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Colgan Air, Inc, a regional airline headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pinnacle Airlines Corp which is a publically traded holding company. Colgan Air which first took to the skies in 1991 operates as a Continental connection, United Express and US Airways Express. Operating 350 daily flights with 14 Q400 and 34 Saab 340 aircraft to 53 cities in 15 states and Canada, Colgan has established a reputation for exceptional service. Employing more than 1300 staff, the regional airline moved 2.5 million passenger in the 2008 financial year.

History of Colgan Air

In 1965, Charles J. Colgan Sr. and sixteen stockholders organized Colgan Airways Corporation that became the fixed based operator at Manassas Airport. In 1970 the company began scheduled airline operations. 

Originally operating between Manassas and Washington's Dulles and Poughkeepsie, NY in 1970, the company grew to operating 9 aircraft that flew to 12 cities by 1986. The company was then sold to Presidential Airlines at Dulles International Airport and when Presidential collapsed, Charles J. Colgan, Sr. and his son Mike Colgan reinvented the company and took to the air again in with just one plane.

It wasn’t until July 1, 1997 that Colgan Air became a Continental Connection via an alliance-code share agreement with Continental Airlines.

Colgan Air then expanded under a code-share agreement in December 1999 as a US Airways Express Carrier. It was then some 6 years later in the March of 2005 that they reintroduced the Continental Connection. Later in the October of that same year, the airline took up a code share agreement with United Express.

A strategic acquisition then took place in January 2007 by the now parent company Pinnacle Airlines to offer far greater opportunities to diversify and expand. The acquisition gave access to three more of the eight major carriers in the United States and now Pinnacle Airlines Corporation also provides service as a Continental Connection, Northwest Airlink, US Airways Express and United Express.

Flight attendant job summary and Flight attendant job description for Colgan Air

As an operating flight attendant you are charged with the responsibility to ensure the safety of yourself, the passengers and crew on board your flight. You’ll do this as an operating crew member in the chain of command under the captain through compliance with company standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and the FARs during all boarding, in-flight and deplaning activities.

You duties & responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

Greet passengers on boarding to verify tickets and to direct and assist passengers to their seats – (This includes helping pax with the storage of carry-on luggage)
You must be able to explain the use of and be able to use safety equipment
Preparing the cabin for take-off and landing in line with the requirements of applicable FAR''s prior to take-off and landing
Assists and serve all passengers with snacks and beverages including unaccompanied minors, infirm or handicapped passengers
Be fully compliant and capable as a first aider and apply as required in reference to the company first aid manual

Maintain a high quality product and provide a great service to passengers and be able to interact and communicate with them in a friendly and positive tone of voice

Participate in and pass annual recurrent training. This is referred to as SEP training and will from time to time require you to take instructional or development courses to further your development, knowledge and skill base to meet with company changes and job responsibilities in the Flight Attendant position
You must also be able to lead and be lead under the Chain of Command. The Captain has over all responsibility for the aircraft he is flying and you as operating crew member must be able to listen, take direction and act decisively in an operational or emergency situation.

What are the minimum Qualifications required to be a Flight attendant with Colgan air?

Colgan has a very low minimum entry age of just 18 years however you must have a combination of education work experience that enables you to be able to perform the functions of a flight attendant. They also state that you require one year of customer service and airline operations experience which will be hard to achieve for anyone in 18 short years.

And yes you must be a US Citizen or at least have the right to work in the US as governed by the Immigration Act of 1996.

Education requirements are pretty industry standard with a high school diploma or GED required which means that you can read and write English fluently because you are also expected to have excellent communication skills with passengers and crew. Ultimately you will need to be able to make operating decisions with confidence.

Health wise you must be physically fit and be able to lift 60 pounds to shoulder height. Your vision can be correctable to 20/40 and one that I have not seen stated as such before and that is you must have use of all five senses.

NOTE: As a flyer of almost 20 years I’d personally suggest that you develop your 6th sense as well!

Obviously all prospective flight attendants with Colgan have to be well groomed, and practice good hygiene. Something that The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews discusses in depth. 

Due to the aircraft that Colgan fly you must be less than 6 feet tall and operationally you must be able to work a variety of shifts, including weekends, holidays and overtime.

Ground school is 2 to 3 weeks of classroom training.
Colgan run open houses from time to time and if called you MUST bring the following documents:

Current Resume
Valid Driver's License
Social Security Card or Right to Work
Enlarged copies of each

You must also be able to provide 10 years of background information which includes names, addresses, & phone numbers of previous employers. Your education information is also required.

For more information on the how to of Colgan Air Flight Attendant jobs and career availability with other airlines check out our facebook page from post to post as news becomes available. 

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