Looking For a Flight Attendant Job Opening With Any Airline?

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: Flight Attendant job opening opportunities are always in the market place with some airline somewhere in the world. Yes, while the airline industry is run by the bottom line which affects the natural rate of demand growth and therefore the number of jobs needed, there are always different economies at play around the world. There is also need to maintain workforce numbers for existing services by employing new staff to replace natural retention of those that leave, retire or move sideways into a different jobs within the company.

However if you’re wanting a flight attendant job opening to lob in your lap, here’s more news. No airline will come knocking on your door and most don’t loudly advertise that they are recruiting. (They don’t really have to as there is never a shortage of flight attendant applicants!)

Sometimes they’ll put out a low cost press release, sometimes they run a newspaper ad, sometimes they place an online employment ad through someone like ‘Seek’ or ‘find-a-job’ or similar, most often however they’ll advertise via their own website and sometimes they advertise internally.

This is a very good reason to know someone associated with the industry or someone who runs a web site like this (“who are in the know”) because it is a really is a matter in many cases of who you know and not what you know.

(It is definitely how I got my last job!)

Yes that unfortunately means for most, that the onus is on you entirely to seek, research and apply to the flight attendant job opening opportunity at any given time. Obviously this website should be used as a great time saving resource but don’t forget to also download my free PDF (via my ezine opt-in) with quick and easy links to every career web page for every airline featured on this website. I’ll give you the link shortly along with a heap more free ‘stuff’ but first...

A flight attendant job opening like I just mentioned is mostly advertised via the respective airlines website or via an advertising agency and it really is matter of logging on and checking out your chosen airlines websites.

By the way be wary of some flight attendant theme websites that claim they know or have access to the list of the airlines who are actively recruiting... in the entire world – yeh right!

Here’s my response to that claim: Bolocks!

Why Bolocks? Check out the A section of the Official Airlines of the World

There are more than 90 airlines mentioned just in the ‘A’ section alone! You then have another 25 letters of the alphabet to go through. Here’s the point: There are simply too many airlines around the world for any one-body to actively monitor any flight attendant job opening listings!

So here’s my first tip

Simply search the airline websites in your part of the world for any flight attendant job opening opportunities. This website should give you an excellent start. Simply check out the left navigation column for the featured airlines and click on your choice. You’ll discover a brief rundown of the airline without you having to search through a mine-field of websites and web-pages trying to find information that you want to know. This where possible, will also provide you with Flight Attendant Application Criteria and relevant qualifying details etc.

If you then want more info simply keep in touch via our facebook page.

Here’s my second tip

When you find the airline offering the flight attendant job opening or pending opportunities you are looking for, get prepared. While I take you through just about everything you need to know in my AFAA 3-step system let me share with you here what some airlines will expect of you with some of their online tests and exercises. Now I must emphasise that not all airlines do all the following tests and exercises but this info is given to you so that you know what you may be up against with some of them.

So following are 'example' on-line tests or exercises and assessments that you could be faced with:

NOTE: You will only get to do these in most cases of course if you fulfil the general requirement of the Flight Attendant position. Ie your application with resume meet the provided selection criteria.

There are 6 exercises that I want to share with you here with a quick example of what they mean before giving you links to further info’. Again I emphasize that the number of airlines in the world is far too great for this website to monitor and know exactly what assessment exercises they put applicants of their flight attendant job opening opportunities through so treat this is a guide only.

First up... the concentration test – This is designed to test your ability to focus and concentrate on tasks and to make as few mistakes as possible despite boredom, distraction or fatigue. You can read more about and practise a brain concentration test online here (opens in a new window)

Second we have... an analytical thinking test – We live in a computer age and the internet has become part of our daily work routine be that with flight attendant bidding, rosters, flight schedules and changes, on-line intranet courses, emergency manuals, ops notices etc. It poses the requirement for you as an employee applicant to be competent at analytical thinking skills. You can practise an analytical thinking test online here (opens in a new window)

Thirdly... an arithmetic test - Yes, good mathematical capabilities are a basic requirement for most flight attendant jobs with most airlines and arithmetic is one aspect of this. You can practise an arithmetic test online here (opens in a new window)

Forth... a vocabulary test – I have written already of the importance of flight attendant speech LINK because language skills of those in front line customer service roles need to be able to successfully communicate with customers and work colleagues alike. Vocabulary is one extension of speech and the broader your vocabulary the better.

Here are some simple vocabulary tests that you can take to see how many words you know (opens in a new window)

Fifth... an organizer task test? – Designed to highlight the ability to distinguish between things that are important and those that are not, this type of test will highlight your ability to be a good organizer. Again this is just to familiarise you with this assessment Check organizer task tests here (opens in a new window)

And lastly... work situations? – Are you really a good customer service officer / flight attendant or at least have what it takes to be one? This type of assessment is designed to see if in fact you have what it takes. You’ll be required to find a quick solution to a problem be that to assist customers or deliver a perfect standard of service. It’s also about expressing an appropriate behaviour relating to a specific situation. Take your customer service test here (opens in a new window)

Again I emphasise not every airline recruiting HR department will use all of these tests but please take some time to familiarize yourself because many do utilize some of them.

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