Alternative Airlines Jobs with Delta Airlines

Yes, alternative airlines jobs to that of flight attendant are available with Delta Airlines today right now. In fact there are literally dozens of them. At the time of writing December / 10 there were some 87 listed jobs. Airlines, particularly those the size of Delta airlines employ (according to Wikipedia) approximately 75 thousand personnel at any given time so it’s very easy to understand that airlines of such size have such great diversity in the jobs they offer and the people they employ.

Servicing over 900 cities across the globe (more than any other airline in the world) , Delta Airlines aim to ensure that every passenger enjoys their flight experience. It is the very reason that alternative airlines jobs are so many and support such ethnic diversity in the people who work in those job positions.

Alternative airlines jobs

A small example of alternative airlines jobs available with Delta Airlines (and many others) include:

Airport Customer Service Gate/Ticket Agents

Cargo Positions">

College Opportunities/Programs

Corporate Positions

Delta Community Credit Union

Flight Attendants 

Information Technology

International Opportunities/Positions

Ramp Operations / Baggage Handler


Technical Operations

Airport Customer Service Gate/Ticket Agents

This job puts you in the front-line to customers where you will help passengers from literally the terminal door to the aircraft door.

You can easily make or break an intending passengers experience right here so for those employed in this position will have an outgoing personality with a truck-load of patience, tolerance and ‘customer service skills polish.’

You will need to be a minimum of 18 years of age, have a H.S. diploma/GED equivalent, and possess current authorization to work in the U.S. to be able to apply to this job.

Cargo Positions

Not all of Delta Airlines operation is about passenger transport. This position sees employees liaise and provide information to clients such as cargo rates, freight tracking, complaint resolution and freight movement. A natural inclusion of this job includes the selling of cargo space and ensuring the proper delivery of all cargo to the dedicated aircraft to meet quoted delivery times.

Again, you’ll have to have a H.S. diploma/GED equivalent and possess current authorization to work in the U.S. to be able to apply to this job.

Alternative airlines jobs also include College Opportunities/Programs

These programs are about giving you a taste of the real world to position you for success in growing your career. From Aerospcae to finance to cargo and transport, the possibilities are plentiful at Delta Airlines.

To take advantage of this program you’ll need to be enrolled in a 4 year college or graduate level program and of course authorized to work in the U.S.

NOTE: Delta does not provide sponsorship at anytime.

Corporate Positions

Corporate professionals at Delta airlines directly support and bolster passenger service delivery and ensure standards are met and maintained or improved. Opportunities exist in management of all sorts be that Human resources, OH&S, ramp service, logistics or finance, risk management, sales accounts managers or Health and Welfare to name a few.

Yes you guessed it; minimum age to apply is 18 years with a H.S. diploma/GED equivalent.

Alternative airlines jobs at Delta include the Community Credit Union

Delta airlines are always looking for professionals—from entry–level to highly skilled. If Finance is your gig then the community credit union might be your preferred option. - Other opportunities include Marketing, Human Resources, Investments & Insurance, OH&S or even training.

Previous banking, money, finance, accounting or credit union experience is preferred. Specific positions will have qualifying requirements as per their job descriptions however your minimum entry level provided you are 18 years of age is a H.S. diploma/GED equivalent, with no restriction to work in the U.S.

Information Technology

The Delta Airlines IT division are professionals with knowledge, experience, creativity and passion. To work in this Alternative airlines jobs division you’ll have to; ‘deliver leading-edge solutions to enhance performance at each point in the passenger experience.

International Opportunities/Positions

Now this truly is a great one for Alternative airlines jobs because no matter where you are in the world the opportunity is there if you have:

Language skills

A natural customer focus and service skills

Are willing to be an ambassador for Delta Airlines

If you want to be part of a global team that is taking the world's largest airline to new heights be you in Cairo, Mumbai, Tokyo, Johannesburg or Paris then climb aboard because there is opportunity waiting for you.

Alternative Airlines Jobs

Ramp Operations / Baggage Handler

Are you strong? Do you like working out doors? Do take pride in making sure that a passengers luggage is loaded, unloaded and delivered in a timely, proficient and professional manner?

Maybe you just like working in a team environment and want to handle mail delivery freight or general cargo. Well there are opportunities to do just that with Delta airlines and for that matter all airlines.

Yes you have to be 18 years old with a H.S. diploma/GED equivalent.

You also have to be able to handle up to 70lbs of weight/luggage for obvious reasons.


Now maybe lugging luggage around is not your thing but reservations might just be a great option for you. As a reservations sales agent you’ll assist customers in booking reservations on Delta airlines and their partners and affiliates. You’ll be their sounding board and confidant in regards to all their travel needs including answering and supplying information about their destinations, schedules, fares and related matters to ensure a positive travel experience for them.

In addition to the normal age requirement and education standards it would make sense that they also ask that you are well-spoken with a polite, engaging and patient personality.

Technical Operations

Now this is a great entry for either non-experienced of experienced personal with many levels and areas of entry: Some of the many roles available include:

Aircraft Pre-Flight Inspectors 

Aircraft Support Mechanics 

Aviation Maintenance Technicians 

Engine Inspectors 



Parts Supply Associates 

Plane Cleaners 


Obviously some of these alternative airlines jobs will require specialist skills in addition to the standard requirements.

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