So You Want to Apply for Flight Attendant Positions and need more information

How do you apply for flight attendant positions?

What do you need to know, do, say, etc? 

How do you fill out resumes? 

What do you include, what do you NOT include? 

Who do you reference, what font do you use, what are the rules for being different so that you stand out from the crowd?

Well these and many more questions are my specialty. So much so that you could say that I wrote the book on it. If you’ve not yet seen it I’ll link you to it in a moment but first…

Why On Earth do You Want To Be a Flight Attendant

The easy answer from my perspective is because it is the best job you can ever have and if it’s not… then it’s very close to it!

However, that’s my answer and you need to find your answer because you will lead a very different lifestyle to most other jobs.

This can mean being away from home for days at a time, very early starts or weekend work and even working on your birthday.

It’s a 24/7 job and for me I love it. If you’ve worked out ‘your WHY' then find out the facts…

Airline Research:

Who do you want to apply to? If you don’t know then go on a fact finding mission and find out everything that should be of interest to you and get a good rounding and background of information about the company. This will prove particularly important in your interviews.

As you can see down the left navigation bar, there is a long list of featured airlines and the list is growing regularly. This will give you a great overview of each airline and should avail you of enough info to be able to make an informed decision.

Airline Career News, Information and Application Details

Once you’ve decided on an airline or at least one that looks to be in your ‘interest band’ and you would like to perhaps apply for flight attendant positions with them, then you need to get a little more serious and spend some more time to see if:

a) They are actually employing and when

b) You meet with the selected employment criteria

c) You have the necessary qualifications

d) You would like to be domiciled at their nominated bases

e) You can apply online today or at some future date

f) There is anything about them or the job role that you don’t want to be a part of

Now if you’re like a lot of other ‘searchers of information’ who want to apply for flight attendant positions, you’ll want to do this for and with a number of airlines.

Apply for Flight Attendant jobs

This is where I have made it easy for you. Simply like our facebook page - (link below)

Yes of course check-out this website but once you have found your nugget of information, FB is simply the most convenient way to keep in touch. Yes you can post me a question there and I try to reply as quickly as I can on most occasions.

So What About...

1. The secrets of successfully submitting your resume (and cover letter) when you apply for flight attendant positions to an Airline of your choice 

2. How to avoid the interview cull process and…

3. How to literally blitz your one-on-one interview.

I guess it’s unfortunate because worldwide statistical data reveals that more than 97% of applicants fail the interview process. In fact, these statistics are born out by the publicized figures from Southwest (resume application figures)

To a large extent, from the experience that I have gained having been either the subject of or the conductor of interviews, flight attendant applicants fail because they don’t know the system the airlines use to select their flight attendants.

The Good News is...

If you want to apply for flight attendant positions then the good news is that this has been my passion and is the very reason that this website and the AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program was written and now in video. After years (well about 25 years in the ‘system’) one could say that I have seen enough to write a book about it - in fact several.

More information on airlines and Flight Attendant jobs and career availability with every other airline on this web site (plus others) can be viewed via our facebook page from post to post as news becomes available.

You're also invited to view The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews for more information.

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