Looking To Be A Career Flight Attendant?

If you’re looking to be a career flight attendant then I can only say go for it! While I started more than 25 years ago a lot has changed as you would expect in over two decades of flying but essentially the job itself has not and the lifestyle is still brilliant with the right airline.

You are still for the best part, a high flying safety officer who is possessed with customer service skills and who likes to go to work in an aluminium tube that zips through the sky at ridiculous speeds. 

As to where you land is where the lifestyle bit kicks in and that is dependent on the airline that you fly for. I guess that when you first start out, particularly now-days (I’m not really that old, I just started really young!) it is important to remember that it doesn’t really matter what airline you start with so long as you get a flying job because nothing needs to be forever.

Some are lucky enough to start and finish their careers with the same airline however many others are not. As a career flight attendant I’ve flown with four different airlines in my time to date and who knows if this is the last. Such is the airline game and the competition that is in the market place. 

Aircraft are notoriously expensive to run and maintain and airlines are run by accountants not people people. 

The news in that is that not everything is based on the bottom line as much as accountants will argue that it is.

I have seen the cost saving measures put in place particularly since deregulation hit our skys and some of it made me and others who are front-line to the passengers simply shake our heads.

This might be digressing a little but I think it is important just here – Accountants think in numbers; the bigger the income the lower the costs the more the profit. Unfortunately a career flight attendant thinks differently. They see passengers as people not wallets of cash.

They the bean counters know that you, me, passengers certainly like cheap fares but we also like service and its service that keeps an affluent demographic coming back to buy another ticket, not just a cheap ticket and certainly not a ‘lack of service’.

As we all know, some airlines make it and sadly others don’t which means that you will very possibly be looking for another flying joy through choice or force at some stage in your flying career.

This could even mean that you take an intentional demotion. Personally I held some great management positions in the past and I too have also had to adjust my job role ambitions from time to time. That is just part of the process and personally for me it just means that I focus more on personal goals like this flight attendant website for example rather than work goals.

Anyway what does that mean to you if you have the goal to be a career flight attendant? Simply go for it because it really is a sensational way to make a living, pay the bills and see beyond the four walls of a normal retail or office job. I look at what my flying friends are up to and where they are via face book as I travel around the country and while I’m somewhere thousands of miles from home, I sometimes wish I was where they are, also thousands of miles from home.

Yes after all these years I still want to see more of the world and I guess also you will too if you have the same outlook some 2 decades down the track. My friends are no different. You could propbably say it’s in our blood.

Again, I have seen many people who would like to follow my path and is the very reason for the creation of this website and the AIRLINES program to fast track your way to becoming a flight attendant. If you’ve not yet seen the AIRLINES program I have put together in addition to all the info on this site you can check out the complete AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program below.

I might add... some of my friends started out as flight attendants 20 years ago and are still flight attendants today and are still loving it.

If you have aspirations to go further within the ranks so to speak then you might want to take a look at your flight attendant career advancement options.

More information on airlines and Flight Attendant jobs and career availability with every other airline on this web site (plus others) can be viewed via our facebook page from post to post as news becomes available.

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