Your Highest Priority At Your Flight Attendant Job Interview Is To Be Immaculate In Your Presentation

You must dress to impress at your flight attendant job interview. If you cannot get this right you may as well not attend because enough of your competition will get this right and put themselves in front of you for the job.

As an interviewer I personally place that much importance on it because I take great pride in my job and working as a polished crew. To me, your presentation speaks volumes about you and your ethics at work.

The initial reason however is to appeal to the subliminal judgement system that we all have inside of us. And yes we all have it and it is a reaction that ‘just is’ so you can be diplomatic about it or deny it ever happens but it does.

In the same way I say, ‘Don’t think of a pink Elephant’ you automatically think of a PINK ELEPHANT. Try as hard as you might, in order to not think of a pink Elephant you have to think of one.

Well your ingrained and ‘past experience programmed brain’ works the same way be it at a conscious or subconscious level. You will internally judge something as soon as you are aware of it and an easy way to explain this is if you walk into a room and see a snake safely in a glass sun-box your brain will automatically say (even if you don’t like snakes) well its behind the glass I’m quite safe.

However, walk into the room, look down and see that you’ve trodden on the snake and it’s a whole new ball game! And you don’t even have to think. It happens automatically.

Well guess what. It’s the very same when you walk in for your flight attendant job interview.

An automatic reaction, thought process happens by those that are there to interview you. It’s called first impressions.

Fortunately or unfortunately it has been proven that you have less than 30 seconds to make a good first impression (some experts say far less) and once that impression is made you have virtually no chance of changing it in the time frame of an interview.

I say fortunately because if your first impression is excellent than you have achieved your objective and the best bit is that the same rule as above applies to this positive thought… once that impression is made you have virtually no chance of changing it in the time frame of an interview. And isn’t that what you want! Kick your interview off to a flying start with the interviewer already on your side with your presentation.

So your first area of concentration for your flight attendant job interview should be how do I look? You must present appropriately to the situation at hand and I go through exactly what is expected in The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews

Yes, male or female there is no excuse for less than immaculate presentation at a flight attendant job interview, simply because the first sense that is employed is the sense of sight.

This includes everything the eye sees.

You may think it is your right that you wear a ring through your nose and I applaud you for your conviction, but your potential employer doesn’t care about your conviction or subsequently you if it doesn’t fit their image.

Like it or not, the realities of life from an employer’s point of view may possibly not be yours but you can decide if you want to conform and give yourself the best chance of the job, or rebel, and simply not get the job. The fact is they are the employer, they create or more appropriately they hire to build the culture they want with the people they want.

You either are of the making and you comply with a natural willingness or you don’t. The simplicity of this is if this is too hard then I guess you shouldn’t be at a flight attendant job interview.

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