Etihad Airlines - the world’s fastest growing commercial airline!

Etihad Airlines is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a global network of 60 world-class destinations.

The UAE lies in an arid tropical zone that borders both the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. It experiences high temperatures in summer and high humidity along the coast. There are quite distinct variations in climate between the coastal regions, the deserts of the interior and mountainous areas.

November through to March sees a moderate, warm climate through the day with temperatures averaging 26°C, with temperatures dropping to a very comfortable average of 15°C during the night time.

The humidity like most tropical zones rises in the summer months, between June and August. Average rainfall for wet weather lovers is a very 6.5 centimetres annually of which most of it falls during December and January.

With the utmost emphasis on safety, Etihad was awarded the title of the World’s Leading Airline in late 2009.

2010 saw 4 awards received of:

Best Business Class Airline - Irish Travel Trade Awards 2010

Best Airline to the Middle East and Africa - Irish Travel Trade Awards 2010

Best Airline to Asia Pacific - Irish Travel Trade Awards 2010

Best Long-Haul Airline - Business Travel Awards 2010.

James Hogan the Chief Executive Officer states that, “to stay at the top we need the world’s leading talent. So if you are the sort of person who thrives on winning, cares about detail and has a passionate can-do attitude to customers and colleagues, they look forward to hearing from you”.

Etihad airlines operates around five corporate values namely:

• Acting positively: to be open, honest, and supportive in all that you do

Caring about detail: to anticipate guest needs, “Get it right”, and always be consistent

Taking responsibility: to take initiative, be proactive and persistent

Delivering best practice: to always be “Safety aware”, efficient and strive to be better

Inspiring our customers: to be passionate, caring and inspirational

Etihad states that, ‘It is the world’s fastest growing commercial airline and offers significant opportunities for its people to pursue their professional and personal goals’.

As the world’s fastest growing commercial airline, Etihad Airlines always offers significant opportunities for its people to pursue their professional and personal goals.They list a host of quite unique benefits and compile great employment packages for Abu Dhabi based staff which includes:

Tax-free pay

Accommodation (depending on grade/role)

Education allowance (depending on grade/role)

Health insurance

End of service benefits

Reduced airline fares and Etihad Holidays packages

Discounts on goods and services, including hotels and restaurants

Special facilities such as gyms and medical care

Etihad airlines expect cabin crew to exceed their our guests’ expectations and to provide the UAE hospitality stated as, ‘Cultured, considerate, warm and generous’.

Obviously Flight Attendants are at the forefront of safety for all guests.

However, you are also very much considered to be the prime ambassadors of Etihad airlines being in the front line customer contact role.

You will need to be everything as stated in the core values of a light Attendant today program including verbs such as:





And possess a genuine passion for customer service.

Should you become a Flight Attendant with Etihad Airways you will work alongside a very diverse team of similarly dedicated people. You’ll get to fly on very modern aircraft and your roster will take you to over 50 destinations worldwide.

Your potential new Flight Attendant career starts with your application.

The first two Steps to a successful application with Etihad Airways are:

1) Make sure that you meet their minimum criteria 

2) Complete the online application form (Check your application thoroughly before you submit it.

Again, there are other steps that you are advised to follow or address in any application as out lined in The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews as it is critical that you impress the cabin crew recruitment team who will fully assess your application against their ‘current criteria’.

Make absolutely sure that you meet all of them or you will fail to be invited to attend any of their assessment days when they recruit in your country.

Should you be invited to an assessment day you will need to make sure that you complete any forms that you have been asked to prepare for the day and don’t forget to bring the required documents.

The assessment day will see you go through a number of different stages provided you are successful at each. This process should be completed all in one day however, it will in most cases be a long day.

The assessments vary and include activities such as:

A reach test to ensure that you meet minimum requirements 

An English test 

Group activities to assess your team-working and customer service skills

NOTE: Video Manual 2 of the AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program outlines these Group type interviews in great detail

And finally...

A final individual interview

Again, Video Manual 3 of the AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program is the holy grail for your interviews and is your gateway to a lifestyle like no other if you nail it!

It fully explains the proven formula for answering Flight Attendant Interview questions and gives you example questions that you are likely to get at your airline interview and their answers. 

This is a gold mine of resources for any applicant - (Far too many good people don’t know this and is the very reason they come away from their interview not really confident about how they did).

As per any assessment day you will have heaps of opportunity to ask questions and get to know Etihad the Airline and its people better. You are advised to take full advantage this opportunity.

For more information on the how to of Etihad Airlines Flight Attendant jobs and career availability with other airlines check out our facebook page from post to post as news becomes available. 

You are also invited to view The Secrets of flight Attendant Interviews

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