't know if you still remember me, Tom but I think I need to write this letter to you to say thanks for your ebook (The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews). Because of you and your ebook and your great bonus I had the confidence to attend a Flight Attendant interview and now have a chance to start my new career which was what I had dreamed about all this time. Yes, I am a Flight Attendant now, (well I start training in under a week). A thousand thanks! Nicole Lea, Hong Kong

And this from Camille…

Tom I got the job! - Just wanted to let you know I WAS OFFERED THE JOB with Southwest Airlines (which is really the one I was hoping for) thanks to The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews, which I followed faithfully. 

I begin training on Monday, July 25th, in Atlanta, GA, USA. Buying your FA Secrets ebook was what made the difference to help me be more confident to put my best foot forward in this unfamiliar territory.

Thank you! Camille Johnson (USA)

We also include an extra bonus Secrets ebook to The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews titled:

Boost Your INTERVIEW Confidence with Aviation Secrets - Knowledge is Power

It will absolutely boost your interview confidence because it provides you with very specific and useful aviation knowledge. Confidence is always a positive attribute to display in any interview and it will also help you  operationally in your future work place and with the many questions passengers will ask you when you become a flight attendant. 

And today this is included as a FREE bonus.

You'll learn lots more industry information in this complimentary bonus and really adds great value to this offer and your flying career.

I explain Airplanes and your working environment as a flight attendant in laymen's terms so that you can confidently use in any interview or passenger conversation. 

You will learn the 11 Phases of Flight that you will become very familiar with being:

  1. Pre departure
  2. Clearance to Taxi
  3. Take off
  4. Initial climb
  5. Climb to cruise altitude
  6. Cruise altitude

7. Descent
8. Approach
9. Landing
10. Taxi to terminal
11. Post Flight

I explain The Principles of Flight which if you are lucky you will be briefed on in training school. And while this technical stuff is the responsibility of the pilots, you as a flight attendant and a part of the crew it is great to know because passengers will regularly ask you about different aspects of flying throughout your career. 

At the end of this ebook you will know a lot more about…

  • Aircraft Stability and Control
  • The Airline Operating Environment
  • Pressurization and Air conditioning of an Aircraft
  • Turbulence – (many passengers are concerned with this)
  • Emergency Exit light operation
  • Flapping Wings
  • The Barking Dogs – (this is not a typing error) 
  • Square Wheels
  • Strange Noises, Bangs and Thumps (again this can be a big concern for passengers)
  • Roaring engines after landing

And lots more and again, this really is a great resource when dealing with passengers because they ask you all sorts of operational questions in addition to questions about their own travel and eta’s and connecting flights etc.

I’ve also included a SECRETS BONUS - Flight Attendants INTERVIEW FAQ’s - the interview process and what to expect. No matter where you are at right now at this time in the application process - this is a selection of FAQ's that will definitely help you through the interview process.

Questions such as:

  • Why haven't I been offered an interview?
  • What is a pre-employment screening?
  • Can you do work experience as a flight attendant?
  • What is a security interview?
  • Why haven't I been offered an interview?
  • What is a pre-employment screening?
  • What is a security interview?
  • What is a pre-employment screening?
  • Can you do work experience as a flight attendant?

Plus others that many people want the answers to. Yes all of this is now yours for the taking if you choose and right now it all comes in this limited time offer.

However you could of course do what I foolishly did at first! 
Don’t worry about any of this valuable insider knowledge and go it alone. Apply to airlines, hope to get an interview, fail at the ones you are lucky enough to get and then go through the pain and extreme disappointment in receiving a ‘thanks for coming but no thanks’ letter! 

Or you could give yourself the best chance possible to become a flight attendant with The Secrets of flight attendant interviews. - Yes, simply get this electronic Flipbook ebook for almost peanuts in comparison to what it would cost you in time to apply to just one single flight attendant position let alone attend an interview. 

On top of the disappointment that comes from a failed interview is that you will then have to wait at least 6 months before you can reapply with most airlines and sometimes 12 months. Who wants to do that?

Flight Attendant jobs are open to everyone, but only so few will actually get them. Get the Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews now. It will be the best thing you could do today to kick-start your flight attendant career.


And the cost which really is an investment in you and your career as a flight attendant really should be no issue anyway because if this ebook is not everything I say it is here, simply ask for your money back GUARANTEE!  

Yes – how good is that, you have a full 30 days money back guarantee to check it out and if it is not everything I say it is then you get your money back. Period! 

So go ahead and click to order now and you are moments away from knowing what I had to discover through initial failure to finally succeed at getting a flight attendant job not once with just one airline, but 6 times with 6 new airlines in now more than 20 years of flying. 

I’m so glad I persevered long enough to do what had to be done to continue my flying career and I am sure you will to. Order now.

The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews is yours today for... 

Your purchase is available online immediately your payment is processed. The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews is not a file download. It is an electronic Flipbook ebook that is easily accessed online and read on any device and you have access for life.

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Quick NOTE: This job, (all flight attendant jobs), this career is just way too good to wing it!

Tom joined the airlines at the age of 23 and 20 years later had joined his 6th ‘new’ airline. (Yes 6 flight attendant jobs with 6 different airlines)! This package includes this wealth of information and experience and is now offered to you. We sincerely hope that you come on board and do what has to be done to get this awesome lifestyle job. See you in the air.

The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews is yours today for... 

To the top of flight attendant jobs


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