Are You Looking for Airline Steward Jobs?

Well here’s the good news about Airline Steward Jobs – every airline has them! Yes if you’ve found this page under this search term then my guess is that you are male (in your late teens or early 20’s) and looking to get into the airline industry as a steward or alternately my second guess is that you are looking on behalf of a male who is interested in becoming a steward.
PS: It doesn’t matter what age you are…

My next guess is that you are also new as to what sort of employment is on offer from the airlines or at least are keen to find out more about the industry and your chances of being employed in it and for that matter what steward jobs are available to you.

Let me share this with you first up and say that if you fly and work in the cabin of an aircraft tending the safety of and providing service to passengers then you are now commonly referred to as a Flight Attendant or Cabin Crew and sometimes Cabin Staff.

I have written of the history of flight attendants where I reveal when male flight attendants started flying as stewards in 'airline steward jobs' and why the name changed from gender specific ‘steward’ or ‘stewards’ to the non-sexist/gender term of flight attendant/s.

When it comes to what sort of employment is on offer and your chances of being employed in the industry as a flight attendant, the answer broadly speaking is any flight attendant employment right around the world. However, the work available to you specifically is dependent on lots of variables.

Do you want to join a RPT (Regular Public Transport) service airline, a Charter organization or a private employer market come Corporate Market?

It should also go without saying that you’ll also need the attributes and preferably the proven skills of a flight attendant along with a true desire to be a flight attendant.

As Cathay Pacific would say it: “A Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant (opens in a new window) is a very special person: a trained safety officer, a caring team player and an ambassador for Hong Kong. It's definitely not a regular, "uniform" job.”

You will need to hold a current passport and have the right to work in your part of the world and the places of travel and destinations that your intending employer flys to. Again, I have written more about flight attendant employment here

In addition to that you need to be able to in some cases match the physical requirements of the job and more specifically the limitations that the aircraft that your new potential new airline employer flys.

For instance: If you are looking to join the army or airforce as a flight attendant then you will have to be physically fit enough to pass their induction program. This obviously requires a level of fitness not required for domestic work.

The only real test of physical fitness in addition to being able to pass a medical for RPT work is to be able to swim 50mts unaided and fully clothed. This normally means putting a pair of overalls on and jumping in the pool on test day.

If you’re wanting to find work as a Corporate flight attendant you may be limited in your maximum ‘height’ due to the low ceiling heights of Corporate jets

As to finding out more information about the aviation industry, 'airline steward jobs' and the flight attendant job role, or flight attendant job opening opportunities, this site is a mind field of information so spend some time here and click through all the links on this page and web site for more. You might even want to check out a website edited by Rich Phillips called Get Flight Attendant Jobs (opens in a new window)

More information on Flight Attendant jobs and career availability with every other airline on this web site (plus others) can be viewed via our facebook page from post to post as news becomes available.

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