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CAL has come a long way since its launch with one C54 aircraft and two PBY amphibious aircraft in 1959 with a start/up capitalization of less than US15,000 in todays currency conversion dollars!

NOTE: The Consolidated PBY Catalina was an American flying boat of the 1930s and 1940s produced by Consolidated Aircraft. If you’ve not seen pictures of this magnificent flying machine check out the PBY Catalina Amphibious aircraft on Wikipedia here

Today CAL have a fleet 98 aircraft.

This includes:

  • 77 Passenger Jets
  • 21 Freighters

They fly to more than 90 destinations in 28 countries throughout Europe, Asia, America, Oceana and Taiwan.


Their aircraft line-up includes:

13 x B747-400

6 x A340-300

18 x A330-300

10 x B737-800

19 x B747-400F

The current average age of the fleet is 8 years.

Cal employs approximately 10,500 employees of which 8,500 are Taiwan based and the balance are stationed at various locations overseas.

China Airlines are committed to serving their passengers and customers who deal with them and while the GFC dented the confidence of business around the world with subsequent effect for CAL, you can be sure that as the economy rebounds so to with passenger numbers and aircraft delivery.

As new aircraft come on board, recruitment will respond with opportunities for flight attendant positions. China Airlines look to recruit outstanding personnel all around the world in-line with their expansion plans and provide attractive remuneration and benefits packages in order to do so.

The benefits package includes:

Medical insurance

Discount tickets

Retirement schemes and various insurance plans

China Airlines have their own flight training centre (located at No. 1, Hangzhan S Rd., Dayuan Township, Taoyuan County 33758, Taiwan) which caters to Proficiency Training and Checks for flight deck and cabin crew.

Facilities include:

• Smoke/Decompression mock-up Trainer: (This can fill the cabin with smoke when required to simulate a ‘true-life’ experience so that the crew are able to practice procedures in smoke situations.)

• Cabin training mock-ups (This comes complete with a video recorder to monitor trainee's Performance that Flight Attendant trainees can playback to review their performance) 

• Door trainers for:






All doors meet all legal requirements and provide a ‘true-life’ experience in operation of doors.

NOTE: (Cabin crew may be required to evacuate passengers in any emergency including fire and ditching via all available and suitable exits. The bench mark evac time allowed to evacuate a full aircraft of ‘unrehearsed passengers’ using 50% of the aircrafts exits is just 90 seconds.

• Emergency equipment trainers (This provides for door slides and their operation and evacuation drills in case of emergency.)

• Ditching pool with Side raft and Raft (The ditching pool is used to train crew members in the handling of different types of aircraft slide rafts and rafts and requires crew to also pull passengers from the water into the raft. 

• Actual fire fighting mockup This enables the crew to practice in a ‘real life’ simulated lavatory and galley fire for different types of aircraft.)

All flight attendant trainees and flight deck crew must have hands-on practice and familiarity with all types of fire extinguishers and know all real fire fighting drills and techniques.

Would you like to attended the CAL Flight Training Centre as a flight attendant trainee?

Does a career with an China airlines appeal to you?

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