Easyjet Airlines Are Turning Europe Orange With an Amazing Number of Cabin Crew Vacancies

Easyjet Airlines ask you to join the next generation of easyJet people!

They state that "their people" are defined by a state of mind including their passengers referred to as travelers. You will be bursting with contagious energy, and you will never turn down a challenge.

You will be a person that doesn't wait for things to happen but will forge your own path, follow your dreams and enjoy every single minute of it.

That is what they call “Orange Spirit”.

Easyjet Airlines have cabin crew vacancies that you can currently apply for in the bases of:

• Geneva 



Belfast International


Liverpool John Lennon

Milan Malpensa

London Stansted

London Luton

London Gatwick

Paris Orly

Paris Charles de Gaulle


Berlin Shoenefeld


Standby for more info on minimum requirements and I’ll share an outline of the assessment process for you in a moment but first a little about the company.

Easyjet Airlines was founded in 1995 by Sir Stelios Haji-loannou with flights operating between Luton to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Fast forward to 2008 and Easyjet facts state that it operated to over 400 routes to some 27 different countries with a fleet of 175 aircraft carrying more than 50% of its passengers originating from outside the UK. As far as numbers are concerned, the month ending October 2010 Easyjet carried 4,582,632 passengers which translates to a load factor of 88.2%. This was up from the 12 months previous of 4,219,096 in October 2009 a load factor of 86.8%.

Incidentally by 2010 Easyjet airlines had increased their destination count from 400 to over 500 destinations. Some journey in less than two short decades however...

As of 2017, easyjet is now Europe's number one network servicing 132 airports, 31 countries and 802 routes.

With a vision of turning Europe Orange with low fares and taking people where they want to go, when they want to go and they do it with fantastic crew. 

Initially focusing on the pleasure market they Fly to primary airports being the destination holiday makers really want to go as opposed to the outskirts of popular city destinations.

They know that over 300 million people live within an hour of an Easyjet Airlines service and when you offer what the customer wants company growth and profitability can and do happen.

This demographic and reach of their service has enabled them to up-scaled their focus to include a business market which is proving to be a very identified and profitable market for Easyjet with now some 18% of their passengers being business travelers. Their route structure and flight times have definitely provided a convenience and attractiveness to a broad market in both leisure and business.

Easyjet Airlines truely believe that the customer is truly central to the profitability of the airline and therefore its people are in effect relied on to, “Make a Difference”.

All staff including crew truly understand that bums on seats pays their wages and is a business plan that works

Easyjet looks at all aspects of their business with a driving passion to deliver service to its customers even down to website design and use with more than 90% of its customers booking flight through its website.

Very much a Pioneering airline following a proven good, resilient and robust business model you’ll notice when you visit the Easyjet Airlines website that you’ll find a list of services that not only serves the customer with what they want but is central to executing margin improvement on their core product.

Certainly other airlines do it too but a simple click on their hotels and apartments tab for example brings up a web page that gives pretty much everything a passenger wants from information about where to stay, how to get around including, airport parking car hire and even how to get to and from airports on the fastest and most direct routes.

They understand that the more things they sell the more they make and they do that for the customer in the easiest way possible.

Working for Easyjet Airlines - Four simple questions

Are you passionate about delivery of service to customers with the ability to make passengers feel at home? 

Are you ready to work as part of the cabin crew team? 

Are you willing to take on individual responsibility for the cabin operation and the type of customer service that puts bums back into another easyjet seat? 

Are you ready to be the responsible professional and enforce the strong safety first culture embraced by all company employees?

Then you are the type of person that should be able to meet with the 10 areas of key responsibilities they ask for in their cabin crew but before you apply be sure you meet with the following minimum requirements.

Minimum requirements: You...

• Are 18 years old plus 

Are physically fit and will literally fly through a medical assessment

Can speak fluent English and write it with the same authority.... or

Are fluent in the native language of the country you are employed plush English

Can swim 25 metres and tread water for at least 1 minute

Obviously have the right to live, work and travel in the EU without restriction

Are educated and confident in the being front line service personal

Have not visible tat’s or body piercings

NOTE: If these can be covered ‘discreetly’ then you may still meet the minimum requirements

• Have a verifiable 5 year working history and... • Can be at work within 90 minutes of any callout covering a 24/7 roster


You have access to a Microsoft based PC and the internet, to complete approximately 8 hours of computer based study before the start of your training course. Meet all these minimum requirements and you are set to apply for a position as flight attendant with easyjet airlines.

By the way you’ll have to register online via their web page where you’ll click Register then click, ‘Are you applying for a new vacancy’ then click the proceed button

You’ll then be asked (based on my sign up experience) if you are...

Applying for a UK or European base (other than Switzerland) or; 

Applying for a Swiss base (Geneva or Basel)

Click appropriate and you’ll then arrive at a Current Vacancy page that states:

‘Under the Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990, by submitting this application form you are declaring that all information you provide is accurate and true to the best of your knowledge. Thank you for choosing to apply for the role of cabin crew with easyJet.

Then simply fill out your online application registration and you will be issued with a password. Success from this point will see you attend an assessment day by invitation.

There are two types of assessment days:

1. A one day assessment where they assess up to 60 people which can last up to 8 hours


2. A 3-day assessment where you will likely be amongst up to 200 other people! Hence the importance of Step-2 two of the AFAA 3-step system. Yes should you get through your ability tests such as maths and English to at least a GCSE grade C equivalent standard, they will be looking to you to get involved in activities during the second part of the day where you will be asked to participate in up to 2 group exercises and to show enthusiasm along with all the other core criteria of choosing their flight attendants as outlined in Step-2.

These activities are generally fun for you and prove to be very informative exercises for the interviewers as they get to see your behaviour for the first time in a group scenario.

Continued success will see you invited to a personal interview. During the interview you’ll be assessed for targeted competencies (skills relevant to the role of cabin crew) and you are required to give specific and detailed examples from your work history which demonstrate the required competencies looked for. Again, I encourage you to purchase and study the complete AFAA package because there is not the space to provide all the information here and it’s all in there for you.

Suggested Easyjet Preparation

As any normal job search you should be looking to find out as much as you can about easyJet as you can. The web page with this info should be just your start.

Find out:

• What Easyjet the airline actually does – Look at their business model, how it makes money including knowledge of their history 

Where are they based and where do they fly

What are their current initiatives and future plans such as what is their environmental code and what is their 'Carbon Offset Profile' all about 

Who the key people in the Easyjet Airlines organisation including the CEO 

TIPS: Remember that their style of interview questions are exactly as as are outlined in the AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program. Be on time to your interview, give equal attention to each interviewer on the panel, ask a few pertinent questions at the end of your interview and above all be honest at your interview.

Finally: Realise that your body language will speak ahead of you so relax, be calm, maintain eye contact and show friendly confidence and genuine interested during your interview.

Go ahead, smile and be yourself!

Does a career with an Easyjet airlines appeal to you?

For more information on the how to of Easyjet Flight Attendant jobs and career availability with other airlines check out our facebook page from post to post as news becomes available. 

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To the top of Easyjet Airlines


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