There’s More To a Flight Attendant Job Description Than First Meets The Eye

A flight attendant job description will generally emphasise a customer service focus and list the broad tasks or functions and responsibilities of the position.

It will state the qualifications looked for in the job including personality traits and life objectives such as you favour working shift hours and depending on destinations of the airline the added qualities and skills that would be considered favourable.

This could be languages for an international airline or demonstrated food and beverage handling skills for example.

A flight attendant job description in general will portray a particular lifestyle with great emphases placed on safety and great customer service and they’ll readily mention the importance of being the face of the company in all situations and the need to be adaptable to a varied lifestyle and working hours.

You’ll find airlines will differ in their descriptions however because not all flight attendant positions are the same. Some are employing to work on small commuter aircraft with little or no service while others are employing to work on jet aircraft with full service or overseas destinations and foreign languages and cultures in mind.

A flight attendant job description in general will provide a brief intro about its current workers and the company reach. To demonstrate such a description I have chosen the longest continuing serving airline in the world being QANTAS Australia for this example.

Their job description intro starts with...

QF Cabin Crew Australia Pty Ltd Flight Attendants take pride in being the face of Qantas in many different countries, all over the world. Operating over 400 flights each week, often on the new A380 aircraft, our Flight Attendants are natural, genuine and engaging people who compliment our world-class premium brand.

They then briefly sell the opportunity...

Representing Qantas brings great opportunity for everyone who joins this dynamic team environment. Meeting new people is a daily occurrence and travelling to unique international destinations presents an exciting new way of life.

And then they state the broad requirements...

As excellence in customer service and safety is integral to our success, our Flight Attendants are intuitive, caring, energetic and responsible professionals - who always make every moment with our customers count.

As the well-being of our customers is paramount, our Flight Attendants are highly trained in service and aircraft safety and can confidently deal with a variety of emergency situations.

They then ask the question and ask you to proceed further for more detailed information...

Do you have what it’s takes to deliver an exceptional customer experience? Find out more

They go on to state the ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS of the Flight attendant job description which identifies the qualities that you will need to have if you are going to be successful with your job application.

They state that Qantas Flight Attendants must be genuinely committed to customer service excellence. They then supply information that highlights the following qualities they are looking for in you as an applicant. I have picked these qualities from the paragraph or two that they display on their web site. Go there and take a look and learn how to read between the lines.

The qualities that I identified ‘between the lines’ which are important for you to know are...

  • An understanding of others
  • The ability to build rapport easily
  • The ability to contribute as a team member
  • Adaptability to any situation
  • Warm and friendly manner
  • A safety consciousness
  • Culturally aware and a likeness for diversity
  • Understanding and empathetic to others needs including children
  • Appropriately sensitive of others
  • Caring and willing to assist others
  • Knowledgeable of the importance of hygiene standards
  • Are accepting and intelligent enough to follow and be trained in aircraft safety procedures and first aid

A complete description of the qualities that airlines look for and how they are assessed in an interview situation is fully covered The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews

Their Flight attendant job description goes onto state the minimum criteria to operate within the unique aircraft environment which covers...

  • Minimum age
  • Height requirements
  • Residency status and passport requirements  
  • Certificates required including the standards of Senior First Aid and Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Your commitment to customer service and recent experience in a face-to-face role
  • Your demonstrated empathy in service with people from a variety of cultures and countries
  • You require level of health and fitness
  • Your ability to swim 50 metres fully clothed
  • Your willingness to relocate as required to any location.
  • Your experience in Food and Beverage service
  • Your demonstrated fluency in at least one of their priority or sub-priority languages

As QANTAS international is ‘international’ your language skills would be utilized in assisting their customers with both service and safety information and are therefore a sought after quality.

To complete their description they finish with the Training program requirements should you be successful in their recruitment process.

Topics and activities covered are...

  • Customer service
  • Medical aviation
  • Aircraft and personal safety
  • Emergency procedures

During your training you'll be required to...

  • Lift a 28kg aircraft window exit
  • Deal with emergencies in a smoke-filled simulator
  • Swim and assist people in the water
  • Descend an escape slide, nine metres above the ground
  • Fight fires while wearing a full face mask
  • Control people in panic situations
  • Move disabled people in evacuations

A domestic or small aircraft service would differ in its Flight attendant job description and therefore provides other opportunities to you if you don’t wish to travel internationally or relocate or even overnight in other  cities.

The best place to find more information is either via other tabs on this web site of from other individual airline sites under the ‘About Us’ tab or ‘Careers’ tab which is often found via the ‘About Us’ tab. 

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