Alitalia Airlines Want To Know If you Have Ever Thought About Becoming a Flight Attendant?

As an Alitalia Airlines Flight Attendant they state that, ‘You’ll be able to travel all over the world, visiting other countries and meeting professional people from other cultures. And you will learn skills and gain experience in several different fields.”

But first a little about Alitalia

According to Wikipedia , (opens in anew window) Alitalia have use a string of slogans as their tag line in their recent past. No less than nine (9) would you believe! Here they are:

1. "Voliamo dalla stessa parte" - (we fly on the same side) 

2. "Alitalia fa volare l'Italia" - (Alitalia makes Italy fly) 

3. "Alitalia vola con te" - (Alitalia flies with you) 

4. "Fatti per volare alto" - (Made to fly high) 

5. "Alitalia, al lavoro per te" - (Alitalia, working for you)

6. "Muoviamo chi muove l'Italia" - (We move the people that keep Italy going)

7. "The pleasure of flying Made in Italy"

8. "Volare, nella tua vita" - (Flying, in your life)

9. "Volare in compagnia dell'Italia" - (Fly Italian)

January 13, 2009 marks the day when ‘Air One’ and ‘Alitalia’ began the process of merging their networks to integrate the two airlines into the one being the new Alitalia Airlines to now provide service to 79 destinations in Italy and around the world.

This new Alitalia Airlines also services a domestic network of 26 destinations and also services a large number of international and intercontinental flights to 53 destinations in Europe and internationally with growth plans of several more destinations in the near future.

Some 2,200 flights a week currently depart from any of 6 airports namely:

1. Rome Fiumicino

2. Milan

3. Turin

4. Venice

5. Naples and...

6. Catania

Founded in September 1946 and with great changes over the years, 2009 saw Alitalia embark on even more change in commencing a major modernization of their aircraft with the introduction of the Airbus A320. The plan is to continue to upgrade their fleet to have one of the youngest fleets in Europe.

Information from (opens in a new window) reveals that the current Alitalia line-up of aircraft comprises 124 airframes with an average age of 8.8 years (Circa 2010) being:

10 x B777/200ER 

6 x Boeing 767-300ER 

4 x Airbus 330 

23 x Airbus 321 

50 x Airbus 320 

12 x Airbus 319 

19 x MD-80

According to their aircraft fleet info (opens in a new window) Alitalia are operating or have also operated the Boeing 737-400, the Bombardier CRJ 900 and the Embraer 170.

Working with Alitalia Airlines means to operate with the goal of winning over customer loyalty by offering top quality service every day. As a flight attendant you’ll be trained by skilled instructors in fantastic modern facilities all designed to enable you to learn and gain confidence in what it takes to assume responsibility and provide the quality of service to customers that makes them want to come back.

Alitalia Flight Attendant Applicants are expected to:

Have organising skills 

Be able to foreseeing and resolve problems 

Have practical sense (and common sense)

NOTE: Famous Chinese proverb... or was that ‘common observation’ The thing about common sense is that it is not that common!

You’ll also...

Have communication skills, self control and a flexible attitude 

Be able to work in a team and share tasks and responsibilities with others 

Be able to handle stress and fatigue and have tenacity and motivation to achieve results

So what do you meet the following requirements to be a Flight Attendant with Alitalia Airlines?

You are no less that 1.65 m in height if you are a woman and 1.72 for a man 

You are educated to High School Diploma or above can speak English, Italian and preferably a third language (Minimum English level is B1 on CEF scale) 

You are well groomed ( present with immaculate presentation) and can swim if needed! 

You have no visible body piercings or tattoos and... 

You have a healthy dose of work experience in the tourist sector and front line customer service positions

Does a career with an Alitalia Airlines appeal to you?

Yes...? then you are invited to apply via email giving your height, weight, eyesight without glasses. Please also attach two photos, one full length and one head and shoulders. 

Don’t miss any of the above or your application will not see the light of day.

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