Flight Attendant Job Openings

If you’re Googling the web for flight attendant job openings then be prepared for some disappointment. Certainly you will find  many airlines with career tabs on their web sites but others will bury this information 3 or 4 clicks away from the home page. It seems that some actively seek interest from potential employees and others not so.

My best guess for this is that they have many applicants anyway so why promote when they don’t really have to.  

I know in searching for flight attendant job openings for this site I found that the careers page for some of the airline sites was difficult to find. In fact I’d suggest that it was easier to find a needle in a hay stack than to find some of this info from some sites out there. Their careers sections was either non-existent or buried so deep within their web site you’d need a packed lunch and a compass to find it!

While I reverted to finding some via their ‘site map’, others that didn’t provide a site map were just plain too hard to find. However, please don’t take hard to find information as a total negative or think that they aren’t hiring because that is not always true. I have come to learn that a week in the airlines is a hell of a lot longer than a week in politics. The pace of change in the airline system is sometimes quicker than the jets that fly in it!

That just means I have seen employment decisions turn around on a dime.

This could simply mean that a new flight route has been secured or a decision has been made to buy a new aircraft for example. A new flight route requires either existing crew to crew those added services or new crew need to be hired to be able to do so.

A  new aircraft needs approximately 4 to 5 crews available to crew it so as to maximize its service capability. That is, airlines have to keep their aircraft flying to make money and therefore the longer it is in the air the more money it makes. (A 30, 40, 50 Million dollar or more aircraft doesn’t make money sitting on the ground.) 

If an aircraft fly’s 16 to 18 hrs a day then it will require at least two crew changes. Those assigned crew have to have days off, sick leave, family leave and eventually holidays, so that is why it takes 4 to 5 lots of crew to operate an aircraft efficiently.

So an aircraft say the size of a Boeing 767 (if it’s a new acquisition) would require (minimum 8 crew) 8 x 4 to 5 flight attendants per aircraft = 32 to 40 new flight attendants just to operate that aircraft and is the very reason that flight attendant job openings can literally appear overnight.

Here’s an interesting fact about aircraft orders…

  • Boeing have 466 NEW aircraft orders to November 29 2016 for the year to be delivered to the world market.
  • Airbus, during the 2016 Farnborough Air Show, won $35 billion worth of business for a total of 279 aircraft, covering by single-aisle and widebody aircraft families. The deals comprise firm orders for 197 aircraft worth $26.3 billion and commitments for 82 aircraft worth $8.7 billion.

(Check out their web sites any time you want an update. Just a reminder also that Boeing and Airbus are just two of the world’s aircraft manufactures!’)

 Are you excited about possible flight attendant job openings?

Well you should be and that’s why I say being prepared for an interview enables you to jump at any flight attendant job openings that pop up.

(Admittedly some of these Boeing +  Airbus aircraft are for fleet replacement but only a small percentage.)

Anyway, just understand that new aircraft are being delivered to worlds airlines on a monthly basis in significant numbers so flight attendant job openings will, do and have to come round because those aircraft have to be crewed with flight attendants.

Being prepared also forces you to ask the question, why I want to do this job, because if you are going to obtain the qualifications to satisfy your minimum requirements such as your first aid ticket, your RSA ticket, being able to swim 50 mts fully clothed etc, you are going to invest both time and money.

Yes there are obvious benefits to this job which I have mentioned such as being paid to fly to great places and staying in great hotels… not to mention great private travel perks for you and your family etc.

But the lifestyle is also a consideration. SEE MY TOP 8 REASONS For more.

In fact I think it’s one of the biggest considerations and highlights that not all flight attendant job openings are the same. They differ depending on the airline.

You have to realize that you will for the best part, work a 24/7 roster and you’ll do it for 365 days a year. That is not everyone’s cup of tea. And while I love traveling internationally you may not.

Let me just explain what the international lifestyle has done for me however. I was born to the land and raised a farmer. My country town had a population of 2,500 to 3000 people at most and it was some 30 miles away. You could say that until the age of 23 my world was pretty small as the biggest city that I had visited prior to that was less than a million people.

Then I applied to a domestic carrier flight attendant job opening and my world suddenly got a heck of a lot bigger. Can you imagine how big or more poignantly it should be stated how small my world is now because flying brings everything in the world within reasonably easy reach?

Can you imagine for a moment how your world would change if you suddenly went ‘travelling the world’?

The places you go, the things you see, and the people you meet can’t but help change you for the better. You cannot buy the education that travel gives you and as a flight attendant you are getting paid for it! 

Yes, your wisdom bank grows and you experience so much (compared to staying home on the farm and patting my dog for company and hey I loved my dog but it’s as different as chalk and cheese) and almost by default you are exposed to a great deal outside of your original comfort zone.

You will grow as a person, become more knowledgeable and expand your horizons about the world, what's really out there and what you're capable of. It opens so many doors. If I had a spare page I’d let you into a few things that flying has allowed me to do in detail such as renovate houses, write a book, run a business, obtain a commercial pilots licence, complete Diploma studies and so on and it’s all because the job I have as a flight attendant gives me the constructive time to be able pursue my personal interests.

Anyway, I’m a little off track here but if you want to know a little more about me I reveal some on the ‘About Me’ page.

Yes these are just some of the benefits and can say from almost 20 years of personal experience there are many more. One last note is that even with all of these great benefits, this kind of job is not for everybody. Some people don't cope with traveling and jet lag very well. Others won’t like the 24/7/365 roster. Others again have families or partners and don't want to be away from home for such extended periods of time. If this is you then you have to really consider if this is the line of work you want to pursue. 

One alternative to the international or long distance flight attendant will be to get with a domestic or commuter company specializing in shorter or more routine routes and destinations. You lose some of the exotic appeal that other flight attendant job openings have, but you gain back more of your time and you will be closer to home, which is very important for many different people yet still retain many of the fringe benefits.

I worked domestically with many other flight attendants over more than seventeen years and they loved it as did I but unlike me they would never do anything other than domestic flights. For me  however the real buzz is doing international.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that this kind of position will be less competitive however, as you will still have a lot of competition for these slots. You still need to be prepared to take advantage of the situation.

Make the decision that this is for you, get prepared or at least do all you need to meet the flight attendant job description and the flight attendant job openings possibly on offer and pounce when the timings right.

Again, I can help you with this with the AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program. 

What is the AIRLINES program?

It is a 30 day comprehensive ‘Be a Flight Attendant’ training program starting from scratch delivered in 30 videos and 9 online website based electronic FLIP Books.

It is designed to take you from grass roots entry level and show you what is required to achieve a Flight Attendant career step-by-step. The program unravels the requirements and the process of the application and interview process that you as an applicant must know and make second nature to give you the edge in securing a Flight Attendant career.

Check it out here - you'll love it. This link takes you straight to the optin page.

Having been in the aviation game for most of my working life, being successfully hired and employed by four different airlines from ages 23 to 47 (and counting), I can show you a lot of what you need in order to make a positive impression, find a situation that works for you and then to thrive in your career for years to come.

And one other area that I may also be able to help you in is airline news. While I don’t profess to know everything in the airline industry I do know a bit. Beware of some other websites that do, or at least think they do. To me it is utter rubbish because the world however small flying makes it is a big place when it comes to the number of airline operators. Some 2000 plus in the US alone!

Frankly don’t be suckered into that line especially if they ask for money or want you to become a member of their site to get information that you’ll find here for free. Again if you’re not sure or want to ask me a question just email me via this site.

So no, I don’t know everything when it comes to who’s hiring and all the worlds’ flight attendant job openings but when I do get a whisper you can be sure you’ll know about it if you’ve registered to receive information from me.

I will add though that because I offer you and anybody else a great free gift if you can tell me of any significant changes to what I display on my website about anything, especially of any flight attendant job openings that I have missed somewhere in the world, you can be pretty sure my website is keeping pace with the changes in aviation.

So book mark this page, come back to it often, email me a question if you like or simply register to receive my free updates and you’ll automatically be in the loop.

 This is just a basic overview of what you may need to learn and think about in terms of flight attendant job openings.

The single best thing is to find a trusted source and fully utilize the knowledge of people like myself who have been there and done that. You'll learn about how to succeed, how you can find openings and put yourself in the right position, and all about the many different benefits and perks to this line of work.

But please remember, as I state in my writings, I’m totally bias about this job because I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread and I’m happy to keep doing this job until I die or retire. (Hopefully I get to choose my retirement!)

So my obvious passion is to spread the word (in this case about flight attendant job openings) and I’m happy to help you and others do what I do. Yes I’m a real person and I’m always happy to be contacted via this web site.

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