Airlines Hiring Flight Attendants – The $64 Million Dollar Question

Airlines hiring flight attendants? It’s what every flight attendant hopeful searches for...

After all, you want to know who to apply to, when you should send your resume off, where the interviews will be, and what the interviews will be like... in fact any and everything about those airlines hiring flight attendants.

Well I too have done this search for you on your behalf and all I came up with was airline schools and web sites pushing an agenda that want to sign you up for some special program, on-line learning Diploma (which is worth about as much as the paper it is written on) or at least promise you that they are the only ones with such in-house insider hiring information.

Some of them even state that the airlines hiring flight attendants even send them the ‘undercover’ hiring information!

And get this... some of them even have the audacity to claim that other flight attendant web sites copy their information about airlines hiring flight attendants as if it is their own exclusive classified information.

Further still... some of them even feel as though they have to state that they are the best, the biggest, the most trusted, most up to date the most blah blah blah.

Here’s the truth of it. Baloney!

The world is a big place. In the USA alone there are more registered airlines than can be listed on a single web page. I guarantee that no-one keeps tabs on every one of those airlines to see who’s hiring and firing. It would be a monumental task in itself.

If you want to take a look at how many there are for yourself simply login into see a list of airlines from Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia online here:

You’ actually see this written when you open the web page and I quote...

“This is a list of airlines in operation, arranged alphabetically by country within their respective continents. Due to the size of the list it has been broken down into:”

And then you are presented with the letters of the alphabet under which all the airline codes of the respective airlines in operation are given.

You then have an option to break all the airlines down into manageable chunks by Country and even a list of ‘defunct airlines’ and a list of ‘low cost airlines’, a list of airlines by holding company and a list of airlines by foundation date.

I think you get my point here and all I’m trying to say or make you aware of is if anyone purports to know all the airlines hiring flight attendants be cautious especially if they use this information to entice you into a short course or online Diploma course or similar with the innuendo or ‘sudo promise’ of getting you a job.

From my perspective having been in the aviation game now for 18 years (and now with my 4th airline) having flown domestically and internationally and been on the interview panel for international flight attendants, I’ve never known any airline to be the insider to information about them or any other airlines hiring flight attendants to anyone other than via public sources.

That is, if you want to know the airlines hiring flight attendants you’ll find it on the careers page of the web site of the respective airline. You may even see it publicly advertised and from there it is word of mouth, postings on forums, other web sites and even via my Airline News as it comes across my desk.

After all I know you want to know of airlines hiring flight attendants so I’ll tell you when I know also.

What does happen from time to time however is that airlines will send out via their intra-net email that they are seeking flight attendants for an intake and ask for recommendations of people that their staff know of and think would be a good candidate for an interview. This happens all the time. I know Delta have one for example, so do Qantas, so do Jetstar and so do Virgin as do many others. They do this for many reasons that I won’t touch on here suffice to say that this is a common practice by the airlines.  

I guess the secret is to receive information from trusted sources of information and to focus on being ready for an opportunity when it comes.

Like I said, internal emails come out regularly amongst the crew for flight attendant recommendations and as a crew member I will only recommend someone if they are suitable to be a flight attendant. It’s sort of like being a referee on a resume. With my recommendation comes my reputation in putting that person up for an interview and I want to be sure they are going to give a good showing in front of an interviewer.

Now while I can’t promise that I am the conduit to all airlines hiring flight attendants, I can promise you that this web site is full of a lot of great info that I think will answer a lot of questions for you and I am happy to field any questions that you may have. If you want to contact me please remember that I fly internationally so it may take up to 48 hours or so to return your contact.

By the way, if you come across a site offering online learning Diploma’s for Flight Attendants check back with this site because having looked at the course syllabus while doing research for this web page I can tell you that you’ll get 8/10ths of it for free right on this site. Not only will you get it here for free but you’ll save yourself more than $200!  

You’ll find loads of stuff here that will build your knowledge base and give you a good understanding of what’s out there in the world of aviation with lots of links to even more information.

Airlines Hiring flight attendants

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