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There is much to know in the world of flight attendant employment, and as I have traveled the world either in person or via the internet there are just so many people who, like me, have at one stage either thought very seriously about becoming a flight attendant or quite simply have had a lifelong dream about one day finding flight attendant employment with an airline and seeing their dreams take flight.

Incidentally I have a young impressionable nephew who thinks it’s a girl’s job. If only he knew that it’s a great place to meet girls and similarly for girls to meet guys, he might quickly change his thought process. But hey I’m not here to change his mind, I’m doing what I love to do and I’m only interested in telling and helping others who basically want to discover the secret that I’m living every day.

First and foremost you have to understand that:

  1. It’s not ‘just’ a girls job
  2. It is in fact a unisex job and
  3. That flight attendant employment be it through a major airline, domestic or a local commuter or connecting regional airline is contrastingly different 

For many people, flight attendant employment is all about jet setting across the globe or indeed for my nephew in his mind it’s just about ‘prancing’ up and down the aisle.

I think his pre-occupation with what he thinks the job is clouds his realization that you get to travel cheaply to great places around the world and even in your own country. You also get to work with a great bunch of people who in essence are people people. Yes the flight attendant job description will explain that for you further. They are of the same mould as you so you and consequently have many similarities which is why many of them will become your lifelong friends.

And while I’ve worked with 18 other crew on a 747 many times before which is a real hoot, can you imagine for a moment if you were to find flight attendant employment with an airline carrier who operated the A380 aircraft. Yes you could be working and over-nighting with 28 co-workers! I have to tell you that this can be some party.

That's markedly different from the experiences that you'll have on a local, regional or even domestic carrier. Sure some domestic carriers operating domestic size aircraft (Boeing 737, Airbus 320, Embraer ERJ145/190 type aircraft) do over night sometimes with 3 to 4 crew however many regional carriers don't overnight anywhere.

Flight attendant employment with a regional carrier may therefore be right up your alley, plus you could potentially be the only flight attendant on your aircraft which for some is a huge positive.

This gives you the opportunity to basically be your own boss and have more control in what you're doing. Some regional aircraft by-the-way require two flight attendants depending of course on the number of passengers the aircraft can carry. If your US based there is a requirement for there to be a 1flight attendant for 50 passenger ratio and if you’re operating down under the ratio is 1 flight attendant for 36 passengers, so you may be working with just one other person.

The good news is that even as a flight attendant with these regional and commuter operators you can often still receive great travel perks because most of the smaller airlines are either directly or indirectly tied to larger airlines and organizations, so you should be able to utilize those larger companies for your own traveling needs and interlinked discounts.

There are other differences that you'll have to consider when you're searching for flight attendant employment and considering the goals of what you want to achieve in your flight attendant career also. You'll see that different airlines vary drastically in terms of the wages and benefits they provide. This depends on factors such as the union, whether they are low cost operators, what other perks like company share schemes they may be offering and much more.

A ‘considered’ positive in regional operations is that you will get to know some of your passengers quite well. People commute on these regional routes regularly, sometimes several times per week, so you'll see some friendly faces nearly every day you go to work.

Working close to home, relatively speaking on smaller aircraft is ideal when you're seeking independence and familiarity, and particularly so for those with young families of partner commitments.

Of course you won't get very far in this line of work if you're never able to get that flight attendant employment that you've been searching for be it with a regional, domestic or international airline and while I’ve put what I know about getting a job with an airline into the, AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program.

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Yes including any flight attendant job openings that come to my attention.

So above all else always remember that flight attendant employment is not necessarily an even playing field. Some jobs and positions will be very different from other ones, and different people will be looking for different kinds of experiences and situations. To succeed, realize that it’s not just a ‘girls job’, have an open mind and stay ahead of the game with the newest job openings and the latest tips for success and you'll be well on your way.

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