Corporate Flight Attendant Training

Broaden Your Horizons

Corporate flight attendant training opens up a whole new world of opportunities and provides added responsibilities to the job role of regular public transport (RPT) flight attendants.

It is much more independent and solitary than RPT and for the most part more personal and business orientated.

While Corporate Flight Attendant Training teaches everything that you must know as an RPT flight attendant, it gets very job specific remembering that you are very often a ‘one off’ flight attendant on a business jet that rarely flies to any schedule or common route structure. One day you might be in New York or Dallas and the next you might be in Paris or Sydney Australia. And that’s the total excitement of it.

In addition to the normal emergency training that all flight attendants are required to do such as:

  • Land evacuation
  • Water ditching
  • Window exits
  • Fire drills
  • Slide operation and use
  • Emergency equipment location and use

Your corporate training also includes Self-Defence which is now becoming common practice amongst all RPT especially since 911.

Many schools also include a training module on Blood Borne Pathogens and I guess the reasoning for this is that you never know where you‘ll be working once you graduate from corporate training school.

It maybe for Medi-Evac services or organ transplant transports that require you have knowledge in the handling and transport of blood and blood products.

In addition to the emergency side of things that is a must know component and competency of your training governed by the FAA or aviation governing body of your country you will also receive training in crew resource management (CRM) and of course general first aid training. 

Additionally, while it is taken for granted when you operate RPT, you’ll also learn about Hotel Security, Airport access and layover protocol.

The thing to remember when you fly ‘Corporate’ is that in most instances you are it. Now apart from the potential possibilities that you are open to within business aviation, the buck stops with you as the solo flight attendant. Incidentally don’t let that frighten you because while there are some so-called average positions as flight attendants in the corporate world, there are also some absolutely brilliant ones also.

It’s like most things in life, once you get some experience under your belt you not only become more employable on the open market but you can apply with much more confidence to the better jobs available in business aviation.

Yes some in the corporate world own their own planes and others rent them. That’s not to say that those that rent them don’t have good work going, it means rather that for those corporations that own them have enough work to justify their ownership.

For you that means more work and if truly an international company anything from remote International destinations to the big cities and even bigger lights.

The greatest plus however would be full time work with the same company which can be a huge plus especially when first starting out or in a tight market. 

If you think this is your world and proceed with Corporate Flight Attendant training you’ll learn more about:

  • Corporate Duties & Responsibilities
  • Corporate Aircrafts and the different types of business jets and their ‘idiosyncrasies’
  • Catering for 5 Star Presentations and Garnishing
  • Food Safety
  • Cleaning

Incidentally food safety, catering and garnishing is a huge component of corporate flight attendant training. You’ll need to know about transport, storage of food (cold and hot,) ordering, presentation and serving, accounting and waste disposal.

I’ll say again that ‘Corporate work’ provides added responsibilities to the job role of regular public transport (RPT) flight attendants and you can now see some of those responsibilities.

Many of the jobs that become available to flight attendants that have been through Corporate Flight Attendant training are highly competitive and lucrative. However, it often means that the learning curve for those that have not been bought up in or related to the Corporate world is steep.

As such, Corporate Flight Attendant Training includes modules on:

  • Resume Writing
  • Marketing Yourself in the Corporate Flight Industry
  • Interview Procedures questions/answers
  • Scheduling /Dispatch questions that you should ask as Flight Attendant for each trip
  • Business Protocol
  • Business Etiquette
  • Company Hierarchy
  • Time Management
  • Wine Presentation
  • Expense reports / trip sheets
  • General Check Lists
  • Proper Grooming and Dress For Corporate Flight Attendants

I might stress here that before you settle on any Corporate Flight Attendant Training that there are good training companies and there are not so good training companies.

Corporate Flight Attendant Training

My advice is that before you pay the bucks (and they can be substantial bucks) you ensure that the course content includes at least what you have read on this web page.

By the way the ‘substantial bucks’ we are talking about here is upwards of $4000 for a 5 day training course.

Now in anyone’s language that’s a lot of bickies so please do your due diligence on any corporate flight attendant training that is offered in the market place.

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