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Q11: Am I too old to be hired as a flight attendant?

And your definition of too old is? However to be truly accurate, some countries do place limitations including both minimum and maximum age. This also applies to work visas and language requirements. What does all this mean to you?

Simply don’t apply to those few airlines if you don’t meet their criteria and direct you application to those airlines that you do meet the criteria of. Moreover, apply to those airlines governed by equal employment opportunity laws in the country of their origin. These are pretty much a standard in the Western world but can be treated with disrespect in other parts of the world. Check out the tabs and links to all the career information and airline details on this site.

NOTE: I was first employed as a flight attendant at the age of 23. I then went through the interview process again to fly internationally at the age of 35. Subject to the airline going broke I left the airline scene to try something else in life. Well I had a taste of the ‘real’ world in a variety of jobs including three years as a police officer but soon realised that the ‘real’ world wasn’t for me and it was about 8 years before I went for my next flight attendant position at the age of 46. I then quickly applied to an airline that I really wanted to fly with and had my 4th successful interview at the age of 47 where I will stay until I either retire or die.

What I’m trying to say is don’t let age be a barrier to you. As I said above if you want this job go for it!

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Q12: Am I too young to be hired as a flight attendant?

Once again, your definition of too young is? Certainly, by law minimum age limits will apply. Generally this is between 18 to 21 years of age depending on both country and airline. The primary barrier is the legal age that you can serve alcohol in your country. The exception here is possibly a Charter airline that does not serve alcohol.

Your opportunity is in the fact that airlines look to have a balance of experience and age amongst their crew. The simplistic reason for this is because their passenger’s ages vary too. In my time I have seen all ages represented on my crews from 19 through to 55plus, so again, don’t let age be your barrier! The oldest operating crew member that I know of was well into their 60’s and while we don’t all agree with that, it is what it is so end of argument!

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Q13: I have seen other flight attendant websites that promise lots of things, what is that all about?

Yes and I am sure that most of them would be genuine in their claim to be able to help you achieve a Flight Attendant career but without visiting each web site I can’t vouch for their content. However what I can vouch for is the information that is provided on this site comes from my knowledge and experience in being around the aviation game for near on 18 years now.

Having been either the subject of or part of the interview process many times over a period of 18 years both domestically and internationally and now with my 4th airline plus having the very good fortune of receiving permission to reveal a private thesis done on the interview system used for Flight Attendants, and now available in the super convenient online flipbook ebook. 

See more about the Secrets by clicking the image.

I am both very proud of being able to write for this web site and the content of my manual with the sole aim of helping you do what I do that I also provide an unconditional  90 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee on my manual if you go ahead and buy it.

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Q14: Are airlines recruiting for flight attendants?

In short YES! A longer answer would say that the aviation industry has had its ups and down like any other industry and none more so than after 911 and then the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).

However, airlines always have people who resign for one reason or another like starting a family, spouse job shift, personal reasons or just plain up retire and these people need to be replaced.

Here’s a tip:We all know that a week is a long time in politics but for those that have been in aviation for any length of time will realise that a week in the airline game is an eternity by comparison. One day it’s all doom and gloom and the next day it’s advertised that we need flight attendants because the airline is expanding or is short on crew. I have seen this happen time and time again over many years with many airlines.

And while it depends on where you are in the world of coarse but there is always an airline recruiting or about to recruit somewhere so subject to any specific requirements of language or passport eligibility, there may never be a better time for you to apply.

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Q15: Do Flight Attendants and their families really get to fly for free?

The answer is yes for most airlines. Most airlines offer free travel to flight attendants and their families! The exact details belong to individual airlines of coarse but you will find the travel privileges totally incredible.

Sometimes this even includes discounts to friends and acquaintances of 25% to 90% discount and even up to FREE)! Not only have that, but the discounts from the travel industry include cruise lines, resorts, hotels and the like. It’s truly an amazing "hidden paycheck" in the airline business. 

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Q16: I am married. Won’t that be a negative for me in becoming a flight attendant?

No definitely not! Airlines are only interested in selecting you on your merit. Employment law also states that you cannot be discriminated on with respect to your personal status. Employment law and discrimination issues are covered at length the The Secrets of Flight Attendant interviews  

In addition, for those who are married with children or choose to have children at some later stage, most airlines offer generous maternity leave and part time work programs so that you can tailor your flying schedule and family life to fit your personal life and needs.

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Q17: Do airlines set out to hire more women than men for the flight attendant position?

Now-a-days generally no. Conceding however, in days gone by this was a female dominated industry but not so any more. In fact, relatively speaking, I was amongst the very first wave of males’ way back in 1985 to join this fantastic career path.

Since that time many more men have joined as flight attendants and it is not uncommon to board a flight crewed by an all male crew! Once again employment law now protects any discrimination in this area. It is simply a great career choice for anyone. 

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Q18: Will my bad credit history work against me in wanting to become a flight attendant?

No, your personal credit is your private issue. Provided you are not in a situation that is deemed illegal or ‘untoward’, your situation will not affect your employment chances.  

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Q19: I have illness that I take medication for. Will this hinder my chances of becoming a flight attendant?

No, provided that your illness does not impede on your ability to perform your intended duties as a flight attendant. The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews covers this and more.

As stated already, Airlines require each applicant selected to undergo a full medical evaluation. Airlines are deemed to be guided by the medical results and will decide eligibility on a case-by-case basis. You will obviously provide your doctors details and relevant information supporting your case to the qualified physician tending your medical evaluation.

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Q20: Do you have to be really attractive and thin to be a flight attendant?

And your definition of attractive is? Presentable yes, model thin definitely no! Once again in days gone by the requirements to become a flight attendant were extremely demanding, unrealistic and downright discriminating. Thankfully, airlines realized that flight attendants are real people, so no longer are their outdated restrictive weight requirements and other bodily appearance standards employed.

However, flight attendants by job description are front line representatives of the airline and must still present well. This means that you must project a groomed and polished appearance and possess an appropriate personality and favourable character. Something that anybody can do with a little help if needed!

Presentation standards and grooming requirements are fully explained in the AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program.

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It explains exactly what to wear for airline interviews and how to wear it for both men and women. You will discover that it is very easy and very inexpensive to present with immaculate presentation and ultimately impress your interviewer.

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