Flight Attendant Job FAQ

These are the ever burning Flight Attendant Job questions from potential flight attendants the world over. It is something that I can associate with because I was no different when I wanted to become a flight attendant.

Here I have revealed the most pressing, burning and commonly asked questions about becoming a flight attendant. While answers cannot always be definitive to every question or occasion, the following should give you a great insight and answer a lot of your questions.

NOTE: If you have any questions that are not covered here please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer your query.


Q1: What are the height requirements to be a flight attendant?

Q2: What are the weight requirements to be a flight attendant?

Q3: What are the vision requirements to be a flight attendant?

Q4: What are the education requirements to be a flight attendant?

Q5: What are the customer service requirements to be a flight attendant?

Q6: What are the background check requirements to be a flight attendant?

Q7: Is a medical evaluation required to become a flight attendant?

Flight Attendant Job faq's continued...

Q8: Do I need to undergo training before I apply to become a flight attendant?

Q9: How do I get started as a flight attendant?

Q10: Why should I buy the Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy

Q11: Am I too old to be hired as a flight attendant?

Q12: Am I too young to be hired as a flight attendant?

Q13: I have seen other flight attendant websites that promise lots of things, what is that all about?

Q14: Are airlines recruiting for flight attendants?

Q15: Do Flight Attendants and their families really get to fly for free?

Q16: I am married. Won’t that be a negative for me in becoming a flight attendant?

Q17: Do airlines set out to hire more women than men for the flight attendant position?

Q18: Will my bad credit history work against me in wanting to become a flight attendant?

Q19: I have illness that I take medication for. Will this hinder my chances of becoming a flight attendant?

Q20: Do you have to be really attractive and thin to be a flight attendant?

Q28: Does the airline pay for the hotel accommodation for flight attendants on stopovers?

Q29: But how good is the job of flight attendant really?

Flight Attendant Job faq's continued...

Q1: What are the height requirements to be a flight attendant?

Most airlines will stipulate a set minimum and maximum height limit because of operational reasons which more often than not relate to safety issues. For most, you must have the ability to reach overhead lockers to reach passengers belongings in-flight for both a customer service element and a safety element such as a fluid leak from a bag for example.

NOTE: (We also do security walk-throughs which requires you to be tall enough to also see into a locker)

However, strangely enough fluid leaking from bags happens infrequently with bottles of baby formula, water, soft drink and the like. Such a ‘fluid’ leak is for the most part not a real problem but I do one occasion on one of my flights when that fluid turned out to be cigarette lighter fluid.

Lighter fluid is very volatile and the proximity of spark or ignition sources such as light switches and passenger call buttons in the overhead Passenger Service Unit (PSU) on the underside of the over head lockers made for an extremely dangerous situation.

Being tall enough to immediately reach the bag with the leaking fluid, I promptly handled the leaking lighter fluid as a ‘Dangerous Good.’ If I could not reach the bag and had to wait minutes or even seconds for someone else to do it for me, it may have proved to be just long enough for that flowing fluid to reach an ignition source and then we would have had a real problem.

Similarly on the maximum height scale, you have to be able to move about the cabin safely unhindered without fear of hitting your head. This might only be problem on an over wing aircraft where the wing structure encroaches head space in the cabin for example or the company you want a flight attendant job with only operates smaller aircraft with low ceilings.

Incidentally, when you operate on aircraft with dual lane slide rafts, a part of the evacuation procedure is to block (or guard) the exit depending on what your word-for-word evacuation drill is.

The problem for shorter statute people is that they normally come with shorter arms as well. – And I might add that’s a good thing otherwise they would look a little like our ancestors if you know what I mean, but... It makes holding the two door assist handles on either side of the door near impossible. Hence you are unable to operate in the capacity of your duties and therefore would not be able to operate on that aircraft.

NOTE: Evacuation procedures require you to block an exit until that exit becomes usable. In an emergency after you have opened the door there is a delay of some 7 to 10 seconds (if all is operating as it should) before the door slide ramp or door slide raft becomes inflated to be able to use.

In the panic of an emergency you as flight attendant must stop passengers jumping out that door until safe to do so which requires you to be able to brace at the door. The fall to the ground depending on aircraft type can be several metres!

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Flight Attendant Job faq's continued...

Q2. What are the weight requirements to be a flight attendant?

This is a flight attendant job question asked by many and while the flight attendants of yesteryear were perhaps confronted with a set of scales before they were hired and every time they came to work (seems impossible now-a-days but common in the early days of flight attending), the modern day weight requirements for flight attendants are deemed as, ‘Weight in proportion to your height.’

Translated this means you can look like real people! The greater emphasis is placed on your personality and your ability to deliver customer service and fulfil the role and responsibilities of a flight attendant. A flight attendant must be able to perform the duties required irrespective of weight. Looks and body size have little to do with the process so long as you are well groomed, neat and present well. All of which you can do and have control of!

NOTE: Weight is a personal issue. If you think you have a problem then seek medical advice. If that advice requires action on your part then do what is required. Personally I don’t need a doctor to tell me I’m getting a smidge pudgy. I simply look in the mirror and if I’m honest with myself I can see what the mirror is telling me.

For most of us, me included, we all have times in our life when we let our bodies get into a condition that personally I’m not proud of and for the most part we do it because we eat and drink too much and are lazy with the exercise.

I do it too often and I hate myself for it because I know it takes discipline on food and drink consumption and effort with any exercise. I will say also however that you will handle the demands of a flight attendant lifestyle far better if you’re fit and healthy and if you’re fit and healthy you will be in shape. So do it for your-self and do it for the job.

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Q3. What are the vision requirements to be a flight attendant?

Provided your vision is correctable via glasses or contacts, vision will not be an impediment. However final consideration may be sought through an aviation approved medical examination. Correctable eyewear or contacts are most often allowed to ensure you meet the corrected vision requirements.

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Q4. What are the education requirements to be a flight attendant?

Another flight attendant job question asked by many. Minimum standards of education are required to be a flight attendant. This will vary between the airlines however US applicants must have a high school degree or Government Equivalency Degree (G.E.D.) or (year 12 in the Southern Hemisphere).

NOTE: Sometimes and only sometimes these requirements are bent. I know several flight attendants that do not have the stated education requirements but their ‘life experience’ and previous jobs have been enough to get them over the interview line and into flight attendant school.

Flight Attendant Job faq's continued...

These flight attendants as you can surmise, and to put it nicely because I’m there also, have been in the older generations. Come to think of it I only have year 11 although back when I was first hired year 11 was enough. Since that time I have studied in several Diploma studies and amassed a lot of experience which weighed in my favour come my recent interviews. If you’d like to know more about me simply head over to here and I’ll introduce myself.

For the most part education requirements are stipulated because the airlines have so many applicants to choose from.

Here’s a tip:

Don’t rely on and education requirements being bent for you. Do yourself a favour, stay in school until you get your year 12 or GED.You must also have the ability to learn and become competent in the vigorous training that the airlines flight attendant training will require of you. In addition, your life skills will be a considered part in their assessment of you because the flight attendant role is front line to customers every day. This requires customer service skills, much of which will have been gained from your previous occupations and not so much academically.

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Q5. What are the customer service requirements to be a flight attendant?

You will normally be required to possess some sort of customer service background. In most cases it does not matter where you obtained your experience so long as you can apply your knowledge to the requirements of the airline that you do apply to.

Here’s a tip:

Charity work is considered very favourably and is a great resume addition especially if you’re holding down a full time back office job and away from any customer interaction. Even if you are unemployed you can always get charity work somewhere.

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Q6. What are the background check requirements to be a flight attendant?

Now this flight attendant job question is a concern for many. (?) Common to many employers, not just those who recruit flight attendants are criminal history checks. This means that you will have to obtain a police check. Sometimes an employer will ask for your State of residence check only but don’t count on that ever being replicated. The standard is for you to obtain and pay for a Police criminal history check for your country of origin.

NOTE: Here’s a side note that made me laugh literally... the low cost carrier that I flew with didn’t even ask for a criminal history check. Unbelievable but not surprising! Even though you will be required to get an ASIC pass (An ID that allows you to legally access restricted public areas at the airport and obviously airside) and your history will be seriously looked into at that time anyway.

Your past will also be delved into via your resume references (or checks) to ascertain if you have traits that are considered undesirable for the position. Unfortunately if you are not who you seem to be or declare and you are found out different; then your application will very likely be unsuccessful. Needless to say, if you have no negative history then you’ve nothing to fear your background history check. 

Here’s a tip:

Choose your resume references wisely and try to have references with a title. Ie: Dr, Sergeant of Police, Pharmacist, Minister of Religion, CEO, Director etc... I think you’ve got the picture.

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Q7. Is a medical evaluation required to become a flight attendant?

A medical evaluation is required to ascertain a standard of health required to perform the duties of a flight attendant and to be able to cope with the aviation environment. Some specifics will be your ability to adjust to the pressure changes that you will experience every day.

This includes having healthy and ‘normally’ operating Eustachian tubes of your inner ear that equalize pressure as you ascend and descend on every flight. Most people will have absolutely no problem with the ability to equalize pressure. Similarly your sinuses must be able to cope with such pressure changes.

In my last aviation medical I had a hearing test, a reflex test, a lung capacity test, an eye test and a cognitive test.

My expectations are that for people who are normally fit and healthy and healthy you should have no problem in passing.

Occasionally however, a medical examination will reveal problems that will prevent you from securing a job as flight attendant and I guess that would be a bitter pill to swallow and all I can suggest is to maintain the best fitness you can to give yourself the best chance.

WARNING: Included in a medical evaluation will be a drug and alcohol screening check.

Here’s a tip:

If you are into drugs forget about becoming a Flight Attendant. Not only is it an undesirable trait, you will be caught sooner rather than later. Drug and alcohol screening is now a random activity for all aviation workers and operates indiscriminately on a 24/7 time schedule.

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Q8. Do I need to undergo training before I apply to become a flight attendant?

This flight attendant job query is common. While any training is advantages if your previous work experiences involving life skills or customer service are limited, the required specific airline flight attendant training will be provided by your new employer.

Typically this will take 4 to 6 weeks depending of course on the airline that you apply to. There are flight attendant training schools and on-line training sites that offer intending flight attendants, programs and courses that are very often expensive and are not recognised by any airline.

The choice is totally yours. You can attend one or two day courses and spend anything up to $350 for the privilege and you can even spend $4000 to $6000 for a 10 to 11 week course although I don’t really recommend any of these courses. Many of the skills and competencies really should be gained by your work and life experiences.

This of course can be had for a fraction of the cost. However, you will reap real value from a training school if they give you a government recognized competency on completion as opposed to a in-house certificate that I have even seen them call…. a Diploma!

Obviously a Flight School should include the ‘need to know keys to your success’ like…

Interview application basics covering your personalised cover letter and resume, dress standards, industry terminology, interview techniques, how to answer questions, rules for group interviews, background aviation knowledge etc.

From my point of view it should not cost you a fortune to become a flight attendant so my only advice is to at first save your money, find out the requirements, skills and competencies needed for the flight attendant position and pursue attaining these from your work and personal environment. Then if you want to fast track your progress seek further education or training specific to your needs.

Be satisfied however that any advice given to you comes from those that have had the experience in the industry. Naturally I cover this information and more in Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy

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Q9. How do I get started as a flight attendant?

Preparation is the mother of your success however your first priorities before you spend any money are twofold. First up is to ask yourself two questions;

  1. Do I really want to be a Flight Attendant?
  2. Am I prepared to do what it takes?

If you answered yes to both of these questions then the second priority is to do something about it. Now’s your time to get serious about getting your dream of the ground and into the air and it’s what this site is all about. My passion as I sit here and write the information you are reading right now is to help you in any way I can to get your dreams take flight.

And while I can give you every page on this web site to read I have put together a susinct comprehensive whitepaper guide ebook that will help you through the application process called The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews and really is for those that do want to get serious about making dreams take flight as a flight attendant, you must first give the nod to questions 1) and 2) above.

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Q10. Why should I buy the Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy

First up you don’t have to buy anything you don’t want to but I did write it to help you if you do want to become flight attendant.

I will add that I have had an incredibly exciting and amazing life as a flight attendant. I have been fortunate to have seen many wonderful places in the world and have met many people from all walks of life. I have lived a lifestyle that I have enjoyed immensely and am solely thankful to what the incredible job of flight attendant has provided for me.

During my now over 20 years in the aviation game I have been either the subject of or part of the interview process many times both domestically and internationally. Now with my 4th airline I can safely say I’ve experience what you want to go through and can impart great empathy and I hope knowledge.

I’ve also had the very good fortune of being privy to a private thesis done on the interview system used for Flight Attendants. And while I have helped others one-on-one to go through the interview process, I now find that I can more easily share my knowledge with you via the marvels of the internet so that you too can do what I do because I can’t tell you enough, I love it.

NOTE: I say, ‘Marvels of the internet’ because it has taken me more than three years in learning how to write web sites and all the ‘stuff’ to do with the internet. I’ve had a lot of false starts I might also add in writing web pages, using software that took a uni degree to understand and generally getting very disappointed about taking my passion (this web site) to the web.

Well, I know this is a little off track but let me share with you what I know about web sites now because I found after all this time a program that has allowed me to build this web site and only wish that I found it 3+years ago.

Put it this way; if it wasn’t for SBI you wouldn’t be reading this. I think I would have given up. Without raving on here if you’re looking to build a web site click the link and it will tell you all about it. If after you have viewed it you want to know more, get back to me and I’ll answer any questions you might have.

Anyway back to the question...

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