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Information on the what, where, when and how of being a Flight Attendant is extremely sought after and extensively proven by the internet searches on the topic from right around the world. And in addition to finding out what airlines are advertising for current flight attendant jobs, web searchers want information and very specific information becoming a Flight Attendant.

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The ‘back-end’ beauty of the web for searchers and information suppliers of course is that statistics can be and are gathered effortlessly and accurately. For the uninitiated, everything that you or anyone else types into a search box on Google or any search engine for that matter is automatically recorded somewhere. 

Certainly Google accumulate staggering statistics however, for those that operate in this case, airline and flight attendant information websites, the searches only relative to their site can be accessed via the website back office. 

The brilliance of this information, particularly over time is that information or web site content can be tailor made to the searches being made by you. A high quality content website is subsequently found almost by default by many different search terms. While some search terms are seemingly random, many are in fact questions that you simply want answered.

The most identified search questions can then provide the foundation for better or more specific answers for those questions.

The Top 5 Questions Asked About Becoming a Flight Attendant

SOURCE:Statics and answers supplied are for this very website, ‘ which were gathered and compiled over a 4 month period from March 2016 through to June 2016.

The most asked question about becoming a flight attendant for June 2016 was, ‘What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a flight attendant?’

ANSWER: The answer to the advantages could be very lengthy however lifestyle, travel benefits and shiftwork always rate highly. The disadvantages are seemingly a lot less although like a stated advantage, shiftwork can sometimes be a rather large negative especially for new flight attendants. 

Early starts can be the Bain of some airline hubs and for those that fly against the clock, jet lag is never fun to experience.

The general contention from most airline flight attendants is that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. This is seen to be very true when the length of the average flight attendant service life is considered.

The most asked question about becoming a flight attendant for May 2016 was, ‘How do you compile a flight attendant resume’?

ANSWER: The high number of applicants and quality of the competition that apply for flight attendant jobs dictates that your flight attendant resume must perfect.

Obviously the content is individual but format and style of your resume should aim to be perfect. Your resume and very probably your accompanying cover letter will be the first impression that you put forward. 

Your resume must have the sole intention of getting you an interview. It is in effect your silent salesman and while features tell and benefits sell, your resume must address the criteria and should be brief and to the point.
Ideally never longer than two pages unless extremely justified or asked for.

Black font sized between 10 and 12 is optimal and Arial, Tahoma or Calibri are good font alternatives to times Roman or Arial.

The most asked question about becoming a flight attendant for April 2016 was, ‘What are the 5 qualities of an airline attendant in Qantas?’

ANSWER: The Qantas website states the Essential Requirements of the Flight Attendant job description. In addition to being genuinely committed to customer service excellence, the top 5 qualities that are implied from the information supplied are:

That you possess a safety consciousness

You have the ability to be a team player

You have the skill to be understanding and empathetic to all passengers

You have great communication skills

That you are genuine to the job role of flight attendant

The most asked question about becoming a flight attendant for March 2016 was shared between, ‘What is flight attendant rolling reserve and how do you impress at a flight attendant interview?’

ANSWER: First, rolling reserve: Reserve or reserve duty means to be on standby or call out duty. Rolling reserve, while referred to under various terms means duty that is assigned to you either as a block or roster at roster build time or changes to your roster due operational requirements whereby you will be allocated reserve duty.

All flight attendant jobs will likely attract reserve or rolling reserve duty periods at some stage of a roster or rosters period.

The high cost and low margins of most Airlines dictates that aircraft have to be in the air to make money, however aviation has very strict operating safety standards which can cause maintenance delays. 

This in turn places pressure on maximum work hours of crew which the airline must be able to ideally replace at short notice. This is where a flight attendant on reserve duty would be called to crew a particular flight.

Flight attendant jobs obviously attract many more search enquiries but it’s these searches that can be seen as questions that need to be answered to provide good quality information to anyone and in this instance, those searchers wanting a flying job in aviation.

And now the second shared question of, ‘How do you impress at a flight attendant interview’

ANSWER: Two things that must be realised by any flight attendant applicant is that people’s sense of sight is the first of our 6 senses used and once we form an opinion of someone it is very hard to change it in the time frame of an interview.

That means that before anything, you have to be immaculate in your presentation. It means dressing for the occasion of an interview and to pay attention to small detail. This includes shiny shoes, manicured hands, straight tie, correct length skirt or trousers, correct arm length of your coat and shirt, no more than 3 rings to be worn and never on your fore finger or thumb and yes even clean teeth and fresh breathe. 

Presentation is dressing to a standard that stands out in excellence and gets noticed. Flight attendant jobs are front line to the public and you will be representing the company every time you wear the uniform so your very first step to impressing at your interview is to dress to impress.

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